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  1. I couldn't figure out how to respond back to your note you just sent me.  Thanks for responding.  I'm my own worst critic when it comes to committing to my template.  I like that you said that size didn't matter as much.  I'd just hope not to turn my boat into an undesirable boat to drive when ballasted and surfing.  My friend's boat was granted, much heavier than mine when loaded, and they may have been going deployed to a much bigger angle.  My Mission Delta is a significant angle from the hull, but it's smaller than the gate would be, and a fair amount further forward on my boat.  It's probably 16" further forward than where the hinge on a gate would be.  

  2. what was the approximate cost to have these made?
  3. good call--i'm likely having the downpipe welded on rather than using a rubber hose to join it to the exhaust tip for extra reinforcement, so through bolts will make it stronger. i'll also add another support either to the trim tab actuator mounting location or to the platform mounts.
  4. https://www.wakegarage.com/projects-archive/exhaust-modifications/centurion-sideswipe-conversion-r269/
  5. Sideswipe served Centurion's purpose back in the day to allow the exhaust fumes to switch to the side opposite the surfer, but the valves to switch sides didn't last very long and were super expensive to replace. IIRC they were like $400/side when I priced them out. I decided to make my own version of the FAE conversion except with a single rear exit rather than dual rear exits, much like most boats that are coming out now with a single exhaust exit. This new exhaust exit was a 4" hole that i was not looking forward to cutting in my hull, nor was i initially excited about having two 4" side
  6. i used ABS because IMO black looks better, but either should work. the temperature properties of both are similar enough.
  7. everything was at Home Depot/Lowe’s
  8. nice work! you will have no issues with the heat, even when running it on the trailer for winterization/summerization.
  9. yes you should only run a long main power wire to the actuators from the relay, using the proper gauge cable. 14-16ga should be ok for most applications. use this cable chart if that helps pick the gauge you need: http://assets.bluesea.com/files/resources/newsletter/images/DC_wire_selection_chartlg.jpg
  10. yikes...definitely some salt usage apparent in that one. sad to see a 2013 in such rough shape, but worth it for only 15k!
  11. In for giveaway #3, thanks Glide! 2007 Centurion Typhoon It's been a looooooong Winter of upgrades since I bought this last September. Upgrades include new interior and Aqua Marine Deck platform pad replacement, 1600gph ballast pumps, 1300lb ballast bags in the rear, Sideswipe exhaust conversion to a homemade FAE-style system, Acme 1619 prop, added a stereo battery and the Blue Seas ACR and battery switch, added 3 amps, 2x12" subs and a WS EQ, replacing a bunch of broken stuff like the blower, tower amp, hatch struts and all of the ballast drain pumps. Oh and of course automated s
  12. yeah trying to rack more boards without having to pay ~$180 for a cheapo double-wakesurf rack, without looking too cheesy. those look nice actually, if they seem like they can handle a little abuse from waves---i have to think so if they are designed to be on ATV's that are constantly being beat on worse than my boat would be. this one actually looks cool since it rotates and could mount boards up/down rather than sideways, so i might lean this direction and see how it looks before buying multiples: https://www.kolpin.com/rhino-grip-xl-utv-mount how does the construction of the ones you
  13. really cool idea. how stretchy are the straps that it comes with? i'm looking to do something similar but for surf boards, but those straps don't look like they're long enough.
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