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  1. Finally have the gain tuned to get the most out of them. (I actually installed the remote level control under my dash so I can crank it up if I want, but keep it throttled most of the time so my teenage son doesn't get too crazy when he takes it out with friends.) There's really no comparison...the Revs are bigger so much "punchier" and the horn delivers a crisper, cleaner sound out to the rider.
  2. Finally upgraded the stock Roswell tower speakers to wet sound rev8 speakers and Sinister SD2 amp (400w rms). The head unit is a Rockford Fosgate PMX-5 with a PMX-1R remote on the driver side. It has two zones so the towers are on a separate zone (locked to zone 1 source) with independent volume control. Inside the boat are six 6.5" Rockford Fosgates with a 10" Kicker sub driven from a Kicker KX M800.5 amp. Install: Had to drill some holes in the tower for the new placement but all went well. Debated placement of the speakers but decided to stay with the classic placement. Drilled 3/4" holes (matching factory) to give me room to adjust the angle a bit. I'm hoping since they are bigger I will be more aware that they are there and hit my head less. Installing the amp was a little more tricky in the confined space. I added a stinger 150amp circuit breaker, so if it pops it’s just a flip to back in action. I plan to build a box around the sub to help with the punch, like Wylie_Tunes shows in his post. I will also be adding another bow cushion to cover the walkway to hide the bonus sumo bag I have up front and make it easy to walk up front. I’ll take more pictures of the rest of the stereo system but here’s a tease.
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