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  1. Nothing yet for the 226... Yes it's all stainless
  2. it won't with the older style hull
  3. I'm sending you a pm
  4. Pretty decent for a 210 with standard ballast! I have 3 kits in fabrication right now, I can sell you one if you'd like.
  5. So now will I get my hat? hahahaha
  6. Little update on the installed kit
  7. You're absolutely right! As for the looks and space, NSS is the best option. There's a lot of 210 owners that were asking to get a retro kit.
  8. Similar to my 230 and 220 project, I was asked to work on the pre-nss generation of Nautique 210. Took measurements, made templates, adjusted everything and made a prototype. Will be installing everything very shortly.
  9. I had them cut by a friend who has a laser shop. I did all the drawings and testing. Even my plastic shims are laser cutted. He also has a small break so he can bend my brackets.
  10. Here's another system I made for a 220 The first North American surf kit for the 220 is here. Here are some pictures of the kit during development and installation. The setup is basically similar to my 230 kit but adapted to the 220 transom. It uses the same actuators and switch. All made of 304 stainless. Water testswent real good and wake is clean. Operates nicely and can be switched on the fly. Let me know what you think!
  11. I have a 2009 230 and nothing really is "bolt on" to this boat. To install the oem NSS you have to move the platform mounts and do some fiber/gelcoat. I decided to design my own plates and have them laser cut. My design is made to install on 230 with a lower platform. I used the same lenco as Nautique do and my control is the lenco switch with auto-retract feature. There goes for the pictures. I calculated the force on my transom before going ahead. Water pressure at 15mph is 3,25psi following fluid density and speed formula. My plate extend the boat by 2,25in which turns to 100 sq.in. So in total my plate supports around 300 lbs at 15mph. I surf around 10-11 so the plate get less than 300lbs. I have 8 bolts supporting my system but 5 of them are on the critical edges. If there was only these 5 bolts, they would take 60 lbs each which is pretty low. The transom is around 3\4 thick so it's capable of supporting this. Lenco's are the 101-XDS which are 10in retracted length. For those who wanted to see. Here is the wave with full ballast on port , 3/4 starboard and belly+arrow in the front. Only 3 in the boat. https://youtu.be/QGvbsLunCgkSorry there was some traffic so the other waves hits mine but you can see what it gives. EDIT: ADDITIONAL PROJECT MADE FOR NAUTIQUE 220 So here's a setup for a Nautique 220. Similar to my 230 NSS but on a different hull. Here's a video of the result, quite impressive. Surfer is a beginner but you can see how clean and big the wave is.
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