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  1. If you ever decide to upgrade you may take a look at DD's line. Their CT45 looks identical to the horn WS uses. https://ddaudio.com/speaker/vo-w10a/?toolset_maps_distance_center=73013&toolset_maps_distance_radius=60&toolset_maps_distance_unit=mi&wpv_aux_current_post_id=48610&wpv_aux_parent_post_id=48610&wpv_view_count=77107 https://ddaudio.com/speaker/vo-ct45/?toolset_maps_distance_center=73013&toolset_maps_distance_radius=60&toolset_maps_distance_unit=mi&wpv_aux_current_post_id=1390&wpv_aux_parent_post_id=1390&wpv_view_count=77107 https:
  2. I am friends with our local dealer and have him looking. He has one of the old carbon fiber ones they recalled but he won't part with it.
  3. Looks great, what was the marine salvage yard you found the tower at?
  4. That's awesome, what drivers are you using?
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