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  1. Yes thats what i have but Thompson said he was able to configure the board in such a way that you could just plug the GPS straight into the main board. Not sure what he did though
  2. Can you set the pinout such that the GPS just plugs into the board i know jon said he did that so there is almost no wiring between internal devices.
  3. Really love what you guys have done here thanks for continuing to improve my initial design i look forward to seeing the schematics.
  4. @jtryon thanks for taking this on if you run into any issues let me know i'll see if i can help. I don't have time to really build a new one again. Really interested to see how this turns out.
  5. @jonthompson How are things going man?
  6. @jonthompson you feeling any better man?
  7. @jonthompson wait you're saying i need to send back the romeo i bought from your previous post?
  8. I'm likely upgrading to @jonthompson new controller setup he posted. Will have bluetooth connectivity to your phone . and less parts to wire up since the motor controllers are integrated to the board. Hopefully he gets that all posted up in the next few weeks. my old arduino gave out and rather than get a new one i'm going to try out his new setup. it appears it maybe able to run off of 12VDC straight from the battery as well.
  9. @tylerstrop awesome thanks for having others look into it - I'd say have them look at an android/apple app vs an lcd screen. would be easier and more versatile and we all already have them in our pockets or on our dash to play tunes. Wouldnt take much to have that for tweaking the gates in. @jonthompson said he'd done this but i'm not sure with what. Please openly share their progress i'd love to upgrade my system from the simple controller i built.
  10. @jonthompson did you ever get your new control with bluetooth to a phone app working i'm very interested in upgrading to this system.
  11. I guess People should be posting who's code they are using here mine or jon's mine doesnt have an encoder and has less parts making it simpler to troubleshoot if you dont really understand what you're doing and just following the guide.
  12. Either your board is losing power or the speed is dropping out.
  13. Awesome Jon I'm interested to see what you've got now
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