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  1. Nice job man. That interior is really modernizing quick. Keep posting your great work.
  2. 2013 MB Sports F21. I think I’ve hit my boat project quota for the year! (See link). Not sure what seal is in this boat. I loved my Glide Seal in my last book at for sure!
  3. That tube blow out is crazy. Glad you got it fixed. A SAN just doesn’t look right with any tower other than an FCT. Nice job!
  4. They both look great! Are you staying with carpet on the floor or is that down the road? I know it’s a big project with the raw fiberglass.
  5. What? You didn’t polish it while it was out? You are slipping Rugger!! Lol nice job. One nice feature on my MB is a remote grease zerk for the rudder, above the motor. Makes for easy access. Later models don’t have it. In my opinion every rudder should have one.
  6. Yes they were free hand pieces. I did make wood templates so I could guide the router.
  7. Automated yes, GPS no. One momentary push to deploy either side, press opposite button to transfer and wipeout to cancel any deployed actuator. Intuitive and easy but you have to start and stop. No computer to think for you. Lenco 15129 4.25” fast actuators. Yes the switch in 3-4 seconds.
  8. We had a Slapper party this week... Ok that didn't sound great but whatever. lol. I helped some friends install automated goose slappers to two boats this week. A blue 2013 23' B52 and a white 2012 21' B52. They both came out great and we used my controllers on them. The test wave pics are with stock ballast and 2 people in the 21 footer. We get some more ballast in there and they will be awesome! Geese be warned...
  9. You thought he would do something the normal way?! Awesome work Rugger as usual. You never cease to amaze. Nice to see you follow my signature to a tee!!! "If it was easy, everybody would do it!"
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