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  1. Love the raised mat you put in the rear compartments. Will remember that if I decide to pull carpet out of my rear hatches. I planned on doing SeaDek in those rear hatches, but I like this as it's more durable and removable when it inevitably gets dirty. Great write up!
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply. The Sanger will be getting a thread of its own here soon. It’s been on ongoing project and barefoot boat for the last 4 years now. And good catch on the Chevelle! It’s a 70’.
  3. My yearly project on my boat this year was pulling the windshield and tower off and refinishing them. The factory paint was faded and chipping so I figured it was time for a makeover. When I bought the boat in 2015 this split was in the tower. The previous owner told me they had the tower folded down outside when it rained and water got inside the pipe and then froze and burst. All I can say is that must have been one heavy rain because that would have taken a lot of water to burst in this spot of the tower. I’m not putting the bimini back on so all of these holes will need to be filled while the split in the tower is getting fixed. This tinting was done before the 2016 season and held up well, but will be redone while I have the frame off for powdercoat. Being able to tint the windshield out of the frame will eliminate anywhere you can see the edge of the tint. This is what the gasket looks like between the windshield and the gel coat. I purchased new gasket material from Nautique Parts. Frame has been sandblasted and powder coated. Windshield has been tinted 5% again. Yes this tint is dark and no you can’t see at night, but damn does it look good. “This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love Fig Newtons” 😂 Got a steal on these flight clips so I will have them blasted and powder coated. Will be a nice factory look with the OEM racks back on it. New stainless cup holders and windshield decals. I actually like the look of these boats without the tower. Of course much more feasible for my sport of choice to have the tower, but it’s a very clean and sleek look without. I am amazed at how well this blowout in the tower looks after some welding and grinding. Freshly sand blasted. Decided to do a coat of primer and then sand before powder coat to ensure a silky smooth finish. The 20 year old aluminum was showing its age. Always wanted to run the wires through the tower instead of zip tied around the outside. Definitely recommend for a clean hidden look.
  4. Just got the interior put back together on my buddy TJ’s 2001 SAN. This has been a project I’ve been doing for him since I have the boat stored in my building for the winter. The upholstery work has been done by a small local seamstress that I’ve used for all my projects. She does great work at a fair price as long as you’re willing to give her plenty of time! This is what we started with First pieces I took to get done and she accidentally flip flopped the colors This looks a lot better New patch on top, original patch on bottom Got heating elements for the captains chair and passenger seat Had her add some foam to these front pieces to correct the loose fitting issue Finished product all put together. Turned out great!
  5. The electric brakes work great. I do not need or notice them much now because I have 3/4 ton diesel. On the rare occasion I do pull with a half ton that has a hook up for trailer brakes they come in handy! I fought wiring issues for a while because I ran out of wire on the install at the very end and had to use some cheap wire to fill in, but eventually that all gave way within a couple years and I replaced with good wire.
  6. Thanks John! I plan on tackling the floor project next winter. Depending on how mine turns out, that will likely follow on TJ’s as well. I will do all the prep work myself and then take it to Dek Designs for them to measure, cut and install.
  7. Here is my rebuild from several years ago on my trailer. This trailer was in pretty bad shape when I bought the boat, but cleaned up real nice! One bunk was broke when I bought the boat and one of the pieces on the inner fender was loose as well. The trailer was obviously red to begin with and matched the boat, so I’m not sure why someone had rattle canned it black? This is the old surge brake set up that I tore out. New electric brakes. I did this because, at the time, I had a 1/2 ton pick up and really felt like my surge brakes were not working well enough. These work great, but I foresee issues down the road possibly with water and getting rusty. Who knows, that seems to be a problem with all boat trailers though... My contraption for bending the new bunks Freshly sand blasted In the paint booth. Sure is convenient having friends in the right trades! Took all the guts out of the surge coupler. Used like that for a couple years and then ended up putting a bull dog coupler on once this old surge set up wore out. Getting ready to hit it with some love! New LED lights all around. Boiling water to soften up the new bunks. And a perfect match! We actually matched this color with a flashlight during a thunderstorm while on the boat lift. I’d say we got pretty lucky!
  8. Wanted to start a thread of SeaDek installs on the OG Super Air Nautique’s. I will post several boats that I know of that have been done by Dek Designs in Topeka, KS. My personal boat is the red one and I was the first to use Dek Designs for an OG Nautique. This company is a duo between Derek and his brother Shane. Shane’s business (Dynamarine Performance Boats) is building air boats that mostly get shipped to the Southern states, he also has a contract with the USCG to build their ice/search and rescue air boats. All the boats they build get custom fitted with SeaDek. Boat: 2001 Super Air Nautique cut and installed by Dek Designs This one is my buddies boat that has been a winter project for me. The drivers side gunnel piece will get remade, due to a spacing issue. We assumed the pieces were going to be identical to mine, but it turns out they weren’t and a lot of it was due to tower placement. Also the spacing between the front light and lifting ring was not the same as mine. Most of the pieces had to be remeasured. I don’t think any boat of this era was identical to one another. They make them in a much more controlled environment now. The last picture is matching the SeaDek to new vinyl, which will get posted in another thread. Boat: 2001 Super Air Nautique cut and installed by Dek Designs Here is another boat from Spencer Cale in California. This boat is looking really good all around. He called Dek Designs and they worked with him to change up a few things. Boat: 2001 Super Air Nautique cut by Dek Designs installed by Spencer And another from Rusty Barras in Louisiana. You can see this boat has a different tower then the other 3 and how he radiused around it. Turned out great! Boat: 2001 Super Air Nautique cut by Dek Designs installed by Rusty
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