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  1. This project was a collaboration between myself and my son-in-law, Mikeo. First question to answer is that all boats built after 2009 SHOULD BE OBD-M equipped. Where your connector is located is the real question. Malibu puts one at the engine as well as under the dash. OBD-M is J1939 protocol so a ScangaugeD will work. I just sold my 2013 Malibu VLX and purchased a new 2019 Malibu 20 VTX. It's equipped with the Monsoon 450 engine (PCM 6.0L 385 HP, 450 # torque). I moved my ScangaugeD from my old boat to the new. Just plugged right in under the dash and set the tank capacity to the new am
  2. Extremely Accurate Fuel Level And Fuel Consumption Gauge This project was a collaboration by mkf21VLX and Mikeo Background: Automobiles and light trucks manufactured in the US starting in 1996 have been required to have On Board Diagnostics (OBD). The connector in one of these vehicles is known as ODBII. There are many tools and apps that you can plug into that OBDII port to see what your vehicle is doing. We wanted something like that for our boats. Boats are notoriously inaccurate in their fuel gauge readings. If you are lucky they read pessimistically (show less full than i
  3. This project fixed a problem I was having with my Malibu G3 tower knobs. This fix can be used by anyone with a first generation (2010-14) G3 tower who opted for the tower knobs. Background: The knobs on my tower, which secure it in the upright position, kept coming loose. No matter how tight I got them, including using the built-in allen wrench socket, they would loosen up. Especially when towing. I had the starboard side knob come off on 4 separate tow trips. Fortunately the knob fell into the boat each time and not on the road. At $100 each (Malibu's price) that would have be
  4. Here is a solution for those wakesurf board owners who want portable protection for their boards when loaded in a tower rack. I have several wakesurf boards that are very light and, therefore, somewhat fragile. For example, I have 2 Ronix carbon fiber boards and a Ronix Technora board. And since I surf not only my own boat but others too, I wanted something to protect my boards when they are in a rack. I came up with a a neoprene board wrap that I dub the Board Belt. I purchased a sheet of 6 mm neoprene (the thickest I could find) that was nylon covered on both sides. I choose a gr
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