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  1. Hyperryd

    Homemade Surf Tabs

  2. Hyperryd

    Rudder box rebuild

    What? You didn’t polish it while it was out? You are slipping Rugger!! Lol nice job. One nice feature on my MB is a remote grease zerk for the rudder, above the motor. Makes for easy access. Later models don’t have it. In my opinion every rudder should have one.
  3. Yes they were free hand pieces. I did make wood templates so I could guide the router.
  4. Hyperryd

    More awesome MB Slappers

    Automated yes, GPS no. One momentary push to deploy either side, press opposite button to transfer and wipeout to cancel any deployed actuator. Intuitive and easy but you have to start and stop. No computer to think for you. Lenco 15129 4.25” fast actuators. Yes the switch in 3-4 seconds.
  5. Hyperryd

    More awesome MB Slappers

    We had a Slapper party this week... Ok that didn't sound great but whatever. lol. I helped some friends install automated goose slappers to two boats this week. A blue 2013 23' B52 and a white 2012 21' B52. They both came out great and we used my controllers on them. The test wave pics are with stock ballast and 2 people in the 21 footer. We get some more ballast in there and they will be awesome! Geese be warned...
  6. Hyperryd

    Stealth Surf Pipe (center exit)

    You thought he would do something the normal way?! Awesome work Rugger as usual. You never cease to amaze. Nice to see you follow my signature to a tee!!! "If it was easy, everybody would do it!"
  7. Did you ever finish your surf system? You should make a thread and post it here if you did!
  8. Hyperryd

    Kojak's Exile Stereo Build

    Nice job man. I like all of the wires hidden. Very clean.
  9. I already have a glide seal but my buddy needs one! Sign me up!
  10. Hyperryd

    Wakesurf Board Rack

    Great job Setter. I did a similar conversion last year with Samson fingers I got off Craigslist. I had to drill new holes on the factory MB plate but all in all not that bad. Luckily the Samson fingers have a hook already at the base of the fingers. They look factory and work great. I swapped the wakeboard fingers on the other side to match only because they were part of the deal. (And because I’m anal like that. lol)
  11. Hyperryd

    Extra Ballast

    Give that man a hat!! Lol Nice job on your projects Setter and welcome to the more mine & talent than money club!
  12. Hyperryd

    Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    I can’t see anything you missed. Lol. You know that YOU can see an imperfection somewhere. You are too much of a perfectionist to think they are perfect. I’m pretty sure that made perfect sense. Lol
  13. Hyperryd

    Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    I still love looking at these gates. Too bad you missed that one little spot...