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  1. Rugger, Thanks I agree also I think maybe with a lot of ballast bigger may be the ticket. Going to test this year with about 1000lbs each rear locker and prob 600-1000 midship/nose see how they work.
  2. CUCV. That could work but I really don’t think they need to be bigger.if you look at the shapers that go on the side they are not big at all. At least most of them.
  3. Cucv. I trimmed the top off cause it was acting like when you stick your thumb on a garden hose. It was a punch point between the hull and the gate. So off it went and took care of the problem. You can see the difference in the pics. Just the way my hull was shaped at transom.
  4. So after looking at many different aftermarket surf systems I decided to build my own, as I was not completely sold on them. So started the testing with a suck gate and even ballast as I don’t like to list my boat to prove theory and angle. I am only running 1300 total rear and 600 nose. As I am a wakeboarder at heart. So on to choosing the set up. A friend recommended HDPE for the material. But first I started out with 3/4” plywood to do more testing. One hard part of the system was the hinges I found some 3” stainless steel screen door hinges. That are flat on one side so you can mount tight to hull. So after that I measured some other slappers and took a percentage of them based on the length of the boat. To get my slapper size. That would fit on my hull. So I picked up a standard lenco trim tab kit with the standard length acc. I built a mock gate on a pice of wood on the floor to test the retract and extend angles with the standard length lenco. With being able to get enough travel. It was on to install on the boat. Mounted everything up and off to the water for testing. I used the standard two switches form lenco for testing. End goal was to build the controller form on here. After testing and some modification, spray was an issue. So I cut the gate top off which solved the spray issue. So after two seasons of running it everything is perfect. So this winter I built a two switch system. One to go from side to side and one for retract. Kept it simple. I did built the controller but I prefer the switch for now. Guy in video was a first time surfer. IMG_0942.MOV IMG_2917.MOV
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