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  1. Nice. Can you "update" and then add the picture of the engine compartment in the main write-up? It's only in the "title image" , so it's small. Love that sound! Did you guys get a lot of time on the boat this year?
  2. What he said ^^^^ Great write-ups. This is a difficult job and it's very helpful to see. I did one similar with the Glide system.... a few bloody knuckles later it was done. But it sure is nice to follow those who went before you!!!
  3. New boat sounds like new projects. Win-win for you and us. haha
  4. Wow. Didn't know they were having those issues. The one I bought for my old 23lsv was solid. (Glad my homemade surf pipe had a good welder too. I'm assuming they outsourced a large run? Hopefully they get that corrected.
  5. Looks fantastic and with a great write up! That's gonna help someone else for sure. Nice job. Like the alum plate you made for the control too.
  6. Great write up. It's a surprisingly rewarding upgrade too.... feels like new again! Nice job.
  7. Very cool. If you already have other racks in that grey anodize color to match, I would do that. If not I think powdercoat would look good too! It's definitely easier and more forgiving.
  8. Rugger

    MB Slappers

    Have you contacted @Hyperryd to see if he can sell you a controller? For the record, he's been nothing but helpful to members on this site. Might be your best bet to contact him. Other options are Wake Logic system or the Arduino system that's well documented and continues development from many users here.
  9. Here's the upgrade project. I got mine from a dealer. Worth asking several dealers... they can order them. Call Malibu direct as well.
  10. The ski pylon? Not sure... but many are the same across different brands and eras. If there's a boat salvage yard, I guarantee they'd have one. Otherwise I would try ebay. Maybe great lakes skipper or something like that?
  11. That's crazy how simple it is. Glad it worked out for you!
  12. Sure if I can find it. Let me see if I still have it
  13. I added those vinyl links to the resources page too. Great find
  14. Wow! Are you available to do mine?? Looks awesome. That blue really pops too. Great idea
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