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  1. Holy Lord guys !! So .... my boat has the single axle trailer . After owning this for 4 years i have replaced the hubs TWICE !! Yep , twice !! Have had nothing but issues with this trailer since day one . So ... i decided to take the whole dam axle out and replace it with a Dexter Axle . So here begins a story . I ordered a 90inch which is factory size ( i do have custom wheels on my trailer also 17x9 wheels ) . After waiting for this axle i got a call from the company stating they were on back order and it could take up to 2 months before it lands ....well i wasnt happy and he stated "I have a 88 on the shelf i can send you TODAY and you will have it in 2 days " . I asked ok that is 2inches short than the 90 what if any issues am i going to run into ...he stated the only difference will be a half inch each side wheel. OK SEND IT .....well bad idea !! That in turn brought my wheels IN towards the boat about 2inches ON EACH SIDE so now my fenders lips are on the tire . So quick fix, cut the lip off and attach a new "plastic rub protector" right ...NOOOOO not that easy at all !! Tried and tried to make this work . So the options basically boiled down to buying wider fenders , cutting the olds out since they are welded not bolted and painting welding new in .....ugh it NEVER ends with this boat im telling you guys !! So i decided to buy a single fender same size and cut it in half , add the rolled lip parts to each side and welding those in . Have everything ready for welding and will update my pics once completed. What a pain in the ass when it could have been so simple !
  2. Awesome !! I actually have been thinking about doing this since i bought my boat but use one as a actual mirror instead of getting a clamp one . Looks legit and works well !!
  3. Sorry for the late reply been traveling for business. No, the cup holders are simply 1 piece of 3 inch PVC tube and some cap ends !! Thats all ! Very simple . Just cut them the same size , on the ends of the board i angled the cut to make them sit more vertical . Have yet to get pics of it installed but will get some shortly !
  4. Thats awesome man !! Picked this up on Marketplace for $25.00 ... couldnt beat the price !
  5. So guys on my year boat it has the center Ski Pole right infront of the engine . I know alot of people have taken or cut these out as they are not really used anymore . We usually have 4-6 adults and 4 children on the boat , with that said when we want to grab a bite , snacks and chill etc thre is no place to lay plates other than on the seats and rear deck ....well i wanted a table ! Have looked at the Pontoon Tables and that is what i was going to do or buy one that clips to the swim deck ...HOWEVER, beings that im a DIY type of guy and felt $65-150 for a piece of plastic that holds my beer and plate was a little excessive , i came up with a solution !! Here you have it ....custom table that goes over my engine cover , provides 4 more drink holders and a decently flat area for plates of food what have you . Have been thinking about routing out a couple larger holes to be able to slide some removable containers in for say Salsa and chips ....but havent decide if i want to sacrifice the flat area for plates for that purpose, because plates are back to the seats at that point . Not completely finished however its looking and working good thus far . Another good point is , it fits right in my tower board holders so not taking interior space up in the boat also ! The frame is a old seat base that will have a Flynut on it to tighten down on the ski pole . Easy on / off application
  6. Thats a STEAL on cost and install 100% !! If you look online the usual cost for just a wrap is 1800-2200 depending on length and style ...so $800 ya for sure a steal !!
  7. Guys honestly i thought it would be alot easier than it was !! The reason i decided to do it was i found the material at a good cost . It was $200.00 shipped for 33ftx5ft roll . Seems to be good quality. Pretty thick . I thought after ordering i was going to be way short because the boat is a 21ft, however after doing each side and the edge of the swim deck plus waste , i have a TON left !! Maybe they measured wrong ?? LOL !! As far as application , cleaned the boat well prior , heat gun , knifeless tape and seal tape was needed . Time ....took about 4hrs to do the first side (again thinking it would be alot easier but it was pretty difficult ) . second side took about 3hrs . If i would do it over again i would start the wrap in the MIDDLE of the boat and work one way then the other . It stretches easy however that will make the pattern off but it is what it is . All in with all supplies im around $300 .,,,considering someone would charge $2,000 plus .....i think it was well worth it and the time spent I will look for the link for the material . It was ordered from China and took about 2.5 weeks to get
  8. Guys bought some film and did a wrap myself after pricing them .... no way i was paying that haha !! Im a major DIY guy and said the hell with it , i would try and if nothing else i would have a HUGE big camo sticker haha !! Its not PERFECT but for what i spent ...WELL worth it ! Also did the swim deck edge and up a bit as im waiting for the new EVA Foam pad to show .
  9. Sorry for the late reply guys !! @Mkeuseman, this is simply PVC plumbing pipe . Had multiple friends worried about the HEAT and melting , but you have to remember these are submerged in water so getting it to the temp to warp or melt would more than likely NEVER happen . I attached it with 1inch stainless screws going through the factory thick rubber tips as well as putting some 4200 around the inner lips as you would normally do on a plumbing connection with primer & glue . @Nautimech226simple 3inch PVC . 2 Street 90s and 1 Y connection . Make sure to buy the CLEAR glue and primer as well . Otherwise your going to have purple sticking out of the connections from the primer . I then Used stainless screws around each connection point, as well as 3M4200 to really lock it in place There is no bracing holding it up because the fitting is so tight i dont think it is necessary . Some need it because the tube are so far apart . On my Moomba the exhaust is very close and the tubes are almost touching the factory plate . The only issue i see is obviously adding a trim tab in the center , it will need reworked . Have ran the bopat with it 2 times as of now both wakeboarding and surfing with out any issue . WORKS GREAT and cant beat the price !!
  10. Alright guys so seeing all these DIY Exhaust , thought i would give it a go ! Very simple and just wanted to see how it works before buying or having someone fab up a exhaust . This was obviously very simple . I think it came out great and IT WORKS !! Had no issues at all boarding or surfing even with the ballast filled . For $45.00 i willTAKE IT !!
  11. Other things needed i would suggest is a air or electric stapler (do not buy the hand stapler trust me !! ) , heat gun or blow dryer for stretching for better fit , sharp pair of fabric sheers (you can buy those at JoAnns , Hobby Lobby etc ) , stainless staples ...ALOT of them haha !! Also when ordering the fabric look for the Pre done Piping . We made our own but if you want to save alot of time , well worth the money
  12. Sorry guys been traveling for business !! the wife bought a machine at JoAnns fabric , it wasnt that badly price and it ISNT the heavy duty type but it worked great with the correct size needles and thread etc . It went through the material no problem . As far as the fabric goes i bought it at FABRICWAREHOUSE . com as well as the thread from the same place . Holding up well however have a couple seams that are coming undone on the top of the rear and on the filler cushion for the front i made . Wife is going to go back in and hand stitch them tighter . The fabric itself is holding upigreat !! Very easy to clean also .
  13. Well guys never posted this but ...shwoing my interior redo . Before pics and after pics . This was done by my wife and i 2 years ago with zero experience after consulting a professional for replacement , our jaws dropped and said "Well we have all winter , lets try it " . Came out great . Could have went a different route on design etc but didnt want to have to redo a redo haha !!
  14. LOVE the charger idea with the water proof plug !!! Do you happen to have part numbers or references for your parts used ? Would LOVE to do this ...well done buddy !
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