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  1. Correct, the newer boats have a really thin & cheap removable igloo cooler, it’s completely worthless. If I had your boat I would insulate those two tubs as much as possible.
  2. I added some silver bubble wrap to the lid to insulate it a little better, it holds ice overnight, and probably keeps cold for 2-3days!
  3. We tow the boat a lot, almost 4,000 miles a year. On my old boat I noticed a lot of rock chips on the underside of the bow - they were hard to see but when waxing you could feel them so I wanted to get mudflaps - I saw some Rock Tamers but they cost over $200 so I made my own for about $50 - Just bought some Semi Truck mudflaps online - they were like $15 each then took some 3/16" or 1/4" angle iron and cut it to the length of my bumper. I drilled holes in the angle iron to match the holes in the mudflaps, I had to cut the mudflaps to correct length then bolted them to the angle iron - I the
  4. Updated with final pictures above, that's a case of cans in there for scale and I can now see I need to clean the seal it's getting a little mildew!
  5. The recess fits right in the floor where the original igloo removable cooler went. That is how crappy and small the stock cooler is!
  6. The seat is the lid - I'll get a better picture this weekend of the final install with the seal.
  7. Something that really bothers me on the new boats is the crappy removable Igloo/Yeti coolers that are way too small to hold enough beverages for 6-10 people on a boat all day long. We like to get out on the water to wakeboard and surf at 10am and not return until dark. This cooler will hold ice for 2-3days, It holds over 90 cans with room for ice. I made it out of pink insulation foam from home depot. I cut the foam with a jig saw, glued the pieces together with gorilla glue, routed the corners smooth and wrapped it in fiberglass and epoxy with a white dye so I didn't need to paint it. I
  8. Here is the custom sub enclosure I built to fit an Exile Big12. Its about the absolute maximum volume (1.85 cuft) I could fit under the dash of a 2016 23lsv with the 3 outlet heater. The angles were a real pain to get perfect and I still have not completed a carpet kick plate. I made it from baltic burch cabinetry grade ply wood and sealed the whole thing in Epoxy to waterproof and make sure its water tight. I also screwed and glued with gorrilla glue that expands to fill any of my poor craftsmanship gaps. I also installed an exile amp to match and the WS420. I built this in solidworks s
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