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  4. I guess People should be posting who's code they are using here mine or jon's mine doesnt have an encoder and has less parts making it simpler to troubleshoot if you dont really understand what you're doing and just following the guide.
  5. the other thing that i had trouble with was the rotary encoder, and jon said that he had problems with them as well. are you using the encoder? if not, i'd second what jhartt said--check power connections to the arduino, or change the speed setting to see if that helps. if you are on a river maybe you need to lower the deploy speed to account for the river current.
  6. Either your board is losing power or the speed is dropping out.
  7. Hello again Fellow Garage Monkeys Im hoping you guys can help me with my arduino controller. I got it to work fine. But I think I have a glitch somewhere in the system. A couple of weeks ago, I took the boat out for the first time with the system. Everything thing was going great for about 15 minutes. While surfing behind the boat, the wave would collapse and I would get white water behind the boat. After about 4 seconds the wave would shape up again. It did this 2-3 times while surfing. I was holding the rope when it happened so I could stay behind the boat. When I was done, I asked my daughter (driving at the time) if she was moving the throttle or if the boat was dropping out of the speed range. She said everything was running fine. It was late so we packed it up. This weekend, I decided to check the system. When I first power up the system, the lencos turn on to bring the gates back into the stowed position. I wait about a minute for to the GPS module to acquire the satellite signal and the GPS module flashes every second. I leave the system powered on for about twenty minutes. Then after about 20 minutes, the system activates the lencos for 4 seconds to stow the gates back in. After 5 to 10 seconds, the lencos activate again(stowing the gates in). There is a pause and then the lencos activate again. It will do this for 5-6 activations and then nothing for about 20 minutes. Then it does the same multiple lenco activation for for 5-6 times. It seems like the system is resetting itself. I updated the GPS libraries and loaded the most recent code for the system. Do you guys think its the arduino board? Should I swap out the GPS module? Arduino board? GPS antenna? Everything looks to be running fine. I checked all the connections for the circuit. All help and ideas will be appreciated.
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  9. Wow, I really like this mod. I’m gonna have to look at my boat and see if I can do something similar! Good job 👏🏻 🤙🏻🇺🇸
  10. Congrats @Shadetreefab and thanks to @TeamGlide for supporting the DIY crowd with the giveaway and extended discount offer. Love that you include the plumbing kit to T into the raw water supply. Top notch stuff!!
  11. Thanks to everyone for entering! Anyone who is still interested in a Glide system: We will offer 20% off to Wake Garage members through the end of July. Give me a call and we can hook you up. We want everyone staying dry with Glide this Summer. Cheers! - Tim Jr. Glide Bearings 616-868-9730 tcreighton@glidebearings.com
  12. How it looked the day I picked it up
  13. 918vlx


    Not much of a wave with only 850s in the back and a homemade suck gate
  14. Tinted kiwi grip for a base for the seadek
  15. The stock interior it came with, complete color change has been done now
  16. I don't know, when we started the project we ran with the "OBD-M" and determined that it _should_ be J1939. From there it was just a decision to cut the cable on the ScanGaugeD to see if we could get anything useful from the data on the bus and we lucked out. I happened to have the ScanGaugeD since I was going to use it my VW TDI, but using it in the boat was much more useful. I would suggest the first step is figuring out if/where the OBD-M connector is in your boat, and from there try to identify what protocol it uses for communication. The guys at obd2allinone.com are very helpful too, their website (or a phone call) should be able to help you determine what protocol your MEFI controller uses and you can go from there.
  17. I'm wondering the same thing (CEFI-3 in my case, but same difference).
  18. Looks great! What did it run to have them do it if you don't mind my asking?
  19. Excellent work dressing up the box. I would be extra vigilant on keeping that woofer dry. Thats a paper based cone. Even a few hours of water setting in the dust cap, could wick past and into the motor structure.
  20. Honestly I don't remember. But I think it was discount inboard marine. Pretty common kit though even if overpriced.
  21. Rugger, where did you get the rebuild kit from?
  22. That looks incredible @Armandaleg! Strong work! Great use of space... you have me wondering if there's something I could do better with that space in mine. Thankfully the previous owner paid for a sub box already... that's not my forte.
  23. The sound is great, I’m glad I moved the sub to its new location. I have wondered if the bass would be a bit more robust if it was down-firing. I considered that design but in reality there just wasn’t enough room. The sound reminds me when I had a single cab pick-up with subs behind the seat and you felt the sound through the seat. I was surprised how much vibration comes up through the captains chair and sitting next to it- I say it was a pleasant surprise.
  24. I like it, looks like it was factory done. Great job.
  25. How is the sound output/quality with it being up-fired? This is the first time I have seen it up-fired in a boat. I love the multi stack boxes. It's awesome the shapes you can do with that construction style.
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