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  1. Thats a STEAL on cost and install 100% !! If you look online the usual cost for just a wrap is 1800-2200 depending on length and style ...so $800 ya for sure a steal !!
  2. Guys honestly i thought it would be alot easier than it was !! The reason i decided to do it was i found the material at a good cost . It was $200.00 shipped for 33ftx5ft roll . Seems to be good quality. Pretty thick . I thought after ordering i was going to be way short because the boat is a 21ft, however after doing each side and the edge of the swim deck plus waste , i have a TON left !! Maybe they measured wrong ?? LOL !! As far as application , cleaned the boat well prior , heat gun , knifeless tape and seal tape was needed . Time ....took about 4hrs to do the first side (again thinking i
  3. Guys bought some film and did a wrap myself after pricing them .... no way i was paying that haha !! Im a major DIY guy and said the hell with it , i would try and if nothing else i would have a HUGE big camo sticker haha !! Its not PERFECT but for what i spent ...WELL worth it ! Also did the swim deck edge and up a bit as im waiting for the new EVA Foam pad to show .
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