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  1. We'll move this conversation to PM
  2. from horizontal to around 20deg from horizontal. That's the angle of actuator deployment you need to have a properly running system
  3. You will also need to verify if you have the required space for the actuator. You need at least 11in of straight clearance to fit the actuator. That's the «bugger» in all the older nautiques.
  4. Sorry I did not get a notification for your message. Send me a private message about this. Thanks
  5. Is the hull of a SN the same as the SAN 210 ?
  6. Nothing yet for the 226... Yes it's all stainless
  7. it won't with the older style hull
  8. Pretty decent for a 210 with standard ballast! I have 3 kits in fabrication right now, I can sell you one if you'd like.
  9. So now will I get my hat? hahahaha
  10. Little update on the installed kit
  11. You're absolutely right! As for the looks and space, NSS is the best option. There's a lot of 210 owners that were asking to get a retro kit.
  12. Similar to my 230 and 220 project, I was asked to work on the pre-nss generation of Nautique 210. Took measurements, made templates, adjusted everything and made a prototype. Will be installing everything very shortly.
  13. I had them cut by a friend who has a laser shop. I did all the drawings and testing. Even my plastic shims are laser cutted. He also has a small break so he can bend my brackets.
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