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  1. Well, well done! I would definitely want some of that if I had a boat like that haha. Great work.
  2. Would love to see an update on this as well! Curious to do something like this but put an external sensor on the rear bag link line.
  3. Great info. I just got my hands on a PTM clamping rack and have to fit it to my illusion tower so I'll be taking notes from here for sure. It looks to come with the black aluminum mounting plate.
  4. Wow, awesome work! TON of work. I want to swap my carpet out someday but my word it is a lot of work. Not sure when I'll get that ambitious. Maybe when I have a heated shop to work in all winter someday.
  5. That is some beautiful work, wow. The homebrew anodizing is amazing! This is the attention to detail I like to see 🤙
  6. dcwilson

    MB Slappers

    I have many times, through here and his website. No reply. Looks as though others have tried as well. I thought Wake Logic wasn't available anymore as a stand alone product? Or am I thinking of a different controller? Yeah I'm either going to run the Arduino system or a push button system like this if I can figure it out.
  7. dcwilson

    MB Slappers

    Has anyone been able to break down the relay wiring for this basic control system? I don’t know relay wiring well enough to break it down from the picture but I would like to potentially use a system like this, just because of its simplicity. Hyperryd doesn’t seem to be any help or sell these or anything so if someone has the know how to break down that relay wiring that would be awesome! If I can figure it out, I’ll let everyone know.
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