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  1. I wouldn't spend 3g on wheels for my trailer. But I did spend $50 for a set of used 20's that someone took off their ford ranger. As time goes on I have spent more on tires as they need replacing then if I stuck with 15's. But dang the boat looks much better. Was even able to pick up a spare set of 3 rims so I can have a spare. If you are not picky and watch marketplace and craigslist you can get some good wheels for the trailers. Just be ready to have to run adapters possibly depending on your trailer and back spacing.
  2. Don't apologize, it looks awesome. That's amazing work you are doing in the community. If you are needing help or suggestions post up there is a lot of knowledge in this group.
  3. I love your work. I think the NSS is the most non invasive and cleanest looking surf system. Wish my hull was flat on the back, it would be a major pain to put one on mine.
  4. I like it, looks like it was factory done. Great job.
  5. How is the sound output/quality with it being up-fired? This is the first time I have seen it up-fired in a boat. I love the multi stack boxes. It's awesome the shapes you can do with that construction style.
  6. I didn't really word it correctly. I was wondering if he had to add a rubber hose or was the existing rubber hose and hardware sufficient lengths and angles so all he had to purchase was just the 90's.
  7. So the existing rubber boots fit onto the stainless 90?
  8. Digital designs, hand made in good ole Oklahoma City. http://ddaudio.om/products/subwoofers/power-tuned/dd3500/
  9. I put mine in the observer compartment. It is mounted on the walkway wall and I have a little slack. But if it was on the hull side I would have had to get the extension. I have fought ballast pump / blower noise issues in the past so figured if I can put the signal source that much closer I would. Doesn't help that my sub tends to beat things to death on the drivers side. It used to knock the chip loose on my old perfect pass.
  10. The only downside I have is the direct sunlight viewing wash out. But other then that I love it. It could use to have better sound processing abilities (EQ / time delay). But that would only increase costs and most people don't need or want that kind of control. I have been talking to a buddy with a V-ride and I really want to try to modify his dash to do the same. I thought of trying to find a quad gauge like the one my boat uses to get rid of the three little gauges then build a fiberglass pod to get his speed control multi line box to the side or swap his boat to perfect pass and ditc
  11. Who did your boxes? Do you have any issues with sound cancellation with the subs being at different depths? Love that you're keeping business local.
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