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  1. CUCV

    Tigé slappers

    I was thinking of scribing a filler piece and moving the hinges further back so I could make the slapper taller. I have an 05 22v.
  2. CUCV

    Tigé slappers

    Chad, nice job! Very interesting that you ended up removing material from the top of the slapper. I have been back and forth between making tabs or slappers. I was thinking of making a Pavati style taller slapper but after your findings it may not be worth the effort.
  3. Are you still having success with this method? Can you post your 10 month picture again, it's no longer available. I can't seem to get my platforms to look good for much more than a week in full sun. I've sanded but never got up to 320 grit. I will have to look into the TEKA 2 step process.
  4. Looks great! How are you holding on the fabric/keeping it tensioned? I bought a large universal bimini and the fabric velcros on so I can't get it super tight and it collects water when it rains. I'm thinking of adding a few more hoops and making a cover I can tension to help shed water.
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