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  1. Looks to be the case. ie A 3.5” marine hose will fit over a 3.5” stainless mandrel. The stainless pre bent mandrels are O.D. measured
  2. Wow. Very cool. How did you mount them? And what does the surface look/feel like? Looks great no matter what
  3. yeah.... please do! Would love to read that one! Also you can get a Malibu wedge switch cover, although the right edge of rocker is curved. So would work better as right side book end.
  4. Ok I’ll be running mc1. Look forward to it. Most likely installed down lower since my dash is different (well it’s same as your new one but I want to keep lcd). Thanks for your input
  5. So how do you like the Revs vs Roswells? We love ours. Wish I had the sinister amps too... ours our the older, larger Syn4 and Syn2s.
  6. Nice upgrade. What a clean solution as well.... It really opens up back there. Can't wait to see the exhaust FAE project if you go that route. When I did mine I used Burns Stainless, he had quality stainless, a little pricier, but gave a small discount for wake garage members. There's a good number of stainless mandrel suppliers now. Great project thanks for sharing
  7. Those look cool... where did you find that switch? I may want one for a different purpose. @Jhartt3 or @jonthompson may or may not be able to help you on the switch side. They sure did a phenom job on the Arduino.
  8. Thanks — haha - must be a helluva sub
  9. @cowwboy did you run the black box on the helm side, or in passenger compartment near the amps? If the later, did the 8' WS cable reach? (I know they sell an extension). I might just keep mine on helm side where 420 is now... I can't imagine losing signal quality right?
  10. Thanks, Yes. The primary is a float switch and manual switch on dash. The new secondary is just an external float switch
  11. Not a big project --- but after having a few instances over the years where we ended up with a lot of water in the boat (don't ask), as well as after drilling more and more ballast ports to allow water in --- I had always wanted to add a second bilge pump to my boat as a safety net. Mine did not come with one. I did this project last summer. And if you're going to do it... might as well go big. I opened up a lot of space in the rear of the bilge when I redid the exhaust. So I bought a larger pump than hopefully I'll ever need, a Johnson 2200. My stock bilge pump is a 750 gph. I moved that one forward a little bit in the bilge, which made it lower and serves as the primary bilge pump, and then secured the big daddy Johnson 2200 in the rear corner... about the only place I could fit it. I mounted the floating switch so it will be the backup/OMG/secondary pump. The new pump comes with a 1 1/2 and 2" output ports. I used the 1 1/2" and bought matching PVC hose (same as our common ballast hose, but a little bigger). And then picked up a larger stainless port and brought it out the side of the boat... so it just sits in line with the ballast ports. Not a big project... but a little extra piece of mind / safety net. I filled up the bilge with water to test it and then powered the new pump.... it was cool to see how much volume could shoot out the side. Enlarged and beveled out the hole for the stainless thru-port with a Dremel. This is what the Johnson 2200 pump looks like. It's pretty large.
  12. @cowwboy have you had enough time with the MC1 yet to recommend? Strongly considering. Think I'd have the pass from wife too.... my stock original deck is glitchy, and she said straight up we aren't planning boating trips without a stereo. lol. Hardest part about the MC1 is where to put in on our generation of boats... yours is a cool option but I'm trying to consider a few places
  13. Agree with above....Great write up. The pics of hose angles are helpful. Timbrr loves his GSA on his Malibu I’m sure I would too and was a toss up between that or custom gates. Thanks for posting.
  14. Hows the progress on this? Did you get it mounted in the boat? I heard a lot of comments about this project from WG members I've run into.
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