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  3. 3 sets of zippers 2 in the front and 1 log one in the back in the rest of it's all velcroed around the bars. I also ran the tubing around the perimeter for my sprayers. I put a tee every place the velcro or zipper had a gap in it there's 8 spray heads around it run in 1/4" tube with a small ebay pump and a 5 gas water can. The can is more than enough for a day on the water
  4. What I would do is keep in touch with all your local boat dealers and see if they get a return for Warranty. You may have to fix a scratch or a stripped out bolt or go as drastic as I did. You might by able to pick one up cheap.
  5. I'm pretty sure it was called Don's marine salvage and surplus its wes mostly all saltwater boat stuff
  6. Power acoustic they are 91dbs most 10s are in the 82 to 87 range
  7. This is from 2 years ago. I did lose a HLCD in the back seat speakers this year, I need to recone it this spring
  8. I split some pipe and used 1/4" flat stock to make the oval parts. Metcraft used a tongue and groove joint to weld on the main part. I just by chance cut them right in the joints. Was able to pull the wiring for the lights and the speakers though them.
  9. Apparently my first post didn't save. This is what I did to make a tower off a Malibu Ride fit my LSV247. I bought it from a salvage yard in Florida for a couple hundred bucks. I had to make it about 5" wider to fit, that means you have to cut it into six pieces and weld it all back together.
  10. You tow with it on, the pylon and the light sticks through the top and there's a hand hole to connect the tow rope. It's nice because it's so big that it holds the rope up so it doesn't hit the people in the back seat when it's slack.
  11. I fiberglass cast these out of flower pots
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