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  2. Holy sh#t! I’m jealous. You have some great know how and toys to get cool stuff done. I’m impressed.
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  5. Nice!! I like the look of those. I go with the LF as I'm at a dealership and get them at cost lol. Might have to get one for the ladies tho. Either way...stuff one of those pullout heater tubes inside when its cold and you are living your best life 😂🤣😉
  6. Nice. I use these they are thicker. THE COMFY DREAM | Oversized Light Microfiber Wearable Blanket, One Size Fits All, Shark Tank Amazon.ca Something Went Wrong / Quelque chose s'est mal passé WWW.AMAZON.CA But this would probably be even warmer. Bedsure Grey Wearable Blanket - Standard Long Blanket Sweatshirt with Soft Sherpa Fleece - Deep Front Pockets - Wearable Blanket for Adult Women and Men, 58 x 34 inches, Grey https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08CXSVXR1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_9LzUFb1THK5HJ
  7. https://cdn.wakemakers.com/skin/frontend/enterprise/wm/favicon.ico 2021 Liquid Force Hex Changer Poncho WWW.WAKEMAKERS.COM Free shipping, expert advice and our best price promise on the 2021 Liquid Force Hex Changer Poncho at... ^^ I wear one of these after surfing late evenings or early/late into the season. Just tuck the pullout tunes up inside and you are toasty warm after your sets
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  9. I've always wanted a heater with the pull out vents. My new SA wasn't ordered from the factory with a heater so I wanted to add one. Haven't heard great things about the heatercraft part that's factory (crappy pullouts mostly) and @freeheel4lifepointed me toward Maradyne (used by mastercraft and now tige) Happened to hop on ebay and found a seller liquidating some parts and scored a heater and 4 pullouts for next to nothing! The heater didn't have a manifold on it so I made one, flat plate and some 3" stainless tube. Welded it up and hit it with some wrinkle black powder.
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