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  1. Yeah I’ve thought about making this addition. Nice work and thanks for sharing it. Love that you took the time to include the logo detail!
  2. Nice job and great upgrade. I did something similar, put as thick of insulation as I could fit without redoing the box (1" pink foam board). Sounds like you've already got great results... but one more idea to consider... grab a refrigerator door seal, or use one of the roto seal replacements for Rtic or Yeti, etc. and run that around the lid/seat back edge. Can't see it, and it really seals things up and made a difference for us too. Totally agree with sonic... it's stupid that these boat companies don't do this from factory. Most throw in a soft cooler, and I get the taking it in and out, but silly not to line the cooler even if it came with a soft bag.
  3. I had a similar problem with the transom shape on a 2003 malibu. Nice solution by attaching the hinges to the swim bracket. Awesome to see it working!
  4. Shocking that you would change the configuration of your boat. haha Looks clean!
  5. Some good looking boats on here. Entry for the 2020 drawing is now closed. Admin will work with Glide and announce the winner in the next few days. Good luck everyone!!
  6. ^^^^^. Love those red and black colors... reminds me of another boat. haha ONLY 3 days left to add your name to the list!!!
  7. DEADLINE is coming up! JUNE 30! Odds are pretty dang good! Wish Admins could sign up Although I already put GLIDE in my boat -- it is awesome.
  8. @D_Turner Did you ever complete this? Curious if it worked out as well as it looks. Thanks
  9. Sick! That looks better than external rings for sure. Nice write up. Hole saws and hdpe? Never thought of that. Genius. That last pic with a bazillion lights... pretty sure all you’re missing is a stripper pole.
  10. Nice. Did you put those on a separate switch or tied to interior light switch? How many LEds did you add and from where? We had same boat. Loved that thing.
  11. Pretty slick. Thanks for sharing. That space below the Bimini is so nice to store things. I have the HRD surf racks but maybe could still squeeze in a slalom ski. I miss skiing— Although I kinda gave it up with the 247. I was never that good anyway but seeing the glass this morning made me wish I brought the ski.
  12. @tunafoot Total restoration? What's the story? That might needs its own thread. But it's a sweet boat.
  13. That really opened things up nicely. Great work. Clean!
  14. Yes. Newer composite technology which should last much longer. No drips to count or check. Install and forget. New boats have been using for quite a while.
  15. That's sweet. I'm with you on the wood platforms being more boat-like. Personally I fought that a lot when I built my gates (and wanted gate cutouts in the platform). My previous boat had teak, and it was easy to do. My 07 had fiberglass, and ultimately I went with the newer Malibu fiberglass platform to make it simple.... but still love those teaks. I think Mastercraft still sells a bunch on their surf boats?
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