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  1. @cowwboy have you had enough time with the MC1 yet to recommend? Strongly considering. Think I'd have the pass from wife too.... my stock original deck is glitchy, and she said straight up we aren't planning boating trips without a stereo. lol. Hardest part about the MC1 is where to put in on our generation of boats... yours is a cool option but I'm trying to consider a few places
  2. Agree with above....Great write up. The pics of hose angles are helpful. Timbrr loves his GSA on his Malibu I’m sure I would too and was a toss up between that or custom gates. Thanks for posting.
  3. Hows the progress on this? Did you get it mounted in the boat? I heard a lot of comments about this project from WG members I've run into.
  4. Thanks for the post. Anything we can do to limit the bloody knuckles on stubborn hardware is great! Been there! And perfect, as you said, for those who might upgrade to dripless shaft packing.
  5. I rebuilt a trailer years ago for an 87 Malibu. Did not come out as nice as yours. Looks great! nice work
  6. Looks great. Love when the older boats look cherry. Pride of ownership. I’m a fan
  7. Insane project. Thanks for sharing. This will be a great project for all brands here, not just Malibus.
  8. You said you are no photoshop guru... Honestly the simple screen looks pretty good to me, but if you want to help match something in your boat or whatever I can help.
  9. This is awesome. Thank you for posting.... it will almost certainly be a future project for me and I'm sure other. Can't wait to see it done!
  10. great question... we have boxers who occasionally go out with us too. I've read a downside is the darker colors can get hot in sun, but not sure about dog hair... Then others have said no heat issue. I guess if you easily remove the stuff then you could quickly rinse it off in leu of a vacuum
  11. What would cutting the plate do? I don’t have a center plate so I’m not as familiar. But I’d say if it works great then let it be. Mission accomplished!
  12. Guess that depends on what you are trying to gain by modifying it. I agree with @S2X, seems like you could have brought it straight out and down vs up and then back down. But the angles are hard to tell if that'd clear those turnbuckles. That plastic may never need replacing... but my A.D.D. would have me searching for mandrel stainless pieces that could be welded into a Y. I frickin' love that you made this BTW. It so hits the point of this website! Make your boat better. And I'm a huge fan of getting rid of exhaust.
  13. Awesome job. I'll post mine too... although my gelcoat was black and you can kinda see the cracks still even though it's perfectly smooth and was color matched. I think another summer in the sun will fix that though... and yes I'm the only one who even notices/sees it. Much better than cracks! Another good trick is to drill a tiny hole at the end of the crack, to keep the underlying crack from continuing. Then fill in with gel coat, etc.
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