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  1. Thanks guys, Having nice boat makes it really hard to cut corners lol Normally i would have just powder coated it black and called it a day.
  2. Finally got this finished up. Updated original post.
  3. Sounds like you've got it covered! FAE has had a lot of failing welds lately on the stock Moomba pipes, If I were doing a single exit I would likely gusset it or attach it to the platform etc to take some force off the weld.
  4. Easy peasy right!? Looks good. When you go to add the downpipe I'd swap the screws over to through bolts, seen lots of them coming loose/cracking lately.
  5. I've always wanted a heater with the pull out vents. My new SA wasn't ordered from the factory with a heater so I wanted to add one. Haven't heard great things about the heatercraft part that's factory (crappy pullouts mostly) and @freeheel4lifepointed me toward Maradyne (used by mastercraft and now tige) Happened to hop on ebay and found a seller liquidating some parts and scored a heater and 4 pullouts for next to nothing! The heater didn't have a manifold on it so I made one, flat plate and some 3" stainless tube. Welded it up and hit it with some wrinkle black powder.
  6. Nothing to it, just cut and glue some plastic pipe!
  7. (EDIT: ADMIN moved this from Shop Talk threads. This was a huge, awesome project, too good not to go into the database, and spans a few different categories. Pls be patient as images are moved over! The new version of software isn't updating links automatically -- but a fix is on the way). So I started with a 2001 Tige 23V. A little turned into a lot and this project was born. Long story short it turned into a gut job and redo. I don't like to do things half assed. First thing that needed attention was the floors. They were rough and I don't really care for the wood.
  8. Once again to each his own, but I disagree. To my eyes those rims belong on a police auction crown vic I prefer the original I understand my opinion is the minority lol
  9. Grab some rope and tie to tab to the lifting eyes on each side. That's how I got mine setup. Finding the actuator mount position is the hardest part of the whole thing haha
  10. Nice! I've yet to figure out why none of the boat manufacturers insulate their coolers. It just makes no sense. I believe the new nautiques just started insulating like last year, it's just insanity. It costs them an additional 10 dollars to make happy customers I just can't fathom why no one does it.
  11. the center tab basically lift the rear of the boat out of the water, so the more deployed it is the smaller the wake is. For wakeboarding you want it up so you've got more boat in the water (more displacement = larger wake) and for skiing you want it down to lift the rear of the boat and get less displacement for a smaller wake. For surfing you can adjust it to clean up the wave for different ballast levels. You can also use it to fine tune the wake, small adjustments can clean up the lip or flatten the top etc. helps keep the boat on plane with ballast too, you can put the tab do
  12. I mounted my controller under the dash.
  13. It just saves having to make the same part as mirror images. Probably one of the reasons their stuff is reasonably priced compared to some other companies. They looks great.
  14. Same, looks like they use the same mechanism on each side so you have to flip it over on one side. I don't think I would care personally.
  15. My (and all) Tige has a center plate with an actuator. It make a large difference for getting on plane quickly when deployed and is useful to fine tune the wake as well.
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