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  1. Likely just need to reorient the fill pumps that are air locking.
  2. Almost all the strips come out of the same build houses, so just get ones that are silicone encapsulated and carry an IP rating. Tip, dont trust the adhesive backing. Use some other means to secure the strips. The backing will let loose in a short time. For the cup holder pucks, we used a waterproof LED thats like 5/16 square with a 12" pigtail. Underwater lights were just white lights If I was going to do this, or similar build, Id go all RGB and a full spectrum RGB controller. Not a HUGE cost difference between single color and RGB and the labor is the same. Even if a single color was the most desired, the controller lets them se the desired color, but have the option to have the other colors. Heck, even RGB underwater lights are getting more budget friendly and more readily available. We can even drive them with the same controller so they are sync'ed with the interior/tower lights. Or, go with a multi-zone controller. Not sure what colors you are after, but beware. Orange is a tough one. Most of the "orange" LEDs are actually amber, which is more yellow. Some labeled as amber, were actually a nice orange. I sourced a number of LEDs to test, just to get a good orange. For the Rev-10 rings, we ordered the single color blue rings ( use to be available then but all RGB now) and then I built my own orange strips.
  3. Was thinking down the road to the next owner, of if your boat has to go in to the shop. I have to fold tongues all the time to get more then one boat in the shop. Looking semi-permanent, so could come off in a pinch?
  4. So the unwanted noise is only when using the BT, but OK when on tuner, USB and AUX? Is the BT the OEM Medallion unit or other?
  5. Dave, Ill help in anyway I can. Start a project in the works thread and post some pics of what you got.
  6. My first boat had a teak platform. I read some info to seal the teak with a urethane or similar type wood sealer. Bad idea! it looked good but did not last a season before the sealer started to crack and flake off. 2nd season, took 10X the work to strip the sealer off and restore the teak with teak oil to what it should be.
  7. The Punch Marine series 6.5" are a good sounding speaker.
  8. This Moomba came in with a very fresh interior which included both vinyl and carpet and a new tower and bimini. It originally had a single battery and no switch, standard single DIN head with marine cover, 4 in-boat speakers. New build included; Wet Sounds MC-1 for its 4-zone volume control 3 pair of Rockford 6.5" in-boat speakers Rockford 8" HLCD tower pods Rockford 12" Marine woofer Two Rockford amps; 4 chnl bridged to the tower pods and 5 chnl driving the in-boats and woofer New group-24 deep-cycle battery and dual bank switch with ACR With some ABS, we fabricated a filler panel to house the MC-1 and cover the footprint of the original marine stereo cover. Added a 3.5mm AUX/USB port beside the MC-1. Custom built sealed woofer enclosure for the 12" woofer under the helm, new facade with matching carpet. Net internal volume of the enclosure was .9 ft3 and fit well. New amp wall in locker, secured to hull using the bilge vent duct on one side and blocks bonded to the hull on the other side, created a space for the amps with a cavity behind it to hide the cabling.
  9. I would highly advise that you take the time to remount the pumps 180* so the pump head is down and motor is up. Over time, water will seep past the shaft seal and runs out the motor and bearings. One way to see if this is happening, is to run the pump with the impeller out. Motor should be near dead quite. The louder the pump growls, the worse it is. In doing the above, you end up reversing the flow direction. Easy fix is to de-pin one of the connectors, and swap the pins. This reverses the polarity, thus putting the flow rate back in check.
  10. Id suspect a voltage issue. With the power demands of the audio ballast system, paired with the Link helm system and engine ECM which are both voltage sensitive system, it can cause all kinds of weird issues. If the audio media center is off and the problems are present, this most likely eliminates the audio system, as the only links between the audio and the rest of the boat, are the battery and link. The battery is the voltage source for the entire boat and the LINK acts as a slave wired remote for the audio. If its off, then there is no audio load on the batteries. If the issue is only present when the audio is on. this points more toward low voltage. Ill PM you mobile. Give me a call tomorrow.
  11. https://https://www.amazon.com/NOCO-GCP1-16-Inch-Integrated-Extension/dp/B009ANV81S/ref=asc_df_B009ANV81S/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=241869369567&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=13594339949611721246&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9009910&hvtargid=aud-799727667774:pla-437104426497&psc=1no.co/gcp1
  12. Uuuge, like so much bass, you'l be tired of bass 😂 Two major flaws with Malibu's setup. 1, the Rockford woofer is not designed for an infinite-baffle setup, so it performs poorly in this alignment. 2, the plastic well flexes too much. This robs the woofer's energy. Low voltage will certainly effect the performance of an amp, especially when you notice a change in the sound as time passes. You would need to measure the voltage at the amp(s) when the issue is happening.
  13. Excellent work dressing up the box. I would be extra vigilant on keeping that woofer dry. Thats a paper based cone. Even a few hours of water setting in the dust cap, could wick past and into the motor structure.
  14. This Malibu was in for some significant audio upgrades, but one of the main concerns was the lack luster performance from the factory woofer. The OEM installed Rockford Fosgate Marine 12" woofer, is actually a quality woofer and can sound pretty good! The issue is, with the factory build enclosure. It has 2 main failures. 1, it leaks air like sieve and 2, its too small even if you fix the leaks. Ive seen some so bad, you can see daylight through the seams. You can see below, the owners past attempts to seal the old enclosure. OEM enclosure is about .7 ft3 prior to the woofer going in. New enclosure is 1.1. Does not sound like a big difference, but it actually is. A small change in the air volume impacts the woofer's sound and performance. Think about the thickness and tension of the strings on a stringed instrument. You can tune the woofer but adjusting the internal air volume. So we spec out a new custom enclosure that larger, and of course, air tight. We mate it to the original facade and only end up moving the facade out about an inch. Ends up looking completely original, but the improvement is huge. In this particular build, we had the advantage of freeing up the factory 500W 2 chnl tower amp. So we pulled the original 300W woofer amp and repurposed the 500W to the woofer. So we also gained some wattage performance. Trifecta! This setup started in about 2012 or 2013 and was found on the traditional nosed boats. On the MXZ's, they just front loaded the woofer to the plastic foot well, and run the woofer free-air. Equally poor execution. These boats also benefit from a custom enclosure.
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