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  1. Sorry, haven't been on in a while, been on the lake. So those are the original rubber boots, no need to replace them at $150 each since they were still in good shape. The mandrel bends from FAE matched up perfect, if you are using something different I don't know of any flex rubber hose that would stretch. You could look into using flex exhaust hose which is readily available at most auto parts stores or Summit Racing online.
  2. Sorry, just saw this. I didn't find the noise prior to the install very loud anyway, but I'd say with the FAE on it's more quiet than before. Engine prob has a lot to do with noise levels, I would think the 8.1 would be louder than my 6.2 but can't confirm that.
  3. 2008 Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV Got a little flooring project going at the moment, it's a little ghetto and a stretch but I want to test it out a few trips before posting!
  4. Thanks brother, made a huge difference! All in all, I think I could have replaced the filter socks and the pressure regulator first and re-checked, but the extra cost seemed negligible and while I had it all apart I just pulled the trigger.
  5. LONG post, I apologize in advance but I wanted to be thorough. So, I have been experiencing some poor engine performance which I suspected was fuel related in my '08 Wakesetter. I picked the boat up around 6 months ago and I have spent the entire winter tuning, replacing, and improving almost everything. I haven't gotten into the fuel system until now, I've been going out more since the weather has warmed. Most of the issues are at idle and low speed, it just didn't seem to be running real well although would run decent at WOT. After doing the homework, I learned that Malibu mad
  6. Thanks brother. From what I've seen of your trailer, it looks like it's in MUCH better shape than mine. This thing is pretty rough, the PO just let it sit.
  7. I'm sure they do, I'm gonna go to West Marine and see what options I have. Worst case, I'll cut the mount tabs and just extend them up. Yep, welder I am NOT! One skill I would love to learn.
  8. A little love for the trailer, which is not in as great a shape as the boat. Previous owner had the boat in a slip so the trailer just sat out in the brutal TX weather. I regret not taking more photos during the actual construction, I would be happy to answer any questions if anyone wants info. A local marina on Lake Travis was kind enough to allow me to rent a slip for the day in order to get the boat off the trailer. I considered launching, anchoring out, and doing the work in the parking lot but I figured $50 was money well spent in order to have access to all my tools. There we
  9. Decided to pull the trigger on the FAE setup with the deletion of the old Silent Ride muffler. Being local to the FAE folks (Larry/Christina), I had the ability to drive down to their modest little shop in Spicewood to pick it all up. They are truly good people, extremely friendly and helpful. I could have done the muffler delete using mandrel bends from another vendor, but I decided the cost savings wasn't that much and I like to support the small business folks. The install was very simple and straight forward, the removal of the old Silent Ride muffler was probably the biggest pain of t
  10. Picked this up in late '19, used but well kept and in great condition. Ton's of Wetsounds, installing FAE and muffler delete as I post this, also working on custom graphics from Domed Numbers. I completely went through the 383 Hammerhead, replaced and tuned up as much as possible. Looking forward to summer!
  11. I keep coming back to this project, just truly amazing work. I'm dying to add gates to my 2008 247 LSV, I love these and keep contemplating going for it but I'm fearful mine will come out like crap!
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