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  1. Hi there! Great write-up and project - thank you! Question: this offseason, I'm planning to do almost the same project - split an existing thru-hull with a "t fitting" in order to add a reversible pump to feed a bow bag. How much does "t-ing" the plumbing cut down on fill/drain time between 2 reversible pumps? Have you been able to notice? Also, have you noticed that adding an addition "t fitting" to fill/drain into 2 different ports on your bow bag making much of a difference in fill/drain times? And, did you use all 1" material? Or, did you go 1 1/8" material to the "t", and then
  2. Thanks again for all of your help!
  3. After enjoying our first season surfing on our new-to-us 2006 Moomba XLV last summer, I was ready to overhaul the terribly slow stock sprinkler valve/aerator pump/manifold ballast system Moomba used. So this Spring, I set out to redesign the system. Huge shout out to @TimbrSS for his help, as I used his project and advice along the way. Overall, I added 2 new Wakemakers 1140# bags in each rear locker, kept the stock Gravity Games front 1180# bag in the ski locker, and re-purposed one of the stock 400# bags to a driver's side midship placement, since my family all surfs goofy. Each bag
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