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  1. Saw this on some newer boats. Comes in hand for misc stuff you dont use all the time. Took a piece of thin metal bent it to shape in the brake to make the tray and flange that holds it in the v drive access hole. Then welded end caps on it. Finish off with a wrinkle coating.
  2. Rudder tune

    Centurion crew. Had some talk of it. Basic but very effective.
  3. Rudder tune

    Some v drives will pull a little when you let go of the steering wheel. Mine was more of a dart. I got rid of the hard pull to the right by by grinding the left side of my rudder. Take a little at a time and test it. You dont want to take off to much. It may take a coupe tries. Grind with grinding wheel at the angle shown. Then use a fine file by hand to make it look nice. If it pulls Starboard grind port side of rudder and vise versa.
  4. Fiberglass platform

    My boat came with a teak platform that was old and small. And a little out dated. When i bought the boat a new platform was a must have. First make a template to match the back of the boat and cut it out on 3/4 inch fiberglass reinforced plywood. Make a bottom piece and screw it to the top piece. I used a adhesive between the two so there would be no creeking and such. Used lots screws and countersunk them. Then you need to fiberglass all the exposed wood and screw and blend it into the fiberglass on the plywood. Then its time to sand it all smooth and do a little body work with body filler to make it all perfect. Then the primer. Then paint and clear. All automotive grade products. And i used agenda traction for the top. Hand cut and sanded edges to give it a nice finished look. Bottom finished with a bed liner product. I also put a 3m clear bra around the front and side egdes to keep the paint from getting scuffed up. But have ni pictures of that step. Finished product.
  5. Hooks

    Saw the new boats had some hooks in the back to hang ropes. Went to home depot and got some coat hanger hools amd screwed them to the engine dividers. 2 on each side. Cheep and work great.
  6. Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    Great job. I think malibu should care as much about the finish work as you do. All of the surfgates ive seen look homemade.
  7. What is the verdict? did you keep the wings how do you like it after running it a while
  8. New Interior