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  1. Nice! I've yet to figure out why none of the boat manufacturers insulate their coolers. It just makes no sense. I believe the new nautiques just started insulating like last year, it's just insanity. It costs them an additional 10 dollars to make happy customers I just can't fathom why no one does it.
  2. the center tab basically lift the rear of the boat out of the water, so the more deployed it is the smaller the wake is. For wakeboarding you want it up so you've got more boat in the water (more displacement = larger wake) and for skiing you want it down to lift the rear of the boat and get less displacement for a smaller wake. For surfing you can adjust it to clean up the wave for different ballast levels. You can also use it to fine tune the wake, small adjustments can clean up the lip or flatten the top etc. helps keep the boat on plane with ballast too, you can put the tab down to offset some of the ballast weight. I honestly don't know why all inboards don't have an adjustable center tab, it's very useful.
  3. I mounted my controller under the dash.
  4. It just saves having to make the same part as mirror images. Probably one of the reasons their stuff is reasonably priced compared to some other companies. They looks great.
  5. Same, looks like they use the same mechanism on each side so you have to flip it over on one side. I don't think I would care personally.
  6. My (and all) Tige has a center plate with an actuator. It make a large difference for getting on plane quickly when deployed and is useful to fine tune the wake as well.
  7. It looks to be an overflow/vent. I run the same.
  8. This is one thing I have never understood. If I'm going to throw 3 grand into my boat it's going to be to make it perform or look and feel better, not to bling my trailer lol It's crazy popular and to each his own, I just don't get it. We've got plenty of folks running around here with rims on their trailer that cost as much as their bass boat.
  9. Honestly I'm surprised I don't see more of the high end boats with a teak deck and accents. It certainly has a higher end feel IMO than foam. My guess is it's maintenance. People dropping 150K on their boat don't want to have to oil anything (even the engine, they pay 900 bucks for that oil and impeller change lol)
  10. It's just pure tung oil top and bottom. Mahogany is naturally oily like teak so it doesn't need much.
  11. Last year I refinished the teak (Iroko actually) platform on my 23V and it came out OK but the wood was starting to rot a bit and the color was darker than I wanted. After riding behind Allfab's boat and talking with him about his platform I decided to make another one. I've always been a fan of wood platforms, I wish they still put them on new boats. IMO it adds a classy nostalgic touch that fiberglass doesn't have. It's modeled after the 24VE platform and is a good bit bigger than the stock one. Counter intuitive for surfing it seems but his works really well, it actually helps shape the wave rather than just ride above it. You can see the shape and size difference here I ordered about 50bdft of 5/4 Mahogany from my lumber supplier and planed it down. Straight lined the pieces (you can use a router jig, a track saw, or a joiner to do this as well) Then sanded them smooth (bot not too smooth, I stick with 80 grit and below so they aren't slippery in the water) I put a 1/4" roundover down the length of each board but forgot to take pictures of that. Then lay it out and mark out your cuts Once your satisfied with the layout screw it all together, taking care to keep screws out of where you're going to cut. From there just cut it out. I used the old platform to trace the curve from the boat, and the plywood platform template from @Allfab to to rough out the shape. I went a little more geometric than the curves he has which will probably be a hindrance to my wave lol but I like the look. And then you roundover the edges, and sand the cuts and oil the sucker. Mohogany is an oily tropical hardwood so it doesn't take much oil. Start to finish roughly 3-4 hours.
  12. Very cool man! A great way to get involved and help out some kids while having a good time to boot! I hope you're getting them involved in the build process as well? Nothing quite quite as valuable as learning skills in my opinion
  13. I didn't notice any handling changes low speed or high. it's inline with the center of the prop, so it shouldn't have any rudder like effects, If you were off center you'd probably get a pull to one side.
  14. Now I have to pull mine back off to polish it lol
  15. Very Nice! I did exactly the same thing, stainless mandrel bends are cheap. yours is much more complicated than mine because of the wedge but same concept. Looks great!
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