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  1. Purchased the industrial double-sided emblem adhesive (foam) from Amazon for $9/3 sheets. So far the emblems have held up perfectly. I printed in PLA at only 20% infill (like a honeycomb on the inside). I taped a metal straight-edge to the hull in order to maintain a straight line....and used a drill bit as a spacer between letters. Technology is a great thing!
  2. Built up the coosa lid with 2 layers of 1/2" HDPE which got very heavy. Made templates and cut the peices out with a jigsaw and cnc router. Had to hollow out the middle layer and buy stronger gas shocks.
  3. Mounted using double-sided auto emblem adhesive...cut on my wife's Cricut. Surface is "as-printed"...small ridges with a wood-grain like finish. I could have given a smooth finish but actually like the 3D printed finish.
  4. New bimini cover with heat-pressed logo...next is the bimini itself. Used Sunbrella premium material. Project went pretty smooth by using the old material add a pattern. I was not able to salvage the old zipper but for $6 on Amazon, it was a cheap replacement. Had to buy a 1" binder attachment for the binding. I originally purchased a 3/4" binder but it was a bit small and made it difficult to catch the edge of the material consistently. Attachment and all materials were purchased from Sailrite. Like the upholstery, you'll need an industrial sewing machine. I picked up a nice Juki for under $400 and have redone 2 boats now with it.
  5. 2nd time doing a boat interior myself. Not show quality but good enough for me. The interior was already a 8/10 but the white/grey/red wasn't working. I also fabricated a fiberglass walkway to keep people off the new vinyl.
  6. Love the newer Chromax graphics, but hated the $800 dealer price tag....a little modeling and a $200 3D printer and Boom! Not bad.
  7. I liked the look and functionality of the newer models so I fabricated new storage compartment doors with ratcheting flip up seat backs when I reupholstered. Hinges are from Taco Marine. Found some NOS on Ebay. I used 1/2" HDPE from my local plastics supplier for the seat backs and to build up the door. I did have to purchase stronger gas struts as the ended up about 10 pounds heavier than factory.
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