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  1. Built up the coosa lid with 2 layers of 1/2" HDPE which got very heavy. Made templates and cut the peices out with a jigsaw and cnc router. Had to hollow out the middle layer and buy stronger gas shocks.
  2. Taco Marine Commander hinges. NOS off eBay.
  3. Mounted using double-sided auto emblem adhesive...cut on my wife's Cricut. Surface is "as-printed"...small ridges with a wood-grain like finish. I could have given a smooth finish but actually like the 3D printed finish.
  4. New bimini cover with heat-pressed logo...next is the bimini itself. Used Sunbrella premium material.
  5. 2nd time doing a boat interior myself. Not show quality but good enough for me. The interior was already a 8/10 but the white/grey/red wasn't working. I also fabricated a fiberglass walkway to keep people off the new vinyl.
  6. Love the newer Chromax graphics, but hated the $800 dealer price tag....a little modeling and a $200 3D printer and Boom! Not bad.
  7. I liked the look and functionality of the newer models so I fabricated new storage compartment doors with ratcheting flip up seat backs when I reupholstered.
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