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  1. Sorry for the late reply guys !! @Mkeuseman, this is simply PVC plumbing pipe . Had multiple friends worried about the HEAT and melting , but you have to remember these are submerged in water so getting it to the temp to warp or melt would more than likely NEVER happen . I attached it with 1inch stainless screws going through the factory thick rubber tips as well as putting some 4200 around the inner lips as you would normally do on a plumbing connection with primer & glue . @Nautimech226simple 3inch PVC . 2 Street 90s and 1 Y connection . Make sure to buy the CLEAR glue and
  2. Alright guys so seeing all these DIY Exhaust , thought i would give it a go ! Very simple and just wanted to see how it works before buying or having someone fab up a exhaust . This was obviously very simple . I think it came out great and IT WORKS !! Had no issues at all boarding or surfing even with the ballast filled . For $45.00 i willTAKE IT !!
  3. Other things needed i would suggest is a air or electric stapler (do not buy the hand stapler trust me !! ) , heat gun or blow dryer for stretching for better fit , sharp pair of fabric sheers (you can buy those at JoAnns , Hobby Lobby etc ) , stainless staples ...ALOT of them haha !! Also when ordering the fabric look for the Pre done Piping . We made our own but if you want to save alot of time , well worth the money
  4. Sorry guys been traveling for business !! the wife bought a machine at JoAnns fabric , it wasnt that badly price and it ISNT the heavy duty type but it worked great with the correct size needles and thread etc . It went through the material no problem . As far as the fabric goes i bought it at FABRICWAREHOUSE . com as well as the thread from the same place . Holding up well however have a couple seams that are coming undone on the top of the rear and on the filler cushion for the front i made . Wife is going to go back in and hand stitch them tighter . The fabric itself is holding upigreat !!
  5. Well guys never posted this but ...shwoing my interior redo . Before pics and after pics . This was done by my wife and i 2 years ago with zero experience after consulting a professional for replacement , our jaws dropped and said "Well we have all winter , lets try it " . Came out great . Could have went a different route on design etc but didnt want to have to redo a redo haha !!
  6. Very badass !! Nice work , looks great !
  7. LOVE the charger idea with the water proof plug !!! Do you happen to have part numbers or references for your parts used ? Would LOVE to do this ...well done buddy !
  8. @jonthompson get well man !! Clearly not your summer man !! Hope you get better soon ....Oh and get back to work on this hahaha !! Just joking
  9. @Thehappytexan thank you brother !! Well explained ! Appreciate the info !
  10. @Jhartt3 Yes absolutely ! My idea was to have a custom display that could be fiber glassed in or have it attach just like fish finder type display to upgrade from regular analog. Also, this would allow literally a PC inside your boat . If you did aHotSpot off your phone you could literally use the screen and surf the net or whatever . Just kind of a tech type thing i guess . @jtryon I agree i think making a custom touch screen would look pretty cool being able to make different colors , different types of buttons , slide up buttong by finger or turn knobs with your finger tip . Fr
  11. My god love this thread !! Thanks guys for all the hard work ! Im not wired this way with computers BUT my work is and have plenty of really good programmers !! I have sent this stuff over to them and they are going to make some tweaks here as im just looking for the simplest way without a ton of wiring etc BUT have all the high tech stuff (arent we all right !!) . Anyway they will be workin gon this for me the next couple weeks and have already handed my Lencos to them so they can play around with deployment retraction small adjustments AND also hooking it up to a LCD display for dash mount t
  12. Hey boss what are the wheels on your new trailer ? The black ones ??
  13. Kinda of wondering how this would apply to mine boat . Have a 2001 Moomba with the 5.7 Indmar that has the Low pressure and High pressure pumps in the same location . Had a issue this weekend with them thats why im asking ., I have 2 fuel lines one from the low side and high side back to the tank . My brother is suggesting remove the low end side all together ....he stated the low side pumps are garbage and not really needed cause more problems than good . He also suggested buying a Holley Pump and relocating the pump to back by the tank and running new steel line to the motor
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