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  1. Hello Martin,

    My name is Russell.  I can’t recall if I’ve spoken with you about an automated surf system and controller for my boat.  I confess I don’t know how your system works, and parameters of what can and can’t be done with it.  I’m thinking about purchasing just the GSA surftabs without their controller.  I believe WG will sell the kit ala carte.  If I had the tabs, does your controller bring everything else to the party?  Oddly, I’m really intrigued by the ability to wear a fob while riding, and throw my own transfers without having to get the driver’s (my wife) attention.  Having never experienced an automated surf system, I’m not certain what I’d need vs what I want.

    Will I need to learn how to program the controller?  I’m not tech savvy.




  2. I couldn't figure out how to respond back to your note you just sent me.  Thanks for responding.  I'm my own worst critic when it comes to committing to my template.  I like that you said that size didn't matter as much.  I'd just hope not to turn my boat into an undesirable boat to drive when ballasted and surfing.  My friend's boat was granted, much heavier than mine when loaded, and they may have been going deployed to a much bigger angle.  My Mission Delta is a significant angle from the hull, but it's smaller than the gate would be, and a fair amount further forward on my boat.  It's probably 16" further forward than where the hinge on a gate would be.  

  3. I have approximately 9” from the vertical, outboard edges of my transom to the subtle change of angle, and the swim platform brackets; am I out of the running?
  4. Sage to say, an angle split between vertical and horizontal axis? I’ll measure today, and send a photo. Hypothetically, if we check the boxes favorably, what can I expect for installing all the parts and pieces required for working system? Do you sell a complete kit, or just the tabs? I’ll take the question a step further and ask if this is a complete kit, do I have a shot at a rider-held controller for transfers?
  5. Where does that measurement begin; vertical edge of the transom, looking towards the swim step bracket?
  6. I have no idea how similar or dissimilar they are. I could send a photo.
  7. I have a ‘99 Sport Nautique, and would love to know if NSS-style tabs would be feasible. I’m currently considering Go Surf Assist and Infinity wave.net. The NSS-style would be much cleaner looking. I’d be happy to trace the shape of my transom, if that would help with a response.
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