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  1. I've owned the boat for one year so upgrades since owning- 2010 23LSV w/350 Acme 2419 Wetsounds MC-1 Wetsounds 12" sub Polk PA1000.1 for sub Polk db651's throughout Wetsounds HLCD Tower speakers-6x9 to keep the factory cans FAE Exhaust Heater with 3 ports. 2 pull outs and one for captain chair 1100lb bags in the rear. 2-1100gph pumps with Y to fill bag and hardtank Separate drain pumps for bag sharing common line with tank drain. I made a custom controller and measurement system to monitor the bag level using the factory screen. So 50% bag shows 50% on the Malivu Medallion. When draining, the bags drain first until enough weight has been removed from the bag, then the hard tank drain comes online and then the Malivu automatically switches over to show hard tank level. (I've thought about marketing this! lol) My boat had a run in with the dock when the lake level rose. So now I need a new platform.....B.O.A.T......
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