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  • Portable Wakesurf Board Protection

    • Year: 2013 Brand: Malibu Model / Trim: VLX Cost: $0-$249 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it Installation Shop: Any auto upholstery shop

    Here is a solution for those wakesurf board owners who want portable protection for their boards when loaded in a tower rack.

    I have several wakesurf  boards that are very light and, therefore, somewhat fragile. For example, I have 2 Ronix carbon fiber boards and a Ronix Technora board. And since I surf not only my own boat but others too, I wanted something to protect my boards when they are in a rack. I came up with a a neoprene board wrap that I dub the Board Belt. 

    I purchased a sheet of 6 mm neoprene (the thickest I could find) that was nylon covered on both sides. I choose a gray on one side, black on the other combination. I got mine at Foam Order, located in Richmond, CA.  It is about $92 for a 83" x 51" sheet plus tax and shipping. That is enough material to make about 4 Board Belts. I then went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought a piece of 2" wide heavy elastic waistband. That was about $12 for the quantity I purchased.

    I then cut the neoprene on the 83" side into about 20" wide strips. Now I had 4 53" x 20" pieces.  My boards run from about 22" to 23" wide so 53" is more than enough length to wrap the board and have enough material for the inside joining.

    I then located a auto upholstery shop to sew up the pieces together along with hemming the sides with the elastic band. I was charged about $40 for that work.

    The finished product is a band that easily slip off or on the board, wet or dry, that cushions the board when in the racks. I have driven my boat is some pretty rough conditions with the boards in the racks and I have yet to get a ding in any my boards. BTW,  I do not leave my boards in the racks once I'm finished surfing and am back at the dock. I take the down and either put them in their bags (the Board Belt fits fine) or cover them with towels. 


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    Nice job!   That's a pretty creative solution.   I especially like that it stays with the board when you take to other boats... and that it could work (I think) with any future boards.   You like your stuff to stay nice... sounds like a boat owner

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