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  1. Just something simple...creating my own wake garage....Board Racks for the garage, part 1
  2. Out with the hard tank.and in with 2-890 Wakemakers bags. Not a big project but the tanks were a little tough to get out. Only issue was Wakemaker sent to different brand bags. I have one malibu and one tige. The bags are the same oddly enough. Called them and they said sent it back and wait four weeks or 25% off and roll with. Im rolling with it !!! Great Customer Service. Hope they pics help someone.
  3. Bakes Online...lots of Malibu stuff
  4. You guys are right. Its the same swivel on both sides which cause the look to be different on the top. I guess at the end of the day , they work great. I will stop being so picky. Thanks for everyones imput.....this why i joined !!
  5. HOWEVER , i would not buy from them. Although they work , they dont match. Instead of fixing the problem, they go the refund deal.....still on the fence
  6. Performed well last weekend, good thing us its keeps the family off the seats. Just stand in boat and the rack swing right to you.
  7. Sorry to go off topic , but wanted thank Billy for his video on the seat riser. Nice work and it made the job some much easier. Great work and keep the videos coming. Thanks again man
  8. Unreal !!!! I feel just stupid for my little LED post.......just sick !!!!!!!!! Nice work
  9. Left them on factory interior switch. 2 in the bow, one each side and 4 in the rear , 2 on each side.. Just wanted to shadow the cup holders.
  10. Just some small LED and SS cupholders
  11. Fisrt Post !!.....Replace racks on ILLUSION TOWER. Went with Krypy Watersports. 2 wake and 1 surf per rack with swivel and quick release. Nice product , great customer service and Ken from Krypt was great to work with. Fairly easy to install .....No more standing on the seats !!!!!!! Only issue is the through bolt for the mount could have been longer. No a big project but a start.
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