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  4. Fiberglass platform

    That turned out really nice. My teak one is hanging in there but I will probably go the fiberglass route when it finally takes a dump.
  5. Saw this on some newer boats. Comes in hand for misc stuff you dont use all the time. Took a piece of thin metal bent it to shape in the brake to make the tray and flange that holds it in the v drive access hole. Then welded end caps on it. Finish off with a wrinkle coating.
  6. Fiberglass platform

    I hear people asking how to make a swim platform all the time. You just showed a relatively easy way. Thanks for posting!
  7. Rudder tune

    Centurion crew. Had some talk of it. Basic but very effective.
  8. Rudder tune

    Nice job, that's cool. Where did you learn to make that adjustment? Seems simple
  9. Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    I can’t see anything you missed. Lol. You know that YOU can see an imperfection somewhere. You are too much of a perfectionist to think they are perfect. I’m pretty sure that made perfect sense. Lol
  10. Rudder tune

    Some v drives will pull a little when you let go of the steering wheel. Mine was more of a dart. I got rid of the hard pull to the right by by grinding the left side of my rudder. Take a little at a time and test it. You dont want to take off to much. It may take a coupe tries. Grind with grinding wheel at the angle shown. Then use a fine file by hand to make it look nice. If it pulls Starboard grind port side of rudder and vise versa.
  11. Fiberglass platform

    My boat came with a teak platform that was old and small. And a little out dated. When i bought the boat a new platform was a must have. First make a template to match the back of the boat and cut it out on 3/4 inch fiberglass reinforced plywood. Make a bottom piece and screw it to the top piece. I used a adhesive between the two so there would be no creeking and such. Used lots screws and countersunk them. Then you need to fiberglass all the exposed wood and screw and blend it into the fiberglass on the plywood. Then its time to sand it all smooth and do a little body work with body filler to make it all perfect. Then the primer. Then paint and clear. All automotive grade products. And i used agenda traction for the top. Hand cut and sanded edges to give it a nice finished look. Bottom finished with a bed liner product. I also put a 3m clear bra around the front and side egdes to keep the paint from getting scuffed up. But have ni pictures of that step. Finished product.
  12. Hooks

    Saw the new boats had some hooks in the back to hang ropes. Went to home depot and got some coat hanger hools amd screwed them to the engine dividers. 2 on each side. Cheep and work great.
  13. Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    haha I didn't miss anything. Anything that looks wrong is either a reflection or a feature. lol
  14. Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    I still love looking at these gates. Too bad you missed that one little spot...
  15. Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    Great job. I think malibu should care as much about the finish work as you do. All of the surfgates ive seen look homemade.
  16. Pop Up Pylon Modification

    I do the same thing. That pylon is great for that until someone keesters it! Im gonna have to see if this is possible on my boat. I’d like to get one of those vest hanger racks for the tower. Probably end up making one.
  17. 10 minute transom saver

    I like it! Stealing for sure
  18. Raw water strainer/flusher

    I wanted to add an update to this write up as the screen that came with the Groco strainer is too fine and can cause the engine to overheat beacause of water restriction in certain lakes. I had an issue with it clogging up on me which prompted the search for a different screen. My friend has an RZ2 with a Sherwood strainer in it and the screen is not nearly as fine. I swapped the screens between our systems. They are interchangeable so I ordered a Sherwood screen online. The cheapest I could find one was at Pumpagents.com for $29 to my door. You could sub the Groco out with a Sherwood strainer but the Sherwood doesn't come with the mounting bracket (extra $21+shipping) so all in all it's pretty much a wash either way. I’m attaching a pic of the two strainers side by side so you can see the difference. No issues running the new screen in the same lake I had problems with my original design. Cheers!
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  20. FAE Muffler Bypass

    Nope - cost/time benefit made no sense to do so. Can of high temp paint was under $10. Was able to spray in my back yard when doing other stuff, so very little time spent on it. Powder coating would cost more for sure. Then driving to the place at their hours, explain what I want, picking it back up, etc. That's a couple of probably inconvienent hours and the pipes would likely look nearly the same.
  21. FAE Muffler Bypass

    Did you consider powder coating the exhaust pipes? I'm doing an install of the muffler bypass today and was thinking of ways to finish the pipe. Just wanted to see if you went down that path and gained any good info about the powder coating.
  22. What is the verdict? did you keep the wings how do you like it after running it a while
  23. Poor Man's "Deckadence"

    Yeah and there is a bcker you can put on it as well to help it stay in place.
  24. Custom-Fabricated Wedge for 80s Direct Drive

    thanks for all the info ! you helpt me alot ! i appreciate your time !
  25. Custom-Fabricated Wedge for 80s Direct Drive

    Sorry I do not have dimensions of this project anymore. The foil was approximately the same as a stock wedge, but the brackets were much narrower to fit in between the 87 exhaust ports / transom. The final angle (how far down) was adjustable based on changing positions of the stopping points (moving that bottom bolt into one of 3 holes on the bracket).
  26. Custom-Fabricated Wedge for 80s Direct Drive

    good job ! can i get the patent of the wedge ? du you have size on how far down the wage goes and the rest ?
  27. Poor Man's "Deckadence"

    So what, roughly $120 for a new floor in the main area of your boat? Not bad! i would think if you ripped up the carpet the miners moss would not slide around.
  28. So last year i did an install of Miners Moss- its a poor man's version of deckadence. it comes in 3'x6' rolls that you have to splice together. Link to the rolls - Miners Moss They also carry this in blue and green to glue the two sheets together i used a plastic adhesive glue - basically plumbing glue but colorless - follow the directions from deckdence to splice it together. I started by trying to template it with plastic paint drop cloth and this didnt work too well so i ended up just cutting it in place in the boat and it turned out really well. I have to get another roll to finish all the way to the bow for for now i'm not overly concerned with updating that part. I may add a backer to it to help hold it in place this year as it did slide around a bit last year - 2019 i'll probably rip the carpet ou and just have this, but currently it just sits on the carpet.
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