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  1. Great job!! I'm planning to do the same this winter in Aus to my '07 VLX SE (one of only two ever imported into Australia. I own a CNC router so will be attempting to setup and cut all of the panels myself with Ultralon U-Dek Did you get a copy of the template files from gatorstep for the cutting of your floor?
  2. The coating on my intake plenum was looking a bit dull and I wanted to make it a bit more appealing. Some time removing the powder coating and repainting was all that it required. The aluminium was pretty rough and pitted so I built it up with high fill primer and blocked it back until it was good enough for some base coat. I mixed some silver, red and candy concentrate to get it nice and bright. Once the base colour was down I blocked it back wet with 2000 and gave it 2 coats of clear. Another wet sand with 2000/3000 and then cut/polish gave it a glass like finish. I also gave the badges a sand and polish. Was about a days work but I'm stoked with how it came out. Next job is to pull the ski frame out and recoat.
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