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  1. with mine, the issue was the drag of the water on the downpipe, so a horizontal pull. once i secured the exhaust better horizontally with screws to the exhaust outlets i had no issues. it looks like you have rivets securing the pipes to your outlets, so that should be effective; if you give a good tug on both of those without the vertical support do they feel really secure? otherwise, all that vertical support will do is rotate in an upward arc as the exhaust comes off. if you put one more pin through the vertical support at the top though, that will keep it from being able to rotate outwa
  2. nice, have you had it on the water yet? i had issues the first couple times around with not having horizontal support and only vertical support. vertically it still allows a little movement and my hoses popped off on a hard throttle up in the water.
  3. figured this might be a good one to post up for anyone not wanting to drop $400+ on FAE. i made this last year and after a little tweaking it worked like a charm for 100+ hours. i went from having VERY visible exhaust fumes hitting my riders to zero visible fumes and a much quieter exhaust. quieter exhaust=better sound system i had an issue the summer before where after surfing i got a really bad headache, then when surfing the next day and having zero symptoms beforehand, got the same splitting headache as soon as i started riding. it's worth the effort to put those fumes into the water
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