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  1. Wow that’s just what I need. I found myself leaving the boat running when I would normaly shot it off, just to save the music interuption this is great thanks for the tip
  2. Thanks. Unfortunately, it’s winter here. I am going skiing at Mont Tremblant tomorow. No surfing until june. You can see my snowblower in the garage in one of the pictures. I know it’s not perfect and it might not surf as well as some professional board, but i had a lot of fun building it and I already know a few things that i can do better next time. It will take a few try before it gets better. Next time i will document the built with more pictures
  3. Cedar stringer, eps foam from homedepo and epoxy. I have done a lot of mistakes on this first project, it turned out ok in the end. I have slready started a second one. I will take more pictures of the building process this time. Total cost was about $150.
  4. My main objective was to be able to easily control volume for the tower speakers and the cabin. When i first started i really did not know where to install it I tought that i would share a picture in case it helps someone. . I just installed a cheap equalizer. (45$) I made a box in wood, painted with bedliner paint and i cover it with the same vinyl that i used for the seats. I wanted the volume knob to be easily accessible so i decided to install it on the left side. It turns out that it’s not in the way, even if i am 6’3 My knees clear it easily. i was very surprised to find out how much of a difference it does for the sound.
  5. WOW. What a great project! I want one. The sensors are just a bit pricy for me. Do you think that i could built a cheap version of your Systeme using a load sensor under the ballast bag, that would mesure the weight of the bag? Probably not as accurate but the sensors are cheap and i wouldnt habe to change any plumbing? I would be very interested to know what you think it would be a sensor like this one, and i could built a plate on top. https://www.amazon.ca/CHENBO-Digital-Portable-Electronic-Weighing/dp/B076P8G8B6/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?keywords=arduino+load+sensor&qid=1554381010&s=gateway&sr=8-6
  6. I am using Jhartt3 logic and hardware. Its easy for me to hook up a laptop in the boat. I have done that to test the system and go bakc and forth with different min speed settings. I use my cell phone to share an internet connection. If you guys can help, it would be great
  7. The test didn’t go so well. The gates are repaired and they held good this time. When I set the speed to -1mph, I can use the switch to activate one side, the other side and even switch side and both actuators work together perfectly. When I set the speed to 7 mph, it will work for the first time and even retract when I slow down but after a that, nothing works. I have tried different speed settings, use 5v for the gps instead of 3v, I installed the gps antena in front of the boat, but nothing seems to work. I am starting to think that I have a bad gps or antenna. For now this is a huge improvement over the suck gates that I was using so I am still extremely happy with the system. And very greatfull for your contribution. I have triple check all connections. At this point i might juste order a gps and antenna. Would you know if we can see the readinds of the gps on the computer. I would like to find out if it is reading speed properly
  8. Jhartt3, i didn’t have a chance to re-test during the long weekend. I double checked the connections and it was on imput 2/3. It is just the angle at which the picture was taken. I took the time to install everything properly and glue the gps antenna in front of the windshield. Hopefully it will help, originally i had just installed it quickly to test, with the intention of doing a better job after i was certain it worked One of the reason i didn’t finish the test is that i had a couple of problems with the boat. One of my ballast pumps keeps starting on its own even when the switch is off and even when the key is off. And then one of my surfgate connection to the actuator came off . I will have to use bolts and go through the gates instead of using screws. So it will be a few more days before i can test it again. I will certainly keep you posted
  9. Thanks jhartt3. I am going back to the boat this afternoon. I can’t wait to try this. I went this morning to tiewrap the wires in place and cleanup the boat It’s Canada Day here in the national capital (Ottawa). There’s going to be a million boats on the river to participate in the celebrations and watch the fireworks. Its a real zoo on the water.
  10. The gps light flashes every second
  11. SUCCESS, it works, almost perfect. Guys, thank you soo much for creating this and all the help you provided. I would have never been able to do it, but just copying your project, i learned a bunch of stuff, and I realy enjoyed the process. Unfortunately, the gps does not work. Everything works good when I change the speed in the code for -1, but when I put back 7 mph, it becomes very unreliable. So it does realy does itsd function but at leasrt, i know that all the connections and the hardware part is good.
  12. My boat is at the dock, I have to drive there anyway unfortunatelay, but i can t wait to try this
  13. Are all VIN and GND the same on the screwsheild? I used the first one on the top left should i move it to a different one?
  14. Ok, i am going to try this tomorrow morning on the boat. My actuators are already installed so the easiest way to test is to install it. I double checked everything but chances are, i am missing something. Please let me know if you see something wrong.
  15. Awesome, i am getting closer and closer. Too bad I have to work sometimes haha. Thanks
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