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  2. I had one of those brass ends wear away so much that it sheared off while we were at a VRBO lake house a couple of years ago. I had a cordless dewalt drill with me and found some brass rod, a 10x32 tap and a file at a local hardware store. It took a while running the rod against the file while in the drill chuck like a ghetto lathe, but it got us back on the water.
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  5. Looks really good! I have the same boat and am planning on doing this. Boat is in storage now but want to go ahead and order foam. How many rolls did you bye? Were they the 95"X35" rolls?
  6. I like this idea quite a bit! I think I will end up doing something similar. Nice work!
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  8. No, I didn't. But if it helps any..... None of the original interior bases were even symmetrical. They were poorly made back then, at least mine was. So what matters is what you put back in. You've got a blank canvas.
  9. Well, well done! I would definitely want some of that if I had a boat like that haha. Great work.
  10. Hey dude, I own a 1991 Malibu sunsetter and the whole interior was rotted. I’m in the process of redoing and I am struggling with the seats a bit. I didn’t know if you had anything saved on measurements. I saved what I could from the last interior but most of it was worthless. thanks brandon
  11. Used a water jet. Probed the steel into solidworks then drew the polycarbonate piece off of that.
  12. Looks cool. How did you cut the polycarbonate into shape?
  13. Is there any interest in these lights for the E2 tower sides? They are RGB 12 volt LED lit. I tried polycarbonate (clear) and LDPE (opaque). Polycarbonate seemed to work better. The front of the steel plate is supported with spacers made from the same material and gaps sealed with foam weather strip.
  14. Hello again, another small repair fix from my side: Problem: Morse throttle panel/lever feels loose Steps: disassembling Morse unit, take off the cables and the little messing pins Findings: In the picture you can hardly see that the leaf spring is broken, the leaf spring is pushing a little drum into unit for neutral, gear in forward and gear in back. If the spring is broken, the feel tension in the lever is coming loose.-( The second picture shows you the pin off the wear after 800h. Especially the gas pin wears out much more than the gear/clutch pin.

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  18. Hi all, at the moment I am starting a lot of small projects on my boat. I am Daniel From Germany (sorry for my english :-))and I bought last year my first Malibu Sunsetter. Now I am adding some additional things to get a wakesetter set up. Now I like to share my first little project or change on the boat. Malibu Sunsetter LXI with an Mercruiser MPI MAG 350 Engine, Velvet 1:1 Drive. 1. Check the room between elbow exhaust and engine block or gearbox 2. Check exhaust hose at the transom If this is like my than the exhaust is vibrating on the engine. Bad if is wearing off
  19. Mint job buddy. The effort looks like it was definitely worth it.👍
  20. Very good effort there buddy. Nicely done.
  21. Great looking end product. Excellent effort.
  22. Great idea! Finally got all the stuff to do my ballast install and returning to this project. My mastercraft has two removable carpet covered HDPE type panels that meet halfway to cover the transom. Did your install remove those to fit the pumps? Also did your mounting screws go through the transom to the exterior? Could you post pictures of your install from a overhead view showing the engine compartment and from the transom exterior and anything else you think would be helpful?
  23. I bought a Bimini for my 2004 Malibu VLX from Bakes and wanted to share the install because I had to tweak the supports to get it to fit right. During the initial install I couldn’t get the rear legs to lock in and the rear pole was in the way of the tower pylon. I stupidly hung from the Bimini to try and get it to reach... thankfully I didn’t break anything. Here’s why I want to share. I ended up shortening the front support poles to get it to fit. I took some measurements and thought I would need to cut off just short of an inch of each of the front supports. Knowing that there was no t
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  25. That’s is awesome- I’ve thought about some similar designs. Looks great!
  26. Sweet project! Just curios, What resin did you use? Was is super fumey?
  27. Sorry - let me clarify. The padding on the Hendrix board is from Amazon- I believe it was about $30. The padding on the the wake skate that was just posted is yoga mat. Then, I just remembered, I also used some material called Soleflex- it is used in the shoe repair business. It comes in 1/8” up to half inch thick. It is super strong and I would say high quality. It is pictured on the rooster board- the large front pad. Hopefully this helps. Let me know if I can help any more.
  28. The padding on the board pictured is from Amazon. Although, this may sound weird, I have used yoga mats - just contact cement them in place. Way cheaper than the legit EVA padding. The wake skate padding is yoga mat and is about 4 years old. Other than the rope marks on the edges it has held up awesome.
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