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  1. Thanks - Is the bottom of your board flat? The board next to Hendrix was made with a lot “belly” - kind of like the hull of a boat. I thought it would add stability..... which it did but also added a ton of drag. So when the Hendrix board was made, I went flat bottom and wide flat tail- the difference was extremely noticeable. Pretty interesting since I made them both from the same materials. So if the bottom of your board is rounded, I’d imagine that could slow down the response.
  2. Haha- just realizing I was called out. So, I posted.
  3. I’ve been making longboards for awhile so when it came time to make a wakesurf board- I basically made a big version of a longboard. Several renditions later, I’ve leared a lot. The boards have 4 layers Baltic Burch glued together with tightbond 3. My early boards had 4 hollow chambers- my latest “Jimi” board is foam core with FCS surf boxes. Sorry I don’t have pictures of the press when I shape the nose and hold everything together. “Jimi” was hand stenciled and measures 55” long and 20” wide. Pad kit and fins are from amazon. The smaller board was my first one. It measures 49”- basically a skimmer. The skim board is a good kids board but the shape I’ve discovered is no good for real surfing. “Jimi”, however, rips!! Slight shape and flat tail provides a ton of push and is very responsive! My favorite board for sure. I have “legit purchased” boards too.... basically to please my kids so they don’t have to always ride a board that dad made. Oh- it also fits in the wakeboard racks and the thick boards do not- so that’s a plus.
  4. Way sweet! Definitely a good looking board- you just can’t beat the pride of riding something you’ve built!
  5. I’d call that money! There’s something about getting after it and coming up with your own way. Boards of all shapes, sizes and materials have been ridden.... like forever..... and worked! I’m sure it will ride awesome! I’m way more proud of the boards I’ve made than the super fragile board that cost lots of $. Display that board with pride- you’ve earned it!!
  6. Looks great! Did you notice a difference in your wave? Either way- still looks good. Nice to have your daughter help you out😂
  7. Okay- just a brief update on how the summer went. We spent about 60 hours on the water which included being caught in a downpour, a super sketchy wind storm which generated 5’ swells, and of course just hanging out. In the beginning I would check the woofer for signs of water..... but no. I never had water on the woof- even after the downpour. My take on the project is do it! I don’t regret it at all. Water was never an issue and if you’re ever worried that the sub will get wet- just throw over it- your in a boat so there should be a towel handy!
  8. The sound is great, I’m glad I moved the sub to its new location. I have wondered if the bass would be a bit more robust if it was down-firing. I considered that design but in reality there just wasn’t enough room. The sound reminds me when I had a single cab pick-up with subs behind the seat and you felt the sound through the seat. I was surprised how much vibration comes up through the captains chair and sitting next to it- I say it was a pleasant surprise.
  9. Sure - I just snapped another picture from a distance. I think it’s tucked in pretty tight. Something else I thought about was wiring the box with a USB charger just for ease of charging things where other people would be instead of everything by the driver. Anyway, the final version it was omitted. And, of course, a picture with the LEDs. Thanks for checking out the build!
  10. 2008 centurion Avalanche I’d like to hard plumb my fat sacks-
  11. I wanted to move the sub from inside the main storage compartment to i the main part of the boat because I thought the bass was too muffled. My criteria was: no cutting holes look good sound good ( used a Skar DDx 1200watt rms- non marine but the sub fit the specs what I was looking for and I was hoping that this single 10” would sound more like 2 subs) The box was covered in vinyl similar to the interior and I Allen some red LED just for the added extra something. I had to do stack fabrication (YouTube car audio fabrication) to get the box to fit just perfect. I realize there are some drawback to this box. Mostly the sub is non marine rated and it is facing up and could get splashed. The grill is easily roved Incase water needs to be wiped away. I’ve been out a couple times this year and so far it seems to be really well placed and out of the way.
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