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  1. Nice write-up. Really appreciate this one and the wiring/timer one you did as I prep for my winter projects.
  2. Your tutorials are awesome. I find myself reading them even though I don't need to perform the task. Appreciate the effort you're putting into making these.
  3. Nice write up. Thanks for taking the time to take lots of pictures.
  4. Cutting a 4" hole in my boat would make me pucker no matter how many times I measured.😵 Nicely done.
  5. I like the control mount as well. Very clean looking install.
  6. Looks good. This on my winter project list.
  7. Steering cable replacement on a direct drive boat. V-Drive should be similar but more difficult. Steering was stiff from day one of purchasing the boat. I didn't know any better as this is our first inboard. Wasn't until my wife drove it and complained that she could barely steer that I started looking into it more. So I read and my first attempt at fixing was greasing the rudder box. A tiny bit better but still not like I read it should be. Ordered up a cable from Discount Inboard Marine. Guys were great. Wouldn't even sell me a cable until I could give them a part number or me
  8. Agreed, wood adds class to boats. I think it makes most water toys feel more nautical and earthy so to speak. I wish more than the swim deck on my boat was real wood. We've got a paddle board with wood inlay and it looks like it belongs in the water more than the all glass one we have. I'm seriously considering the Inland Surfer Tako board because it comes in a 'wood' version.
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