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  1. I agree... don't think a tad bit taller makes any difference in wave, just more spray. Much bigger gate, with a lot more ballast... probably does. Great setup! And a nice write up. Congrats on finishing the project.
  2. That's awesome. Clean solution. I need to do something like this. We just cleaned our garage out.... epoxied the floors and painted the whole garage. And I need to find a better way to store the boards. Well done.
  3. Looks cool seeing the two boats with Go Surf Assist on there side by side.
  4. Badass. Not only did you get it to stick, you did it in the snow!
  5. No, I didn't. But if it helps any..... None of the original interior bases were even symmetrical. They were poorly made back then, at least mine was. So what matters is what you put back in. You've got a blank canvas.
  6. Looks cool. How did you cut the polycarbonate into shape?
  7. Looks great and I'm sure it sounds great! Thanks for sharing. Still love those stainless covers of the Rockfords.
  8. Great job. Thanks for sharing it. Very helpful, and doable project. Looks awesome
  9. Wow... what an upgrade! Looks fantastic. The dog looks happy too, he must've been a good helper. Nice work and thanks for sharing.
  10. You've got guts. Looks great... nice job. Have you had a chance to try to surf it yet?
  11. Badass! One of our members here narrowed one of those from a 247 to fit a vlx. I've never seen the widening done, looks great! Nice work. I still think the original illusions are the most elegant designs out there and, in part, transformed the industry.
  12. This project was done around 2008, and seemed necessary after having to gut the 1987 Sunsetter due to rotten stringers and floors. Once that structural project was completed with modern materials (new stringers, fiberglass and composite flooring), I couldn't just reinstall the 80's era interior or it wouldn't be right. Plus the seat backs were also made of wood, were soft, and needed rebuilding. I've come to believe outside of the hull, those boats had no protection against water. So I took each one apart one by one, and replicated the seat bases one by one. Also rebuilt the bow so
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