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  2. just saw this because i'm prepping to install an FAE-style exhaust myself after ripping out sideswipe last night (centurion typhoon). really got my gears turning because i was planning on cutting two holes in the transom for a traditional-style FAE, but I may just do a single after seeing this. thanks for the idea!
  3. As I get older I start buying the right tool the first time, knowing I'll use it over and over. Bought a lot of dumb stuff over the years haha.... that being said, I've overspent over the years too.
  4. thanks. a lot of recommendations on the makita 9227C as well. guess i should pony up and buy a nice one off the rip.
  5. I love the one I have, but I'm sure many brands will work great. But I would make sure it has a change of speed. Don't skimp on that feature. I first tried a one-speed Milwaukee rotary but took it back for a refund. Below is the one I've used over 10 years. Bought it on recommendation through the forums from a professional detailer. Love it. Get a wool pad too for gel coat.... that, + speed control = throw anything at it. If you use for your cars, you need to drop that speed down and lighten the pad or you'll get swirls / paint burns. Gel coat can take much more. And you'll need to throw something heavy to remove some of the wet sanding marks. I used this for the projects above, and also polished up my old excursion and the paint looks amazing for a 2001. If you want to save bucks for a single project, a Harbor Freight rotary will be a lot cheaper. But I can vouch for this one which has been bullet proof for a decade for me. I polished my cars, boats and even metal. https://amzn.to/32niY80 Hope that helps.
  6. any recommendations on an inexpensive-but-good rotary buffer to use for this? or which specs to look for when selecting one?
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  8. Hi joshl, great project! I‘m very impressed on how you guys „easy“ build this diy programming and stuff. I own also a 2011 wakesetter with self made surf gates from the pre owner but they will controlled by 2 switches under the dash, so it‘s hart too find the sweet spot every time.. If you would like to share the part list, programming and wiring it would be great to build it für my vlx. Regards from Germany! Ben
  9. I would shorten the down pipe to be about level with the prop nut, and would bring the whole thing as close to the taps plate as you can without interfering with it up and down.
  10. Does this look about right before I attach it together? Tail piece angle look ok? Length? Distance from taps plate good?
  11. Why did you use a rubber flex fitting after having the coupling already attached with screws? Is this incase a hard strike so it will come off?
  12. I was wondering if this was possible after seeing something extremely similar on a new MC XT23. Would love to do this to my X30.
  13. DadLettuce

    MB Slappers

    What did you make your slapped out of and are the hinges welded on?
  14. I don't know why FAE uses those shitty looking pieced together elbows rather than just buying mandrel bends. Just trying to save money I suppose. They are crappy for flow though. In a reasonable quantity mandrel bends are cheap
  15. i need to measure but they are either 3.5 or 4". mine would be a little different than the pics because i have a catalytic convertor, so it might just be one bend after the cat which would attach to the thru-hull exit. i didn't even think about buying a pre-made stainless elbow...that's a great idea to keep the engine bay a little cleaner looking of an install.
  16. Stainless tubing isn't bad if you just need 2 bends: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/vpe-13044?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3JXtBRC8ARIsAEBHg4k-bXkNLDnppk5zyMf6YDpu_u0Iqi3ZagQDdnA9zqDqaFLlTgsDMuoaAnaWEALw_wcB
  17. What size are those interior tubes 4"?
  18. i would just being making the elbows out of PVC and keeping the rest the marine exhaust hose, which is the same thing FAE does for these conversions. i attached a couple pics of what FAE sent me for their conversion. i suppose i could use that flexible rubber exhaust hose for the turns instead too. thanks for the thoughts on sched 40 ratings--i also thought that pressure had a lot to do with the rating but wanted someone to ease my mind. 🤘
  19. No updates here? I've got a box of parts for the new build and no code lol
  20. Id imagine it will be fine, my internal pipes are fiberglass but they don't get too hot. You could always just replace the hard pipe sections internally with 4" marine exhaust hose if you're worried about it. Schedule 40 is pressure rated at 140, the melt temp is much higher. You'll never have any real pressure on the pipe so the 140 is pretty much irrelevant.
  21. never had a single problem with mine warping. keep in mind these are in the water, so if there was some sort of temperature threshold that they start warping, you'll never reach it because of the lake water keeping them cool. that being said, they never even feel warm when running off a hose in the driveway either. question for everyone: i just got a 2007 centurion with sideswipe exhaust and want to convert back to this style. FAE offers a complete kit for $880 which includes 4 elbows (2 x 3.5”/ 2 x 4.0”)and 2 cover plates and a one-piece Y FAE, through hull, no external bracing. their kit re-uses the stock sideswipe hoses, so essentially the engine bay parts they supply are just two thru-hulls and two elbows for each side. i'd like to keep it inexpensive and just do my own FAE with the same schedule 40 black PVC, but am wondering how that will fare internally in the engine compartment since it won't be cooled naturally like the external piping. sched 40 is rated for 140 degrees. water running through the engine comes in at a max lake/river temp of 90 degrees mid-summer (let's say), and exits out the exhaust within a few seconds. if i have a 170 degree thermostat, what temp would you say the water coming out of the engine is at the most? is the heat of a v-drive engine bay as much of a potential issue for a couple PVC elbows as the water running through the elbows?
  22. Any long term update on this mod? Did PVC warp at all?
  23. Where do you get a T fitting like that?
  24. Chung Lee

    MB Slappers

    I want to buy one controllers too
  25. Can the 19 be retrofitted in the 17? Are you still supplying these?
  26. Nope. So at the wakeboard speed the wake is fine. There is some spray that comes through the platform. As speed increases (towards 40) the spray turns in to a rooster tail. 😂 Looks stupid
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