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  3. Yes thats what i have but Thompson said he was able to configure the board in such a way that you could just plug the GPS straight into the main board. Not sure what he did though
  4. i have a GPS coming that will be delivered today and i should know if it's working by tomorrow as well. jhartt, on the GPS i'm using here, it has external male pins so all you need is a female/female jumper pins from the board to the GPS and you're good to go with no soldering.
  5. Can you set the pinout such that the GPS just plugs into the board i know jon said he did that so there is almost no wiring between internal devices.
  6. So rotary encoder is working in the code. Now just need to test GPS. Once everything is up and running effectively I'll put up a wiring diagram.
  7. Really love what you guys have done here thanks for continuing to improve my initial design i look forward to seeing the schematics.
  8. Awesome Josh. My encoder comes in today along with some jumper wires so I should be able to fully test this afternoon hopefully. That encoder looks promising, keep s updated there waterproof is always better on a boat
  9. For those laying epoxy on a floor and want to avoid or lessen the "sweat in" step, a good way to get rid of the bubbles is to take a blow torch (seriously!) and gently go over the freshly laid resin. I did 2 sweeps and it was crazy how well that worked. My leveling resin up front looked so good I didn't want to cover it!
  10. Great write up and photos. Very clean job. I am embarking on very similar project for my 08 wakesetter 247. Very similar to your boat layout except a bit longer. I had a couple of questions for you. On my boat as yours the seat bases are carpeted and I am leaving them carpeted. My bases are currently screwed down on top of the carpet. Did you screw yours directly to the newly finished painted decks and then butt the gatorstep and eBay Eva up against the carpeted seat bases? I was looking at running gatorstep all the way through the storage lockers and was thinking I could screw the seat bases down on top of the gatorstep. Any thoughts? the cost for gatorstep all the way through my lockers was outrageously expensive. How did the hand cut Eva work out ”After much debate I used Sherwin Williams extreme bond primer and did two coats - this was available at any local SW store and is coupon/sale eligible. I used Tile Clad HS 2 part epoxy in gloss black to seal the floor. Tile clad is only available at Commercial stores but local stores can order it in. One important note - this product needs high speed mixing and then to sweat-in. I had no idea what sweat-in was so first coat I just applied it and then little bubbles appeared all over the floor. Sweat it is to let it sit in the mixing cup for maybe 30 minutes to an hour (depending on temperature) and let the gasses from the chemical reaction come to the top”. I didn’t understand. Did you use the tile clad hs to seal the floor and then put 2 coats of the Sherwin Williams 2 part epoxy on top of that? thanks for your help
  11. tested on my board and working great! i'll order up a GPS and test that in my car once it comes in, to make sure speed input and everything is working. i also found a better rotary encoder than the ones i previously used, which had always seemed to crap out easily so i don't trust them in a marine environment. jon had also said his testers had the same problem with the rotarys working reliably. i'll order one of these and see if it works better: https://www.digikey.com/en/videos/p/panasonic/waterproof-encoder great job justin!
  12. Okay, so here's the code that works with the new board. One oddity is that the polarity of each motor is inverted, I don't know why, not sure if it's a board thing or a programming thing, but retract puts -12V on one output and +12V on the other. This is a bit annoying but very easy to solve, just swap your leads on the lenco or at the relays and all will be well. I have not tested the GPS functions or the rotray yes but it should be unchanged from Johns original code, I'll update once I get it put together. I'm also working on a bluetooth app, but I'm having to learn all that from scratch so don't hold your breath lol. Surf_Tabs_JB_Working_V2.ino
  13. Earlier
  14. I need to give it a go as well, shoot me the code you've got if you get a minute and I'll see if I can come up with anything.
  15. functionally it is working in the console output, but the integrated motor pins still aren't putting out voltage when they should. admittedly i stopped working on it for the past month, but want to pick it back up because i have a couple things to try after doing some more research. i hope to have an update in another week or so.
  16. You ever get anything figured out on this?
  17. Oops...didn't realize someone else posted this already! -------------- Stumbled across this the other day, I've been thinking about including one in my spring projects for a quick connect engine flush that's not plastic. Allows you to shut off the thru hull and easily connect a garden hose. Plus, it comes with a cap and valve.
  18. great idea, do you have a template for this?
  19. Nice job. So much cleaner inside without that muffler. Curious what you think of the noise, if any different w/out muffler, etc. once you get it on the water. It is definitely gonna be more quiet if you have't had FAE before. So nice.
  20. Decided to pull the trigger on the FAE setup with the deletion of the old Silent Ride muffler. Being local to the FAE folks (Larry/Christina), I had the ability to drive down to their modest little shop in Spicewood to pick it all up. They are truly good people, extremely friendly and helpful. I could have done the muffler delete using mandrel bends from another vendor, but I decided the cost savings wasn't that much and I like to support the small business folks. The install was very simple and straight forward, the removal of the old Silent Ride muffler was probably the biggest pain of the entire process. All parts married up perfectly and definitely created much more room for impeller replacements! I opted for the one piece Y with blended welds and installed flappers. I waited to purchase around Black Friday and Christina knocked $125 off the order total. Hope this post helps anyone who's been thinking about the FAE.
  21. Picked this up in late '19, used but well kept and in great condition. Ton's of Wetsounds, installing FAE and muffler delete as I post this, also working on custom graphics from Domed Numbers. I completely went through the 383 Hammerhead, replaced and tuned up as much as possible. Looking forward to summer!
  22. I have approximately 9” from the vertical, outboard edges of my transom to the subtle change of angle, and the swim platform brackets; am I out of the running?
  23. Thanks. They'll never happen unless you jump in and give it a try. I documented my mistakes... made plenty until I got it right.
  24. so i have the board behaving correctly finally in the arduino serial monitor, deploying left and right without the errors i was getting for the past week. however, only two of the motor driver outputs are putting out voltage on retraction or deployment of the switch, but i can't get more than two functions to work at a time. for instance, i can get left retract and right retract voltage, or left deploy and right retract voltage, etc. but never a single side deploy/retract voltage. when i look at the roMeo pinout and read up on it, the functions say they are for a motor control and directional control, which i'm not sure translates to a polarity-reversing 12v motor like the lenco's we're trying to drive. pinout of the motor driver below. does anyone have experience with this romeo board and/or a general idea if this motor controller is even capable of working how we want it to? Pin Function Digital 4 Motor 1 Direction control Digital 5 Motor 1 PWM control Digital 6 Motor 2 PWM control Digital 7 Motor 2 Direction control
  25. I keep coming back to this project, just truly amazing work. I'm dying to add gates to my 2008 247 LSV, I love these and keep contemplating going for it but I'm fearful mine will come out like crap!
  26. We'll move this conversation to PM
  27. Sage to say, an angle split between vertical and horizontal axis? I’ll measure today, and send a photo. Hypothetically, if we check the boxes favorably, what can I expect for installing all the parts and pieces required for working system? Do you sell a complete kit, or just the tabs? I’ll take the question a step further and ask if this is a complete kit, do I have a shot at a rider-held controller for transfers?
  28. from horizontal to around 20deg from horizontal. That's the angle of actuator deployment you need to have a properly running system
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