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  1. That really opened things up nicely. Great work. Clean!
  2. Yes. Newer composite technology which should last much longer. No drips to count or check. Install and forget. New boats have been using for quite a while.
  3. That's sweet. I'm with you on the wood platforms being more boat-like. Personally I fought that a lot when I built my gates (and wanted gate cutouts in the platform). My previous boat had teak, and it was easy to do. My 07 had fiberglass, and ultimately I went with the newer Malibu fiberglass platform to make it simple.... but still love those teaks. I think Mastercraft still sells a bunch on their surf boats?
  4. quote: " I picked the boat up around 6 months ago and I have spent the entire winter tuning, replacing, and improving almost everything." haha I think we can all relate Great write up -- I didn't know about that fuel pump issue. Mine (07) runs fine now but this will be handy to refer to should something go wrong fuel related. Thank you for posting.
  5. Yeah, that'd do it. Love that sound too!
  6. I recognize that sound! big block baby! Although knowing what I know about you -- your boat probably has upgraded heads, cam, tune, intake, raylar special etc.
  7. Those look great! Love newly welded, fabricated things.
  8. Man, that looks great. I love the carbon fiber look too. Well done
  9. Badass. Well done. It's nice to have that room back there too with that giant muffler out of the way.
  10. Awesome... yeah it's simple like you said but those are the best projects.
  11. Awesome project. Looks very professional (or better)... I made a hack bracket for mine. Yours looks stock. well done!! And thanks for sharing with the group
  12. If it's a finished project in the Completed Projects section, then it should be by category. If it's a general work in progress post, then it belongs in shop talk and either way works fine. Thanks!
  13. wow that's impressive congratulations. Don't ever apologize for not spending 4K.... no boat snobs here. It looks great!! To resize pics, just hit edit, then double click on them and can reset to 800 x 600 or whatever works.. I forget
  14. Great pull! That's gonna be helpful to many. SKIDIM is a great company to deal with as well. I've bought many parts over the years and they are always cool and helpful
  15. man you've got some great projects on this boat. nice work! I hope you can add a couple of them in the completed projects section!
  16. Definitely gonna be helpful to others. Thanks for the great write up. Love the magnet idea too. You're gonna be stoked with that setup! Hit the button and fill!
  17. Awesome! Nice work @Catman Totally agree on mandrels --- I bought premade when I did mine as well! Larry at FAE will do them custom, but his challenges are relying on customers for perfect measurements and requires some pretty tight turns, etc. And I think it's easier for him not to deal with it. Man those blended welds and polish turned out great. You'll be glad you took the time... looks amazing.
  18. That looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!!! Mine is plastic.... would love it to be hot rod red too (match my boat) but won't look as cool as yours.
  19. oh, that's right... bad day.
  20. Nicely done. I'm in store for new bunks soon I think. I'm the guy lucky enough to have my wife back the boat into water... so I never see the bunks with the boat off. I forget to check them. But ...2007 trailer... probably should do that! Thanks for the great write-up!
  21. Nice job. So much cleaner inside without that muffler. Curious what you think of the noise, if any different w/out muffler, etc. once you get it on the water. It is definitely gonna be more quiet if you have't had FAE before. So nice.
  22. Thanks. They'll never happen unless you jump in and give it a try. I documented my mistakes... made plenty until I got it right.
  23. As I get older I start buying the right tool the first time, knowing I'll use it over and over. Bought a lot of dumb stuff over the years haha.... that being said, I've overspent over the years too.
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