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    Miner's Moss Flooring

    great question... we have boxers who occasionally go out with us too. I've read a downside is the darker colors can get hot in sun, but not sure about dog hair... Then others have said no heat issue. I guess if you easily remove the stuff then you could quickly rinse it off in leu of a vacuum
  2. Rugger

    Fae wakeplate contraption

    What would cutting the plate do? I don’t have a center plate so I’m not as familiar. But I’d say if it works great then let it be. Mission accomplished!
  3. Rugger

    Fae wakeplate contraption

    Guess that depends on what you are trying to gain by modifying it. I agree with @S2X, seems like you could have brought it straight out and down vs up and then back down. But the angles are hard to tell if that'd clear those turnbuckles. That plastic may never need replacing... but my A.D.D. would have me searching for mandrel stainless pieces that could be welded into a Y. I frickin' love that you made this BTW. It so hits the point of this website! Make your boat better. And I'm a huge fan of getting rid of exhaust.
  4. Awesome job. I'll post mine too... although my gelcoat was black and you can kinda see the cracks still even though it's perfectly smooth and was color matched. I think another summer in the sun will fix that though... and yes I'm the only one who even notices/sees it. Much better than cracks! Another good trick is to drill a tiny hole at the end of the crack, to keep the underlying crack from continuing. Then fill in with gel coat, etc.
  5. A little late, Pete. But we will do more in future for sure!
  6. Rugger

    Homemade Surf Tabs

    Do you know anything about metal work, Jeffo? JK!
  7. Congrats Cowwboy. And thanks for playing, everyone.
  8. Rugger

    New Ultralon Floor for 2003 VLX

    I know he sold the boat so I doubt he’s still on the forums until he gets another.... but I think he got that from ultralon as well, it could be from just a sample sheet. I know agenda surf has small pieces you can order as well
  9. Rugger

    Evolution to Monster MTK Tower

    Nice work on this. That tower looks great as well on that boat. So is that a Monster Bimini as well? We swapped towers on my boat as well... took some work but worth it in the end. Thanks for posting this
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    That. Looks. Awesome.
  11. Rugger

    Rudder box rebuild

    Pretty simple project but hopefully it's worth the pictures for the next person. I needed to pull my driveshaft to install a new shaft seal system (after I had to remove the strut and prop anyway after hitting something in the water). Since I had to pull the rudder to remove the driveshaft, and my boat is 11 years old, I decided to rebuild the rudder box housing while I was at it. Very easy project but I did hit a few snags. This is a 2007 Malibu LSV. Standard rudder from Marine Hardware. (Most Malibus have M.H. or one other brand, depending on where the boat was made. I believe M.H. was for the west coast builds. Either way, the brand should be stamped on the rudder box. Once you have that, you can order the rebuild kit. The rebuild kit for the Marine Hardware rudder was about $50 bucks. 1) First priority was to remove the steering arm inside the boat. This was fairly straight forward, but it has a bolt that locks the rudder into the housing via a cutaway in the shaft. Remove the steering cable without forcing or bending it, the remove the bolt to the arm. Simple, however make sure someone is there to catch the rudder or put something below it. Also, do not lose the keyway. 2) Not so simple is that the rudder will not clear many trailers to the point you can remove it. So you need to either reload the boat on the trailer so it sits back behind it (if you live near a boat ramp), or you need to lift the boat. I chose to lift the boat off the trailer on one side. Just used a floor jack, elevated on railroad ties, and used another portion to spread the load between the jack and the hull. Lifted one side of this big boat up no problem and I was able to drop the rudder all the way out. A little ghetto, but worked fine. 3) Next was to remove the zerk fittings from the housing, so that it could drop down and clear the hole through to the bottom. Mine had two zerk fittings. Also removed the 4 bolts holding the housing together, which sandwiches the housing with a top plate. Next you can carefully remove the housing from the bottom of the boat. Hopefully it just has silicone and not a strong adhesive. 4) Once the housing was out, I used a razor blade and wire brush to clean the outside of the housing. This preps it to take new sealant when it goes back in. 5) This housing consisted of a plastic wear ring on top, then a snap ring above the oil/grease seal, and then two O rings. I was able to remove the top wear ring with a screwdriver, but the snap ring was rusted out and both holes broke off with my snap ring tool.... so it required some hacking to get the ring out. Then pulled the oil seal out, then the snap rings. 6) Cleaned the inside of the housing to remove old grease and dirt. 7) Reinstalled all the components of the new kit. Put the O rings in first, then the oil/grease seal which goes lip side down. Used marine grease of course on the inside, and also to pack the seal first so the spring ring on the opposite side of the seal doesn't come out as you insert it. Mine took a little pushing, so I used the old wear ring first to push it down, and then a large socket and rubber mallet to push it further down so that I could insert the new snap ring. Then you can insert the top plastic wear ring / cap. 8 ) Reinstall the rudder box into the boat, using a non permanent sealant (life caulk, life seal, 4200, etc), reversing original steps. 9) Clean the rudder shaft and check for burs or excessive wear marks. Can lightly smooth with emery cloth if needed. Can also put a touch or marine grease around it, then reinsert into housing. 10) You will need to have somebody push up on the rudder so that it goes all the way up, and then re insert the catch bolt. 11) Reinsert the zero fittings, and give them a few pumps of marine grease each. Be careful not to overgrease them, or your rudder will be harder to turn. old parts -- notice broken ring and hammered oil seal. Cleaned up and ready to install kit Hope this helps. I'm not an expert so maybe somebody has other advice. But hopefully at least the pictures give you an idea what you are replacing. Ours works awesome now and was obviously overdue. Total time was about an hour and a half, mostly due to having to lift the boat safely. If you every have to pull the rudder, I highly recommend replacing the seals.
  12. Rugger

    Rudder box rebuild

    Try contacting GLIDE Bearings about rebuilding / upgrading your existing rudder setup. It might be an option that will be worth it in savings. Tim is the man.
  13. Hey guys I deleted the boat pics in this thread (except the tube flying, cause that looks fun) because I don't want people to get confused.... We want the picture(s) of your boat in the Members Boats N' Wake gallery instead of in this thread. Thanks.
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    I might be a little biased toward beer, wake garage and 247s, but that's a great picture.
  15. Rugger

    Centurion Avalanche Floor Update

    You could call or email them and point a link to these projects -- they should pay attention. I know people here and other sites were staying away from it after Hyperryd mentioned his diamond pattern peeling. If they now have a better product at a much better price than most, then perhaps they'll want to get that message out there? Worth a shot. Or just turn the page and get something else. I hear you on the teak... looks sooo awesome.
  16. Rugger

    PC dash rugger.jpg

    From the album: 2007 Malibu 247