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  1. Thanks guys. Did some for a friend for a new MB A little different on the shape to match an existing part.
  2. Nice how do the fosgates sound? I've had several in car setups that I was always pretty happy with.
  3. Nice work. I clicked on this and thought "Carbon looks cool but you're wasting free ballast by making an ultra light platform" Best of both worlds here!
  4. After seeing the new side pulls integrated into the tower on the newer supras I decided I wanted some. Tired of pulling up new surfers and watching them flail around in the center of the wake and faceplant coming off the wave! The FXone has mounts on both sides for board racks which is the place that the factory ones go so I used the same. A little measuring and a little design time and I came up with this: Chop up some aluminum and start making chips: And finished product: Now to decide whether to powder them white like the tower or leave them raw and
  5. Looks good, Did you fiberglass the coosa or leave it raw? A layer of glass makes all the difference in it's stiffness.
  6. Yep. It's like everything else boat related, 100% markup above what's reasonable because if you can afford to boat you can afford the accessories.
  7. Hell yeah well done. Did you weld in plate and form to fit or were you able to source that oval tube to match?
  8. I've always wanted a heater with the pull out vents. My new SA wasn't ordered from the factory with a heater so I wanted to add one. Haven't heard great things about the heatercraft part that's factory (crappy pullouts mostly) and @freeheel4lifepointed me toward Maradyne (used by mastercraft and now tige) Happened to hop on ebay and found a seller liquidating some parts and scored a heater and 4 pullouts for next to nothing! The heater didn't have a manifold on it so I made one, flat plate and some 3" stainless tube. Welded it up and hit it with some wrinkle black powder.
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