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  1. Hello Martin,

    My name is Russell.  I can’t recall if I’ve spoken with you about an automated surf system and controller for my boat.  I confess I don’t know how your system works, and parameters of what can and can’t be done with it.  I’m thinking about purchasing just the GSA surftabs without their controller.  I believe WG will sell the kit ala carte.  If I had the tabs, does your controller bring everything else to the party?  Oddly, I’m really intrigued by the ability to wear a fob while riding, and throw my own transfers without having to get the driver’s (my wife) attention.  Having never experienced an automated surf system, I’m not certain what I’d need vs what I want.

    Will I need to learn how to program the controller?  I’m not tech savvy.




  2. Looking good! You'll be using the wireless transmitter and throwing wake transfers from the wave in no time! Glad your having fun with it. :)
  3. 1987 Malibu Sunsetter I'l love to install a dripless packing system. :) Once I get the garage done I hope to tear into a new boat flooring project. Some of the ones on the board have made me a bit envious. lol
  4. I dig them. Do the patrol boats hassle you guys when using those seats when towing? We'd have a ticket in about 4 minutes running those.
  5. 1987 Malibu Sunsetter I'd love to do a floor project but need to build a garage to do it first....hopefully break ground on the garage project this summer. I could do a dripless project in the barn though before the garage.
  6. I really dig it. Love the attention to detail and extra little things like the emblem and lighting. Very nicely done! Looks killer!!
  7. That turned out great. Love the panel mount connectors for plugging in the ballast hoses. I've got something similar but I don;t think those connectors were around at that point. I might have to upgrade mine. Nice job.
  8. Now that's Livin' Loud! Any info on the pane mount ballast fitting in the next to the last pic? That's pretty cool. I did something like that on our boat but it's under the gunnel (and is a hose pigtail) as I couldn't find a good panel mount fluid connector.
  9. Very cool. Looking forward to seeing the seat/seal. Well done.
  10. Looks like it turned out great! Congrats!
  11. Great to see it all back together. I love the way it turned out. The black on red contrast is awesome.
  12. Very cool. Now I need to unread that now so I'm not tempted to upgrade. **Chris said they sound terrible....no need to upgrade**
  13. How do you like the JL tower speakers?I've been curious about them and would love to hear them in person after reading some of the reviews.
  14. Well done. I love seeing these new ideas keep coming out of the community. That's a great solution! Like rugger said, if we weren't rocking wedges I'd be welding!! That's awesome.
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