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  1. The Noco Part that wylie posted is the plug i used, i just got it from our local interstate battery. i went kinda hardcore on the charger though. if i did it again i'd probably just go with another noco part. https://www.amazon.com/Xantrex-804-1260-02-TRUECharge2-Parallel-Stackable/dp/B006MYROFC
  2. Hey Guys! haha as far as subwoofer goes, this system absolutely SLAPS and the factory 12IB sounds terrible lol. it's not even fair how much more bass there is. having extra batteries is awesome. we love to pull up on an island leave the music on and picnic and swim for an hour or more and keep it on. since i can fully drain the two batteries and then use the third to start the boat we've never had issues. it's awesome. expensive to do but worth it for peace of mind. we also moved them to under the one seat near the storage that no one ever opens so you dont even notice
  3. I LOVED them. this system was loud and crystal clear. i have zero complaints.
  4. Thank you! that's the exact thing we were going for. it was nice that it sounded amazing and you still had full factory storage. it was so nice.
  5. Hey Everyone! I'm Christopher. This was my 2012 Malibu 22 MXZ Audio project we finished last summer: All work performed by Mark Fung / Stereo Solutions in Redding CA (530-224-1400) I wanted my stereo to be super easy to operate, loud, clear and current technology. I wanted anyone to be able to operate it. I wanted nothing to be in the way of storing tubes, toys, towels, etc. I wanted to sell the boat but also use it if it didn't sell. My wife and family did NOT like messing with an eq to change volume and plug in their iphones. i also wanted to get rid of an eq because ev
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