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  1. Nice! I was going to DIY it too until my local shop quoted me $800. I figured that was about $300 over my material costs so I went for it. Afterwards they told me they will be charging twice that on the next one! Not as easy as it looks. Still tho, I want to learn how to do it.
  2. Thanks! Yea just the blue is a wrap. Not 100% sure about the durability. I really wanted to do it myself but the local shop gave me such a good price I figured it wasn’t worth the gamble. They did tell me it was their first boat and that they will be charging double that for the next one!
  3. Well it’s finally done! Started into this thing in November. At first I was just going to do the floors and a few seat cushions. Guess that didn’t go as planned. Completely gutted the interior. New flooring, new carpet, new vinyl, new sound system, and lots of little modernizations. Floors were cleaned, then leveled using glass and poly resin and then bondo. Rustoleum Top coat paint and primer. Pretty happy with it. EVA was from Amazon. I really wanted a name brand but I’m happy I went with this stuff. Marine carpet for the gunwales and seat rails. Upholstery was done at a local Mom & Pop shop. Very happy with it and the price was very fair IMO. $4800 for all of the vinyl work. I did all of the removal and instal. Shortened up the observers seat to make some more room, Removed the anchor light cutout and lock of the rear trunk, and modified the storage hatch so it wouldn’t rub on the seat. New seat is from Leader accessories. Completely upgraded the ballast system with new pumps and a custom #750 bag in the trunk. Super happy with with wave and planning a surf system next. Had the dark blue wrapped. Verdict is still out. Love the color and the “ghosted” Malibu but not sure of the long term durability. Got a good price at least. New swim platform was a lucky score on Ski it Again. I’m not much of a writer, especially on the iPad. But if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I really enjoyed doing this and I will be happy to help in any way I can. Got most of the info right here and a few other forums. Thanks Wake Garage! Can’t thank this site enough.
  4. Thanks! Getting close to laying it down.
  5. Looks good!! How well did the EVA stick? (assuming it was adhesive backed). Any issues with it from being rolled? I am nearly ready to template/cut/install my EVA.
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