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  1. Malibu Swim Step bracket replacement.

    @TimbrSS that bracket page with part numbers is golden. Could you measure from bottom of platform to top of wedge bracket forme if you get a chance. @Rugger this is where I stole the pump bracket placement from!
  2. Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    It looks even better in person and they work as good as they look
  3. I really like the newer malibu racks, so I decided to make some fit my illusion tower. Its an 1"3/8 between the front factory hole and new hole one, 1"3/8 new hole one to new hole two, then pilot hole with 1/8" bit. Then in I used a step bit to open up the holes some what. 3/4" counter sink the second new hole. Making sure the screw sits a little past flush. Finish size of middle hole is 27/64 and new counter sunk hole is 7/16. 1/2"-13nc tap, tap the center hole. Take it slow and use cutting oil, if you don't have any use anti seize I like to back the tap out and clean the hole and tap every time around. Blow out with air, if no compressor use caned air for cleaning keyboard. Put screws in counter sunk holes, place ss t-nuts on back, finger tight. Had to clean out and open up dowel holes on tower. Put mount on tower and insert 1/2" bolt from inside, snug down, then tighten counter sunk screws. Slide rack on mount, get it to where the end of rack just covers the mount, tighten set screw to leave a mark on back of rack, then remove and drill small spot at mark to grab the set screw, I had to cut down an old Allen wrench to fit the set screw. Not a lot of room between it and tower Slide rack on tighten set screw, @Rugger dose this count as one-upping? Back at it, I found out there are at least two different mounting plates. One aluminum and one stainless, the aluminum one has two small stand off on it. With the stand off and thickness of the t-nut base pushed the mounting out off the tower and created a gap that I didn't like.. So I knocked down the stand offs and cut pockets to recesse the t-nut base, did this with a drimel and hand file So now the fit with no gap to tower. stainless steel mount-drill, tap and counter sink like the aluminum one, it didn't have the stand offs so just had to cut in the t-nut pockets.
  4. MB Slappers

    But did you stay at a holiday inn express last night
  5. Reversible Pumps with Remote Filling

    https://www.bakesonline.com/detail.aspx?ID=3803 used this on the back https://www.wakemakers.com/wakemakers-1-drylok-bag-fitting.html and these on the front, I want to change them to the ronix ones with the caps though. Bend/shape ss plate to fit, then drilled it with a hole saw and debur, used 4200 for thread sealer just so I wouldn't have to worry about it.
  6. Custom under seat cooler

    Bad a$$
  7. Stereo/RGBs redo

    If I get a chance this weekend I'll get some more pics and show how/what I did a bit better.
  8. Reversible Pumps with Remote Filling

    I'm sure I'll have some questions for you when your auto gates are all done and sorted.
  9. Stereo/RGBs redo

    The table started as a joke one night me, the wife and a friend where having a couple adult bev's, they said I couldn't do it, had to prove them wrong.
  10. Stereo/RGBs redo

    Replaced every thing on tower. Using kicker km8's good price, I like the rgb's and they sound decent, fished new wire for speaker/rgb's through out. Exile 30.2 powering 2 sets @ 2 ohms. inboats- 8 kicker km654 on an alpine pdx4 @2 and 4 kicker 6x9's on a zx450.2 wired series/parallel @4 bridged sub- Phoenix gold elite ti-12, custom slot port box to clear the heater. On a alpine mrx110 @2, it's a dual 4 ohm coil wired to 2 ohms for 1150 rms, it slaps pretty good. Two interstate agm' mt-7 34 and a m31 0/1 to distribution blocks then 4g to amps, blue seas arc and 2 circuit switch rgb's in all kicker km8/km654, rgb strip lights above the 3 cup holder cubbys. 4 rgb cup holders in custom hidden wire table all ran off a wet sounds 4 zone controller, (inboat,tower,cup holder, table) IMG_1676.MOV
  11. 3 johnson reversables, 2 mounted to a 4 pump rack that is bolted to the rear grab handle studs behind the motor, 1 more is mounted on a ss t bracket next to the bow tank drain pump, I used the front drain plug for the front pump intake. Two new intakes next to oil pan for the rear/mid pumps. All three have ball valve shut offs. All wiring is 12g marine duplex with deutsch connectors and I had 4 open spots on the factory beaker panel, replaced 3 of them with 25 amp breakers. All hose is 1" wakemakers. Fitting are a mix of ronix,sumo,dry-loc and flow rite. Front is for bow bag, mid is seat/floor bags and rear is locker bag, f/m are quick connect so no hose's is laying around when not surfing, f is above cup holder, m is behind driver seat.