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  2. everything was at Home Depot/Lowe’s
  3. Where did you guys buy those swoopy tee fittings?
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  5. TBarrett


    750lbs rear lockers. Full on surf side and half on other. 300lbs center locker. 600lbs in bow. Wedge down. Mission surf gate attached under water level. 5 people in boat.
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  7. dcwilson

    MB Slappers

    I have many times, through here and his website. No reply. Looks as though others have tried as well. I thought Wake Logic wasn't available anymore as a stand alone product? Or am I thinking of a different controller? Yeah I'm either going to run the Arduino system or a push button system like this if I can figure it out.
  8. Rugger

    MB Slappers

    Have you contacted @Hyperryd to see if he can sell you a controller? For the record, he's been nothing but helpful to members on this site. Might be your best bet to contact him. Other options are Wake Logic system or the Arduino system that's well documented and continues development from many users here.
  9. dcwilson

    MB Slappers

    Has anyone been able to break down the relay wiring for this basic control system? I don’t know relay wiring well enough to break it down from the picture but I would like to potentially use a system like this, just because of its simplicity. Hyperryd doesn’t seem to be any help or sell these or anything so if someone has the know how to break down that relay wiring that would be awesome! If I can figure it out, I’ll let everyone know.
  10. nice work! you will have no issues with the heat, even when running it on the trailer for winterization/summerization.
  11. Sorry for the late reply guys !! @Mkeuseman, this is simply PVC plumbing pipe . Had multiple friends worried about the HEAT and melting , but you have to remember these are submerged in water so getting it to the temp to warp or melt would more than likely NEVER happen . I attached it with 1inch stainless screws going through the factory thick rubber tips as well as putting some 4200 around the inner lips as you would normally do on a plumbing connection with primer & glue . @Nautimech226simple 3inch PVC . 2 Street 90s and 1 Y connection . Make sure to buy the CLEAR glue and
  12. I've always wanted a heater with the pull out vents. My new SA wasn't ordered from the factory with a heater so I wanted to add one. Haven't heard great things about the heatercraft part that's factory (crappy pullouts mostly) and @freeheel4lifepointed me toward Maradyne (used by mastercraft and now tige) Happened to hop on ebay and found a seller liquidating some parts and scored a heater and 4 pullouts for next to nothing! The heater didn't have a manifold on it so I made one, flat plate and some 3" stainless tube. Welded it up and hit it with some wrinkle black powder.
  13. Nothing to it, just cut and glue some plastic pipe!
  14. I want to do this but I know it’s above my level
  15. (EDIT: ADMIN moved this from Shop Talk threads. This was a huge, awesome project, too good not to go into the database, and spans a few different categories. Pls be patient as images are moved over! The new version of software isn't updating links automatically -- but a fix is on the way). So I started with a 2001 Tige 23V. A little turned into a lot and this project was born. Long story short it turned into a gut job and redo. I don't like to do things half assed. First thing that needed attention was the floors. They were rough and I don't really care for the wood.
  16. What did you use to make it? Looks good.
  17. Earlier
  18. Had some exhaust issues over the past few months and needed a quick fix for the flapper and a more permanent one for the muffler. Will be doing a legit FAE this off season.
  19. How did you attach it? Is it PVC or ABS?
  20. I've done the same mod, but unfortunately mine sits between the fenders, so the fit is TIGHT. Before (the day I brought her home over 9 years ago): After; I've had the rims on for 7 or 8 years now, though I've changed up the fender setup a couple years ago (pre-REV10 upgrade I did this year, so just Exile SXT65's on the tower then):
  21. I have an old murcruiser classic I have thought about redoing. Might have to go the route your did. do have info on how you did the transom? Thanks! Todd
  22. When you said you used wood for the stringers. Did you use treated wood ?
  23. Here's the upgrade project. I got mine from a dealer. Worth asking several dealers... they can order them. Call Malibu direct as well.
  24. Looks amazing! So glad you posted this. I'm sure you've inspired a lot of us to takle this project and more. Any tips on upgrading/finding tower to the g3?
  25. Here are the drawings I have.
  26. I did some research and found that Bennett Marine makes drop fins for trim tabs. The dimensions are 12 inches long by 3 inches deep. They sell in sets of 4 for $32. They are purchased via a reseller. I bought from Defender Marine. https://www.defender.com/product3.jsp?name=bennett-drop-fin-set&path=-1|2331321|2331349|2331353&id=6508000
  27. The ski pylon? Not sure... but many are the same across different brands and eras. If there's a boat salvage yard, I guarantee they'd have one. Otherwise I would try ebay. Maybe great lakes skipper or something like that?
  28. That's crazy how simple it is. Glad it worked out for you!
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