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  1. Its super sticky. I put some on the back of the transom for protection from boards hitting the hull and then decided to remove it. It was stuck on incredibly well. Being rolled up was no issue. I was worried about it not sticking where the backing has come off but it was no problem. Any where i got an air bubble i stuck my razor blade in the bulge to pop it. Remember to remove the backing on one corner and start small. Once it touches the surface its pretty hard to get off.
  2. I left it raw. Had i known i would have fiberglassed. I added some stainless brackets and its super stiff now. BTW i was inspired by your build.
  3. The rest of the floor would be my challenge to get to fit correctly. I didn’t get any pictures but I bought some clear plastic sheeting at the hardware store and cut it small enough to fit in the boat and then traced the pieces I’d need for the floor. Much like the templates Gator step or whoever. I took a chance and started cutting after I made sure I would have enough to make another if I needed. I also cut on the big side and trimmed inside the boat. This is where I wish I routed the edges and where the 2 pieces meet up. I was too impatient and wanted to get it down While I had a warm day a
  4. To fix the gap in the gas tank cover where it was filled with carpet I used some aluminum strips I got from a friends machine shop. 3/4x3/8 if I remember correctly. I counter sunk the holes and used stainless screws here. The first bit of foam went down in the floor. Of course shop dog was there to inspect.
  5. The weather wasn’t working with me so I did what I could in the garage until I got a break. The engine hatch and gas tank cover needed attention so I used 3/4 coosa board for the engine hatch and got new shocks. The coosa wasn’t strong enough to hold me so I added some stainless support braces later. The gas tank cover is wood still and it was in good shape expect for a few corners. So I filled in with bondo and then added 2 layers of fiberglass resin to get it smooth where the EVA would stick to it.
  6. I started with pulling the carpet out which came up really easy and scrapping what glue was left. Then I sanded with 40 grit and used acetone to get it as clean as possible. Then I filled in and low spots with fiberglass bondo and sanded smooth with 40 grit again. Pretty nasty and at this point I was committed.
  7. I’ve got around $500 total in this project including tools, EVA foam that cost more in shipping than the material itself, fiberglass resin and filler, sand paper and acetone. I bought the EVA from marine deck flooring, possibly the same thing sold on Amazon. I’ve read good reviews about it from this site. Only thing I would’ve done different is route the edges like done others have done.
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