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  1. I have approximately 9” from the vertical, outboard edges of my transom to the subtle change of angle, and the swim platform brackets; am I out of the running?
  2. Sage to say, an angle split between vertical and horizontal axis? I’ll measure today, and send a photo. Hypothetically, if we check the boxes favorably, what can I expect for installing all the parts and pieces required for working system? Do you sell a complete kit, or just the tabs? I’ll take the question a step further and ask if this is a complete kit, do I have a shot at a rider-held controller for transfers?
  3. Where does that measurement begin; vertical edge of the transom, looking towards the swim step bracket?
  4. I have no idea how similar or dissimilar they are. I could send a photo.
  5. I have a ‘99 Sport Nautique, and would love to know if NSS-style tabs would be feasible. I’m currently considering Go Surf Assist and Infinity wave.net. The NSS-style would be much cleaner looking. I’d be happy to trace the shape of my transom, if that would help with a response.
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