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  1. That’s only because I don’t post the first threes times I tried it and messed up. If your ever in nor cal hit me up
  2. the cup holder where easy, splitting open the speakers to change boards was hard. And thank you
  3. Not going lie, I got one drawn up, but the mats are Lil pricy. It might get nuts with 2812’s instead of 5050’s too
  4. Welcome to this episode of alcohol fueled good ideas. Every one has cup holder rings on the out side, I wanted them on the inside to be different. acrylic seems to be the go to material that a lot of people are using. I wanted something to defuse the lights a little so I tried hdpe. All measurement are for older Malibu 3.5” cut out SS cup holders. Measure yours to check before starting. I started with some .750 white hdpe I had laying around from my last table. The inside diameter of a 3.75 hole saw fits just snug in the cup holder. So I used it to layout as many as I could. I used three different size holesaws, starting with 3.75, then 3.5, finally 3. Made all cuts .45 deep starting with the biggest working down. after that I flipped it over to score the 3.75 on the back side. I then took a router and took .1 off the backside. This doesn’t have to be pretty, just milling down for finished height. next I scored the back with the 3.75 and 3”. It helps give it a cleaner edge when drilling all the way through. flip it back over and drill the 3” all the way. then drill with the 3.75. You’ll end up with a ring stuck in the hole saw, gently remove it. On all drilling you have to clean the bit a lot, a couple times for each size, each hole. then take a razor knife and clean it up, have to cut the thin stuff off that was between the 3.75 & 3.5 hole. Finish it up with a little sandpaper. solder up your led strips. These are 5050 rgb. 5 links long. I test them before I seal up the end to make sure it’s working. I then seal the ends. I know my way of sealing is not for every one. But it’s worked for me for a long time. I cover the soldered end with hot glue then shrink tube. now the point of no return. Drill a pilot hole just above the the corner then follow it with a step bit to around 3/16 to 1/4. Make sure to clean the holes after drilling, no sharp edges. Insert the pig tail from inside to out. Start the led stripe just a little from the hole and wrap it around lights facing in. slide ring down at a little bit of an angle. You want to cover the soldered part first then work around pushing the strip back and ring down. after I like to check them agin before install. IMG_2578.MP4
  5. Just want to add that after install this is the driest my boat has ever been, first time out I thought my bilge pump broke.
  6. Just did this install, it’s a tight fit, now to figure out how to get blood out of carpet
  7. Me to, tell I got to the lake with the boat sitting on the fenders and spare tire.
  8. 07 247 lsv a surf system with out suction cups, interior and hopefully glide seal and stereo upgrades are the goals for the coming off season.
  9. Dam!, don't know you were doing a center exit!, your crazier then I thought.
  10. My wife asked for the same option, I'm installing two on Monday
  11. Have you got a chance to get your hands on those kickers? If so how do you fill the stack up to some rev 10's?
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