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  1. i like that clean look. i'm not a big fan of most "older" boats' decals...it's funny how quickly they go out of style.
  2. nice avy! i've always wondered if the decals on them were part of the gel process or removable, and your picture answers that! did you have the flames or the avalanche logo?
  3. jtryon

    Arduino Controller for Automatic gates

    Is that the latest transfer code or regular code?
  4. jtryon

    $30 surf exhaust

    Here is a couple of the surf flap to knock down spray
  5. jtryon

    $30 surf exhaust

    To attach them I used PVC cement, but found that the down pipe turned outward a little bit after a few times out. To fix that I drilled a pilot hole in a couple places on the down pipe and screwed in a couple short stainless screws. I did the same with all of the other joints to keep it from coming apart at all. Here’s some pics:
  6. jtryon

    $30 surf exhaust

    i noticed a little bit of spray above surf speeds so i built a surf flap to knock that down (google "duffy surf flap" for the original idea). it actually cleaned up the surf wave as well. it's a horse stall mat that you can get at tractor supply company and cut to fit your boat.
  7. jtryon

    $30 surf exhaust

    sh#t dude, that looks better than mine! how did you secure it to the output flanges? and did you use PVC cement between the pipes? i ended up drilling a pilot hole in each pipe then screwing in a couple short stainless screws where each pipe meets to keep them from coming apart. worked great. I actually like that black pipe look on the black boat, looks sick 🤘
  8. jtryon

    $30 surf exhaust

    i love the sound of my 351, but the benefit of no fumes while surfing greatly outweighs the cool factor of the sound of the motor IMO. i'll snap some more pics this weekend for you as well.
  9. jtryon

    $30 surf exhaust

    i will get you one this weekend including measurements, though your application may be different depending on how far your exhaust pipes are apart.
  10. awesome, thanks for the opportunity! as i shamelessly post the oldest boat on the thread so far 😯
  11. jtryon

    Arduino Controller for Automatic gates

    Freakin awesome, nice work!
  12. jtryon

    Arduino Controller for Automatic gates

    KC, I followed the link above
  13. jtryon

    Arduino Controller for Automatic gates

    sent a donation to WTW Kansas, thanks for your efforts with this!
  14. jtryon

    Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    this is amazing, great work. i like the wakegarage sticker on the back of your boat too--i need!