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  1. I like the paint job as well .. I bet you cant even tell its plastic from 10 feet away . I'm so doing this once my injector issue is squared away .
  2. Its on im doing this DIY set up !!!!
  3. That turned out so nice you outta be selling them !!! I wish I had one on my Sanger I guess I'm going to have to man up this winter .
  4. Here is a few pics of the boat going back on .
  5. Thank you !! I wish I could take all the credit but it was definitely a group effort.
  6. Hey Rugger can you move this to the trailer thread . I screwed up my first post lol
  7. So I've been helping a good friend work on his new to him Chapparal Deck Boat . Getting the servicing up to date and cutting and polishing the get coat and digging deep into the trailer . The trailer was rotten in a few places and needed updating . Its been ground down to expose all the cancer and remove it and new steel welded in its place it was a big task but we got it done . We added some uprights/guides put some tie down points for the rear straps , replaced all the brakes from the surge assembly back including lines and even changed the idler hubs to match the new drums . We also added a new crank/winch new chains replaced the wood and re-carpeted the bungs the roller on the front and LED light kit to it and have the diamond plate getting powder coated black for the fenders and steps . He sprayed the paint with an airless it turned out really good for a couple of dudes working on the gravel. lol I even got hurt in the middle of the project and delayed the whole thing Thankfully it was during the welding process and a friend of ours came through and like a stud and handled it for us . Here is some before and after pics .
  8. Thank you !! We are getting married in September shes a great woman and deserves her BIG wedding so I guess all my fun plans are on hold .Except hunting in November of course ..lol
  9. 1998 Sanger V210 . Its nothing fancy but we love it . It would have the new tower installed but somehow a wedding got in the way .
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