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  1. AllFAB

    Surf Tabs AND Gates

    I would love to play with this. Great job. The combo are almost endless. It would take me 100s of hours to find the dial in. I think I would start fat even both sides gate 100% add tab as needed. then 90% then 80% then switch to tab fully and add gate as needed It wouldn't surprise me if it turn out to be 60% gate 40% tab. that is my prediction LOL Kinda what NSS is 60% out the side 40% down. this is truly awesome Again great job!!!!!!!
  2. @CUCVthey are 3/8 .371 how long? I would have to measure thinking 11-12 foot. I just kept adding till they the arch got close to the back of the transom. I had 4 tents that I don't use any more so there were no shortage of poles or hardware. LOL I did use compressed air to blow the bungee line through. We had to add a piece of line to mikes his is longer than mine.
  3. I thought for 40 bucks why not. The new boats charge $1300 For a version you craw under. No thanks. I might re-sew the top this winter. My friends turned out better than mine. (was my second sewing job) can't have that. lol..... thinking of sewing in the first responders flag. In the next one. or maybe if Wake Garage comes out with a flag. that would be the coolest.
  4. Some of the new boats can be ordered with cove covers. I saw one a few weeks ago and the owners guests were crawling in and out of the boat. (actually hands and knees) I thought it was a cool idea but there has to be a better way. This is my best attempt at sewing (first time ever) You can walk under . Wind will blow it down a little. I have already built another for a friend. It dose fold up and goes in a bag about 18" long 2 1/2 round 1/2 inch copper tubing zip tied to tower. Receiver stays on the tower. Old tent poles I think I added 5 sections to make it really long 4 yards of flag material rip stop type $38.00 bucks A few tent clips off a old tent 10 I think and a rope ratchet 4 for 10 rain fly bungee and hooks The frame tent poles (old tent) Pin the fabric template. just some tyvec I marked where the tent pole was and carefully slid it out then shrunk that line by 2 inches each side. or all the way around. Pin all the tent clips where I wanted them. After shrink the template. went and cut the flag material. started sewing Breaks down into a small bag The Receivers made from a Kreg tract and some round tubing. some 1/4 20 bolts and we should be good to go. Finally got the receivers painted and on.
  5. Nice job looks factory!!! The spring pin is the factory touch.
  6. Do the posts dragging in the water make any spray or line the surf wave any?
  7. Dammit!!!! I just bought one last week. but thats ok I don't have Facebook. Here is a pic of my boat anyway 2000 Tige 21 V. The Smart Wheel Good luck to everyone else.
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