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  1. I don't remember exact cost of install. I had the dealer install some tower lights and change my vdrive fluid as well. All that included was about $500 during winter months when dealer was offering a deal on shop labor.
  2. Fill and drain times are faster on these bags compared to my center and rears which are on aerator pumps with 3/4 hose. I'm sure the T causes longer times running 2 pumps but I dont think its significant. Time really isn't an issue for us. We launch, start filling and by the time everyone and gear is loaded we are setup to surf. 5 to 7 minutes probably but I've never clocked it. The additional T was installed for draining purposes. It gets all water out of bag. I was having a small amount that wasnt getting pumped out from front bag. Didn't seem to change times. I used 1 inch for everything. After 2 seasons, it's working great and I wouldn't do anything different. Hope that answers you questions. Good luck! Mike
  3. Not sure. I purchased a spare, just in case. I have the box in my garage. I will try to remember to look this evening and let you know.
  4. Your weight should be good! You can always have someone sit up front if you need it. I'm slammed and we love the wave slammed, but the key will be your ratio. GSA needs more in rear and less up front than suckgate. You will just have to dial it to your liking. Sounds like you know what you're doing! Post some pics! I run the Acme 2419 with the Lcr 5.7 base motor. At 2500 to 3000 ft we have no problem pushing the weight at 11 mph. If I reduce front weight it struggles a bit. If crew is more than 5 or 6, I need to put people in the bow. All my ballast is under seat or hidden which frees up seating. I used to need my bow bag (sumo 750) full and on top of bow seat when we ran a suckgate. Now it's under my modified seat which gives us room for bigger crew up there with some lead to supplement. I like my wave with crew of 4 to 6. Love it with 8 to 10!
  5. Glad it helped! Once you get it dialed, you will wonder how you lived without it! Dialing will be different than using a suckgate. GSA likes lots of weight in the rear. Without making proper adjustments, you will likely be disappointed. I upgraded to 1000s in the rear. Here's our current setup after a couple seasons dialing and perfecting the wave. Rear: 2400 tanks and bags + floating wedge, 150 lead in vdrive tray under middle seat. 50 lead under each port and starboard rear seats. Fyi....We also will drain non surf side hard tank to clean up wave sometimes. Mid: plmbed 300 bag under port coffin seat for slight list to surf side, 50 lead in observer compatment, 500 to 600 plumbed bag in place of mid hard tank (my boat only has rear factory tanks) mid bag is a 650, but actual weight is my best guess. Front approx 300 to 400 bag under modified playpen seat, 200 lead stuffed in the nose. 1st Picture of skim setting. Rider is on skim board and way back! He's about 5'9" and 175 lbs for reference. 2nd photo is of same rider at surf setting. I know camera angle is different but wave does change significantly.
  6. Likewise, flag us down if you see us! Haven't been to lucky other than to test the system early in april. We've been at lowell quite a bit. Water temp was 75 last time we were out over the weekend. What's the water temp at lucky?
  7. Its definitely memorial day weekend as the weather has come in. If we get a break, we plan to get some time on the water. I'll throw it on and see what happens. Ultimately these devices and systems are just delaying water convergence. Not sure what doubling up will do, but cant hurt to experiment...lol. I'll let you know!
  8. Update: Now that we have been able to ride and tweek the GSA wave, i thought I would report our experiences. A bit of weight adjustments were necessary to accommodate for the new system vs. the suckgate. Once dialed we were blown away with wave shape, height, length and push at the back of the wave. My average size riders were riding the pocket about 15 ft back and recovering from the wash approx. 20 ft back on skim boards! The fat guys like me, lol, were on the brakes way back in the curl! I had to adjust my normal stance back a bit on the board to get off the brakes. Wave on port side had that curl and lip I've always been envious of on the goofy side! GSA, Imho, is superior in every way to the suckgate we ran last season. Here is our ballast setup. Bow ballast approx 500 lbs: approx 350 in plumbed bag under seat and 150 lbs crew. Midship approx 500 to 600 lbs in plumbed bag under floor in place of hard tank. Cabin approx 1000 lbs in crew, gear and 300 plumbed bag under coffin seat for slight list to surf side. Rear approx 2600 lbs: 750s, hard tanks, 200 lead placed under bags, simulated wedge weight. Note: We also had another 300 in lead to move around depending on surf side and crew seating to dial in the wave. GSA was dialed to surf setting for port and skim for goofy. Bow rise was noticably less than last season with a suckgate. Most riders preferred this setup for each side. A couple less experienced riders preferred the GSA set to skim on port side for more mellow transition and height, which brought the bow even more. I love being able to make these adjustments at the push of a button!
  9. Thank you! You too! I attempted to upload a few pics of wave, but im getting an error. I will try again later.
  10. With my hull the consensus seems to be that it should be close to a 40% bow and mid to a 60% rear ballast weight ratio as a baseline for an optimal surf wave with a suckgate. With this ratio my wave is fairly tall and has good length and push. After lots of trial and error, I've found this setup gets about the most I can from my boat. The more weight to the rear, the wave will be shorter but taller. Its definitely surfable but the extra bow weight lengthens the wave and moves the pocket further back behind the boat. This is also true for the lsv with the same hull. Im 280 lbs and can surf 15 ft behind the platform. My lighter riders are almost 20 ft back with current setup. I just installed GSA and have not surfed it yet, but my setup shouldn't change much however will likely need more weight toward the rear and less in bow due to some lift from the tabs. This mod and added lead was done to gain back bow seating (bag was on top of seat) without losing bow weight. The 750 bag wont fill all the way under front seat, so im supplementing with lead to keep the same ratios. Bow bag: approx. 400 + 500 lead Mid: approx 500 bag Rear: 1500 bags + 400 tanks + 900 simulated wedge weight. Note: slight adjustments made to this setup for larger or smaller crew including 300 under coffin seat for slight list. So my baseline ratio is 1400 front and mid to 2800 rear which is closer to a 34/66 ratio. This works well to start and we adjust from there. I also can set bow bag on top of seat with lighter crew and move lead around to maintain ratio. Hope that helps!
  11. The Malibu VRide doesn't come optioned with a front ballast hard tank like the wakesetters. It is a budget version of the wakesetter and its platform is the previous hull design (08 vlx hull on the 2011 vride.) Instead of bow mls, it has a U shaped seat base and storage under the playpin seating. The center tank is also an option which my boat didn't have, however the previous owner plumbed aerator pumps for a bag in place of mid tank. They also plumbed for rear bags with dedicated pumps for each locker. I added a 580 lbs center bag and 750 bags in rear to previously installed system using quick connects. It does have 200 lbs rear hard tanks on each side. All plumbed bags and tanks are controlled by toggles for fill and drain. I also ran a 750 bow sac on top of seat and a 370 sac under coffin seat port side which I had to fill with manual pumps over the side of the boat. In an effort to gain back my bow seating and integrate all ballast bags into automated system, I began the following mod. First, I removed the seat base which was very simple. 8 screws. The hardest part was finding the screws in the carpet. I then cut a modified seat base out of 3/4 plywood (this will be temporary until I can redo with hdpe) I removed the brackets from the bottom of cushions so they would sit flush on base. The new base is also supported with a 4x4 and a plastic post base which was installed to set in the gap of the u shaped bow bag. I used the cushion brackets I had removed by attaching to the modified base to hold it in place. This was done to avoid wear from moving, sliding and possibly damaging the vinyl. I sanded and smoothed the edges of the wood and then used a rhino liner type product to seal and protect the wood. I hope it will last through this season until I upgrade the material to hdpe next winter. I placed the bow bag under bow seating and it fit very well, much better than with the OEM seat base. It will allow more weight in bag. I would guess about 350 to 400 lbs before the seat base begins rising. I then began the ballast install. I had two tee handle drain plugs. One in vdrive area and the other at midship. I used the one near the vdrive and installed a ball valve to a Y fitting and 1 inch hose split to two jabsco reversible pumps I located under port coffin seat. Reversible pumps will fill and drain from through hull. I then ran hose from one pump under coffin seating into battery compartment, over wall and into bow under seats to bow bag and attached with quick attach fitting. The other pump feeds the coffin bag. I have since used another Y fitting to split the hose in the battery compartment and run another piece to the bow bag. I installed another quick coupler on the other side of the U shaped bow bag for better fill and drain. I wired the pumps to the included rocker switches. I wired the power to the circuit breaker panel. I had a few open breakers that I swapped out with 30 amp breakers. I grounded under the helm on the ground bar. I cut holes and mounted rockers under drivers arm rest next to where I plan on mounting my GSA controller. This location was easiest to get wire to and also is protected from passengers accidentally engaging pumps. I chose not to vent the bags since neither bag will fill completely before seats begin raising and the reversible pumps suck them flat with no air left inside. I also added 200 lbs of lead to bow and another 300 to use as needed in the cabin. The bow bag can also be placed on top of seats or below with ease. The lead and bag placement gives me a few different options depending on crew size.
  12. Hope I can help someone else researching or on the fence. I will not comitt to loving it until I surf it but so far I think it was money well spent.
  13. Thank you. I think it could be a game changer for my boat with the base power plant at elevation.
  14. I did a lot of research over the last year and finally pulled the trigger. I purchased the Go Surf Assist system from Wakemakers and had my local dealer install on my 2011 Malibu VRide21 (05 - 08 VLX hull.) It was the installers first GSA install so I had Ryan from GSA guide him through my hull specific details and general installation. Two issues arose with install of the tabs on my hull. 1. Both Tab hinges needed to be modified around swim platform bump out on hull to ensure hinge was above bottom of hull. 2. Tab had to be installed 2" in from side of hull because of swim platform and actuator clearance. 4" is the recommended measurement but GSA gives a 2" tolerance in either direction. Ryan also suggested that the tab angle at max deployment be set at 8 to 10 degrees for malibu hulls of this era. This max angle will be the skim style setting on the controller. My install resulted in 8* max deployment (skim style) and almost 0* (level with hull) minimum deployment for surf style wave. I thought this was backwards, but confirmed it with Ryan and he said this install should be ideal. There are also 3 angle settings on the controller between surf and skim settings for adjusting the wave. It is also important for the tabs to retract as close the the swim platform brackets as possible when stowed to avoid potential wash in the wave. I can just fit my pinky in between platform and tab for reference. The controller is nice and easy to use. It has some nice features. One feature is lift mode, which dramatically improved my 0-22 mph time by approx 6 seconds with full ballast for wakeboarding! I'm at 3000 ft with 350 motor and 2419 acme prop.I was really impressed and the tabs retract automatically at 15 or 16 mph once you are on plane.It also will connect to Apple devices via bluetooth and the E61 surf app to allow remote control from Apple device. The newer controller also sets the tabs by default to your last setting on the dial. So if you have the dial set to surf, when you hit surf left, the tab will deploy to the 0* angle on my setup. The older controllers always defaulted to max deployment regardless of last setting and adjustments needed to be made each time. I have water tested the system and am really impressed with wave and system performance. I have not surfed it yet because of cold water temp so all observations are from inside the boat. Ballast setup during testing: Bow: 750 plumbed bow bag on seat, 200 lead (no front tank on vride) Midship: 580 bag plumbed in place of hard tank, 370 plumbed bag under coffin seat port side, 600 lbs in peeps, 3/4 full fuel tank, 300 lead moved around as needed. Rear: 400 hard tanks, 1500 plumbed bags, floating wedge. GSA tabs. Update: I forgot to mention a few other details. Transfers were clocked just under 3 seconds, Tabs provided some lift and lowered the bow significantly, especially when in skim setting. Nose will rise slightly in surf setting vs skim, but both had less bow rise than same weight setup with a suckgate. My shorter drivers will really appreciate this result.
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