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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. I think down the rad I may do a FAE...or if I can get rugger to make one of his😁!
  2. This may be a dumb question...but can you do this if you do not have a FAE or a surf pipe? Just regular exhaust straight out the back? I am assuming it would be loud? mac
  3. Very nice looking boat! Love the 247. Great boat and great wake! Congrats.
  4. Looks awesome!! Love those 247's!!
  5. Wow...that looks awesome!
  6. Wow Buddy!!! Awesome!!! Love your 247!! With the 8.1!!!
  7. Macdaddy

    Surf Gates

    That's funny!! Regardless, you are a good admin!
  8. Macdaddy

    Surf Gates

    Rockerswitchpros.com. Again, trying to make it simple, but look factory.
  9. Macdaddy

    Surf Gates

    Made my finishing touches....my custom switch covers. Turned out pretty well.
  10. Looks really awesome! Great job. Love the attention to detail.
  11. Macdaddy

    Surf Gates

    Yes I did. Grant, I finally got my batteries in the boat tested the gates and did not work. After several hours, the quick connectors on the extension cables did not work. I ended up cutting them out and directly wired the, to the acuators and all works well now. Giving you a heads up. I think if you get it from mmi...you will be fine and I can't think of anything else you will need. mac
  12. Macdaddy

    Surf Gates

    Grant - Let me know if I can help in any way. Not saying i am an expert, but I will try to help. Mac
  13. Macdaddy

    Surf Gates

    Grant - Here is the info i have. I went through mmimarine.com They have everything you need. Switches, mounting brackets, actuators...everything. I went with the Lenco stroke fast actuator . Part number is LEN 15130-001. With wiring, they ahve all the diagrams and quick connects to make it very easy. For me, I wired the switches directly to my battery with an inline fuse. Seems to work great. Mac
  14. Macdaddy

    Surf Gates

    Grant... I would use black HDPE and make you gates. Then use lenco actuators and go from there. Added pics of the switches I added near the dash. Each switch controls a gate.
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