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  1. thats not my code that;s @jonthompson who has the git hub site his code is a lot more complex than mine so i've never installed it.
  2. whats the actual cost of the 4x10 sheet and does it come in 5x10?
  3. yeah could be that. i'm not really sure. what your issue is other than hardware at this point. you can read the GPS @jonthompson maybe able to help better than I.
  4. how did the retest go @Antoine ? I assume it worked?
  5. Wait NVM it's in the wrong spot should be on inputs 2/3 not tx rx. See the pin out above in op for where txd and rxd go. Should solve your problem
  6. That should mean it's working it does take it a bit to acquire the GPS signal. I turn mine on as soon as I start my boat and then leave it on.
  7. Make sure the 9v black and yellow are on Vin and ground. You can change the lower speed to -1 in the logic and it will work in your driveway for testing.
  8. i've got the same hull and you can see pics of my install as well. i dont have spray and the wave is really good with 900 in each rear and 600 in the belly and 250-300 in the nose.
  9. 10 is fine you dont need 80 ft you only need to go from the battery to the rear with 10awg
  10. i'd do at least 20amp i'm running 30. both actuators do run at the same time at the beginning.
  11. anything up to 50 amp - 30amp is plenty for the motors. i ran 10awg for mine. fuses protect the wire so it doesnt catch on fire. and 8awg is max 50amp 10awg is max 30amp
  12. no it really doesnt its just to power the circuits on the board. the only wire size that truly matters is the power to the motors - you can run 16awg to the relays from the MCB
  13. yes i have all 3 control boards under the dash in a single enclosure and the relays near the motors.
  14. yep you also need to power the motor board with 5V as well i believe other than that you have a good schematic.
  15. Relay 87 Blue 12vDC from battery 87a yellow Ground 86 white Motor driver board 85 black Ground 30 red To lenco I guess i need you to be more specific as to what you dont understand from this Black and yellow are tied together to battery ground - the White goes to the motor control board output, and the red goes to the proper wire for the lenco. only one lenco wire per relay per the table below. Out1 would go to Relay1 for sake of simplicity and then that would wire to the white wire on your starboard mounted actuator. Out2 would go to relay 2 and the black wire of the starboard mounted actuator. Motor Driver Board GND Battery GND out1 Right Lenco - White white out2 Right Lenco - Black black out3 Left Lenco - White green out4 Left Lenco - Black red POWER Battery +12VDC
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