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  1. 2015 Malibu 23 VLX

    Its a Johnson Pump/SPX wash down deck fitting
  2. 2015 MB Ballast and LEDs

    Two (2) Fly High W719 Jumbo Surf sac for the rear lockers. Two Tsunami T1200 pumps to fill and two more to drain. Ordered the factory switches so they would all match. Added some interior LEDS and an extra ACC switch for future use Finished the install off with a pair of blue Lifeform LF9 underwater LEDs
  3. Wet Sounds Rev-10 pods custom painted to match boat, with custom orange LEDs driven by Wet Sounds HT-4 amp
  4. 2015 Malibu 23 VLX

    Build Consists of: 3 pair Kicker KM84LCW and 1 pair KM654LCW in the boat 2 pair Kicker KM84LCW on the tower 2 KM102L marine woofers with LEDs in the grill, sealed enclosure. 1 KXM800.5 driving the woofers @ 200W rms each and a pair of main cabin 8" @ 200W rms each 1 KXM400.2 driving walkway and bow speakers @ 100W rms each 3 KXM400.4, each bridged into 2 chnl mode driving the 2nd main cabin 8" @ 200W rms and both pair of tower 8" again at 200W rms to each speaker pod. Kicker ZXM-RLC dual zone volume to control the tower and in-boats paired with the sub level that comes with the KXM800.5 for 3 zone volume control Group-29 house battery and Pro-sport 12A 2 bank with shore charger outlet aft locker for easy connecting. RGB LEDs controlled by Kicker LED controller we also installed a Reversible ballast pump and deck washdown fitting to fill a 1000lb open bow Fly High sac to lay on the bow seats. Installed custom sea dek with Kicker logo
  5. Nautique G-23 Stereo Upgrades

    This boat started with the base level Polk in-boat system of 2 pair of Polk 6.5" in-boats, Polk 10" woofer and Polk 5 chnl amp. All that came out. We added 2 pair Wet Sounds Rev-10 driven by an SD-2 for 300W rms to each Three new pair Wet Sounds XS-650 driven by a Syn-DX4 for 100W rms to each Wet Sounds XS-XXX 12" woofer loaded in a Roswell Wakeair G box, driven by a Kicker KX2400.1 amp. This is a 1200 watt rms setup with the woofer wired in series @ 4 ohm. Amp runs super conservative with plenty of wattage for the woofer. New custom amp wall with matching gray carpet to mount the 3 new amps. We vented the port locker to allow the bass radiation out into the main cabin. This make a huge difference on these boats Bringing it all together is a Wet Sounds WS-420SQ
  6. Centurion Audio and LED Build

    All said and down, the OEM head unit was all that remained. The Build consisted of: 3 pair Wet Sounds XS-650RGB wired for blue 2 pair Rev-10 with blue LEDs. They started as white pods and we custom painted gloss black and moto green to match the boat Jl Audio 12W7 in custom ported enclosure under the helm. No loss of leg room with TONS of boom! Driven by a JL HD1200/1 Two Wet Sounds SD-6 to drive the two pair Rev-10 and 3 pair of XS-650. 40A 3 bank Xantrex charger taking care of the original group-24 cranking battery and a pair of Interstate 6V golf cart batteries for about 260 Ah of play time bringing it all together is the Wet Sounds WS-420SQ
  7. Malibu Audio and LED Upgrades

    This boat started with no tower speakers but the stock 12" rockford marine woofer, 2 pair 8" in-boats and 2 pair 6.5" in-boats. OEM installed 400/4 4 chnl driving all 8 in-boats and 300/2 driving the woofer. Step 1) build a proper sealed enclosure for the OEM rockford woofer. This is actually a decent woofer with a proper enclosure and some solid power. The woofer is bridged on 2 chnls of a Wet Sounds SD-6 for a potential of 585W rms. Thats nearly 2X the factory amp. 2) installed two pair Wet Sounds Rev-10 and their dual G3 brackets with two 4-conductor 12ga, with orange LEDs These are driven by two Wet Sounds SD-6 with a potential of 585W rms to each. 3) Rewired the main cabin 8" to the remaining two chnls of the 2nd SD-6 for 145W rms to each rockford 8". 4) Rewired the 2 pair of 6.5" speakers to the original 300/2 for 75W rms to each. 5) We wrapped it all up with a Wet Sounds WS-420SQ in their underdash mount 6) Installed remote charger shore power port in rear locker for easy access 7) Installed orange LEDs around the under side lip of the swim platform, in the front and rear vents, behind the interior emblems, in the driver storage pocket. For the cup holders, we did an orange and UV puck for s different look. 8) We added a 2nd house battery for 2X the anchor play time