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  1. This is significantly less expensive than Deckadence. It is a little different though... I don't have first hand knowledge, but Deckadence appears to be a thinner extrusion and smaller weave, which would make it a little bit softer underfoot. But this stuff is designed for public pools and showers and things, so it isn't uncomfortable. Just more designed for traction than soft. The only worry I would have about installing over carpet, is making sure the carpet can dry out. This stuff will let food crumbles and water through, and would make carpet take much longer to dry out. Dependin
  2. I like this idea quite a bit! I think I will end up doing something similar. Nice work!
  3. I decided that I wanted to remove the carpet from my boat. When shopping we really liked the look of Gator Step / Sea Deck material. The previous owner had an EVA foam material on the platform and trailer fenders. I really didn't like how dirty it got. It was easy to clean, but was dirty the entire time at the lake. Based on that, and more hours than I care to admit, I decided to go with Spaghetti Mat. I settled on VinLoop. I didn't originally plan to post this project because there are a lot of resources out there about it. However, I wasn't able to find any details about how peop
  4. Over the weekend I decided to tackle a project on my trailer. Recently purchased a used X10, but the trailer needed some love. Brakes don't work, bearings and seals were never serviced, and the trailer guides were a little wobbly. Digging in the trailer guides were broken at the frame and one had been "repaired" with self taping screws and aluminum angle. https://content.invisioncic.com/r268692/monthly_2020_09/1050879219_IMG_1702(2).jpg https://content.invisioncic.com/r268692/monthly_2020_09/1050879219_IMG_1702(2).jpg.5736b4b55c3afecd96e15be6b4d2e02a.jpg https://conte
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