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  1. That sounds like a great project. That's a big bump going from MEFI 4 to 5. I'm sure the group here would love to see a post on this conversion. I'd like to learn more about how you went about it, cost, time etc.
  2. Here are the off-the-shelf parts. I probably have another $100-$150 in materials for the aluminum bezel and other misc parts. Paying up for a high brightness, transflective, sunlight readable display is worth the $. Main Arduino CPU: (discontinued) https://copperhilltech.com/arduino-due-based-ecu-development-board-with-two-can-bus-ports/ (alternative) https://copperhilltech.com/arduino-based-ecu-development-board-with-dual-can-bus-interface/ $86 Sdcard Interface
  3. This project will never be completed but I'm going to post "Gen 1" to archive what I have so far. This is my custom touch screen gauge panel my '07 malibu response. My goal with this project is to use as much open source and off the shelf hardware and software as possible. I did, unfortunately, have to use some proprietary information so I can't publish the source code. But I am willing to share what I can and collaboration with anyone here. Just reach out. Here is a before picture of the driver side dash: The new gauge panel receiver is CNC'd out of
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