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  1. Gravity

    New Ultralon Floor for 2003 VLX

    Pm sent Thanks
  2. Gravity

    New Ultralon Floor for 2003 VLX

    I just got a sample of the agenda in if i can get the same stuff off ebay i would like to save some money. I uses the agenda softer heavy brushed and adter 3 seasons it needs replaced and has turned hard in spots.
  3. Gravity

    New Ultralon Floor for 2003 VLX

    Can you please tell me where you got the piece that doesn't have any of the fake teak lines?
  4. Gravity

    06 centurion elite v

  5. Gravity

    Swamp Camo Hydroturf Floor

    How has this held up? Are you getting any particals comming off the hydroturf onto your feet?
  6. Gravity

    Centurion Avalanche System

    Great idea. I have been wanting to get my 6.5s up higher but was tring to figure out what to do with the holes it would leave
  7. Gravity

    Lead bags

    Tool bag from home depot. Then hit up your local tire stores and get some used wheel weights for free. toss desired amount in bag. Zip it up and you got some cheap ballast to move around as needed.
  8. Gravity

    Stealth Surf Pipe (center exit)

  9. Gravity

    Fae wakeplate contraption

    Hindsight i probably could have. It would have been out too far to get any angel to the down pipe. The braces hit if it turns too soon.
  10. Gravity

    Fiberglass platform

    Could you just cut yours where needed and just re fiberglass the edges where the gates will go?
  11. This would be a great upgrade to my 06 Centurion. Thank you for the great opportunity.
  12. Gravity

    Fae wakeplate contraption

    Lake is still frozen but soon.
  13. Built a new exhaust pipe and wanted to do a sort of silent stinger. After going this route i would probably go straight out if i did it again. I wanted there to be no chance of the fae affecting the wake and wave so i added the wings to the extended wake plate. I cut and had the wing bent in a brake to match the hull of the boat. Then calculated where to put the hole for the pipe. Then put door edge moulding around the hole. The plate is 13inches out and the flar part is 14inches and the wings are 5.5 inches Then used a 90 degree 4to3inch abs adapter to the 3inch abs for the fae. Using abs cement to hold it all together. Then used rivets to hold it to the original flange. And a bracket to hold the downpipe to the plate. It is extremely solid. Not the best looking but hope it functions well.