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  1. This is awesome... I keep thinking of endless dash ideas after this
  2. Rugger

    Surf Tabs AND Gates

    hell yes. Love it. I thought of trying this too.... glad someone finally did it!
  3. NIcely done. 99%? That's a heck of a discount! I think the large bore holes looks cooler than original too. Great project.
  4. That's pretty sick. The first picture looks like it's in the power lines. haha Pretty handy work there my friend. I can see how that'd be very convenient.
  5. WOW! Dude that is clean! Nice job and thanks for sharing. DIY - but looks stock!
  6. Looks great. Made that look easy. Thanks for writing this up.
  7. Nice work! Love the winch relays... we forget about those bad boys sometimes for heavy loads.
  8. Great write up. Very popular calipers
  9. That's a cool idea -- and looks awesome.
  10. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing
  11. Had a few questions about the switch mount I had in original post. It was one of the original Malibu stereo remote mounts --- but some versions had spots for rocker switches and some didn't. I ended up removing that anyway to run an MC1 stereo and the Wake Garage switches from the marketplace on this site. (the original with the "wave" for the power was spray painted. Haha I'm using the laser etched ones that look better.
  12. You made that look easy. Great project and write up. Feels good to get something like that done. Awesome!
  13. Without reading the post I thought maybe you created a super malibu-style wedge at first w/ 3 foils. haha Great idea - that's a project that's gonna be well worth doing. Looks clean as usual
  14. Strong work -- I like that dark grey too. Looks awesome
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