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  1. i dont have my gate sizes i cut them down alot after i built them. but its not too important just make sure its mounted at least a 1/2in from the bottom of the boat and a 1/2in insde the outer edge. if you search posts under my name i have a thread where i had pics of my hdpe gates on my 99vlx
  2. i like the stuff you put in your rear compartments definitely going to add this to all my sub seat and compartment storage i have finished fiberglass/platic but things just get wet sitting on the floor in there.
  3. sounds like you're using jon's code i have no idea how to help troubleshoot that - there is a new build that someone took on in the working forum that has bluetooth and a phone app
  4. Malibu 2010 VLX Most projects are complete Gatorstep, seat risers, plug and play, mc-1 upgrade, 2315 prop, ptm edge clamping rack, vr140 mirror.
  5. so i'm going to have to raise the platform to add FAE which most new boats have a higher platform so i'm going to go ahead and raise it with some HDPE
  6. so much more room in the back of a 247 vs a 21VLX! doing this install soon as well.
  7. i've got a 2010 would love more information and detail about how you mounted these. i'm working on finding a boat in the KC area thats a 13 or 14 to go measure and template off of
  8. Gatorstep showed up today. Going to swap to the counter sunk bolt heads.
  9. Pretty simple install here. I was putting in gatorstep so I decided to add a ladder to the platform. Ladder $109 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M6CU5ZA/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_aohIEb6A1KG0S Hardware - 8 1/4"-1.5" stainless bolts and lock nuts Really better with 2 people. I used rounded head bolts if I had to do it again I'd use the counter sunk ones. I still may swap before the gator goes on.
  10. Yes thats what i have but Thompson said he was able to configure the board in such a way that you could just plug the GPS straight into the main board. Not sure what he did though
  11. Can you set the pinout such that the GPS just plugs into the board i know jon said he did that so there is almost no wiring between internal devices.
  12. Really love what you guys have done here thanks for continuing to improve my initial design i look forward to seeing the schematics.
  13. @jtryon thanks for taking this on if you run into any issues let me know i'll see if i can help. I don't have time to really build a new one again. Really interested to see how this turns out.
  14. @jonthompson How are things going man?
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