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  1. Accurate Fuel Flow Gauge

    Wow, nice detail on this project. Thanks for sharing. That is slick.
  2. Fiberglass platform

    I hear people asking how to make a swim platform all the time. You just showed a relatively easy way. Thanks for posting!
  3. Rudder tune

    Nice job, that's cool. Where did you learn to make that adjustment? Seems simple
  4. Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    haha I didn't miss anything. Anything that looks wrong is either a reflection or a feature. lol
  5. Custom-Fabricated Wedge for 80s Direct Drive

    Sorry I do not have dimensions of this project anymore. The foil was approximately the same as a stock wedge, but the brackets were much narrower to fit in between the 87 exhaust ports / transom. The final angle (how far down) was adjustable based on changing positions of the stopping points (moving that bottom bolt into one of 3 holes on the bracket).
  6. Arduino Controller for Automatic gates

  7. Axis A20 Floor EVA Foam

    Thanks for sharing this project. @Number9 ...He said something off Ebay. Looks like the way they rolled and shipped it didn't help matters. It should not have had wrinkles... REALLY appreciate you sharing the goods and bads to help the next guy (like me!). Looks like a sweet upgrade and well worth the time. Appreciate the tips on the eucaboard as well. Solid project. Hope you and your family enjoy!
  8. FAE Muffler Bypass

    Thanks for posting this. Awesome project! @safegate — kinda tempting to keep it simple I think after seeing this project. Looks great with added bonus of improved performance
  9. Arduino Controller for Automatic gates

    Awesome project! Thanks for sharing. Great low-cost DIY solution for an automated controller.
  10. Teak Surf Deck

    Start a topic in shop talk under surf devices and ask your questions there. That's what this site is all about... throwing in other people's experiences to work together on projects. I'm sure all of us could learn more about the arduino system as well in this capacity. There are also a few good threads in Shop Talk to check out and get started with in terms of sizes and angles. Although unlike EE stuff, the mechanical side is not an exact science believe me. Welcome to Wake Garage!
  11. Teak Surf Deck

    I don't remember exactly... most gates seem to be in the 20-25 degree range. If I had to do this platform over again, I probably would not have cut it down all the way from the back of the platform, but starting 6" from the back if that makes sense. Make your gates first, get them to the outside edge of the transom as far as possible, and then determine how to cut down your platform would be my advice. Oh, and post your project (in progress and then completed) for others to learn from please!
  12. Centurion Avalanche Floor Update

    Look on the Resources page under flooring. This one is marine deck factory.
  13. Real simple project here but maybe someone else will benefit from seeing it. I had some scratches on the back of my transom, which I inherited from buying a used boat. The plan was to wet sand and polish the scratches, and then cover it with a transom saver to protect it going forward. We still use the boat for wake boarding, which seems to be the biggest culprit for transom scratches. Here's the scratches prior to the fix. Rather than tying on a branded transom saver with a big logo, I chose to go for a sleeper look -- where you really can't tell there's a transom saver at all. I used a sample of EVA foam flooring, which cost $40 plus shipping. I used the Marine Deck Factory material that many on Wake Garage have used for floors. I went with plain black grain texture, lined up horizontally. Cutting it was as simple as using a razor blade. I ended up using blue masking tape as a visual line to cut with... so that I didn't draw on the actual material. Final picture with the EVA foam... you hardly even notice its there.... which was what I was after. Provides nice soft protection against the transom. I may also add a narrow strip across the back rail of the surf gate swim deck I added for the surf gate project. Totally simple. About a 10 minute job. Works for me.
  14. Thanks @Hein, and good idea on black screws. Would look nice.