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  1. I designed these from scratch and had them cut and bent in a sheet metal shop that I had access to. The metal brackets are just two 90 deg bends, and the pull pin I simply welded on.
  2. I got tired of going to a boat tie ups or docking with pylons in the way and having to take all the boards off the racks, so I said F-it, I'm getting some swivel board racks. Then I looked at the prices. $400+ each... ha Nope! A couple inspirational brain beers later I decided to make a set myself and they are working great! I can hang my entire weight on them and they are rock solid. All materials came out to be roughly $35 including stainless screws, thrust bearings, and spring locking pin. Video and pictures attached.
  3. Awesome Project! I'm looking to do the same. Is the display rated for moisture/humidity or water resistance? If not, did you do anything to protect it?
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