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  1. Looks awesome... damn it, I still have carpet. Love these projects but hate the reminders! haha
  2. Not a game-changer project, but might be useful for others. I had a setup with 2 batteries under the passenger (observers) seat and another battery in the passenger compartment. We rarely lift the passenger seat for storage, so I decided to locate all of the batteries under there and update the system with an add-a-battery 2 bank switch and ACR to handle the charging, etc. - Moved the 2 AGM Kinetic stereo batteries (about 90 amp hours a piece) so that I could fit a third. These Kinetics were already installed when I bought the boat. They are probably 6 years old but perform like champs and are always on a maintainer charger in storage. Hoping they last a long time. - Replaced my aging lead acid starting battery with a Northstar AGM. Solid reputation but more importantly AGMs can be laid on their side to fit under seat. - Built a battery box to hold all three batteries using 3/4" King Starboard HDPE walls, with a 3/8" lid. All the wiring is now out of sight, out of mind. I screwed the circuit breakers right to the walls. Almost everything came from the scrap pile at Tap Plastics.... 50% off. - Could have gone many ways on this, but I chose to keep the "house" stock loads on the first battery (starting and house fuse panel), and then all the additional accessories and of course the 4 stereo amps, on a separate bank with the 2 Kinetic high amp hour batteries. Added a small fuse panel to this bank as well for additional loads beyond house... ie ballast pumps added, LEDs, etc. Also added a grounding bus bar. - Wired so stock bilge pump is on original battery bank (will turn off with switch though), and then my additional bilge pump I added is wired directly to the second battery bank - which will protect boat even if switch is off. Basically there are now only two 24 hr (always on) circuits; 1 for bilge and 1 that feeds WS MC1 stereo so I don't lose all my settings when switch is off. - All 3 batteries are wired to a large 36 amp onboard charger that I've had for years. This is technically a 4 bank charger / maintainer (overkill). So we just plug it in when the boat sits. I can not decide if and where I'd put an access port for charging, so for now I just reach under the seat to plug it in. - Added a mini Off-On-Combine battery switch with the ACR. - Added a switch access door. Cut out a hole in the wall, and installed a black acrylic door and switch box meant for a 2019 Moomba / Supra. Works perfectly. Thanks @freeheel4life for help on that. Thanks to @Wylie_Tunes as well for wiring tips on add-a-battery system. All in all, we love the setup so far. Switch access is fast and easy. Wiring is out of sight, out of mind. And it REALLY opened up the passenger compartment by moving the batteries to the new location under the seat. Hope this helps someone else. ** Might have moved some wires around from pics below. I did have to fix it at one point, but forgot what it was I did. lol
  3. That’ll do it. Simple!
  4. That's pretty cool @Gbracer. Thanks for sharing it. I've seen lots of mud flap mods on the tow vehicle side to help protect the boat, but this one definitely provides the most protection I've ever seen. Now just make sure you don't ram the dock once you're on the water. That's what would happen to me. lol
  5. Man that looks great. I'd really like to hear (personally) how you like that stuff after using it a bit. I'm tempted to go that route, or similar. Looks great, feels nice. Plus I'm afraid we'd beat up EVA foam too much the way we use our boat (pack it full of camping gear for shore camping). I just haven't made up my mind.
  6. Nice project! I'm an electronics dummy so I went straight for the wake logic system, but I am so impressed with the DIY controllers you guys are coming up with. I didn't know what a esp32 is... is that essentially a different flavor of a Arduino / raspberry, etc.? I love how you made the ring light up around the side that's on. That's something I'd like to do to mine, since I have not found a good spot to put my wake logic LCD display, I want to make small LED indicator lights but will have to come up with a way since it uses a momentary (on) off (on) switch to control. That e-paper display looks cool too! Well done all around.
  7. Honestly I don't remember. But I think it was discount inboard marine. Pretty common kit though even if overpriced.
  8. That looks incredible @Armandaleg! Strong work! Great use of space... you have me wondering if there's something I could do better with that space in mine. Thankfully the previous owner paid for a sub box already... that's not my forte.
  9. Simple solution... sometimes we forget how easy it is to simply wrap wood in vinyl for a more stock look.
  10. Ok thanks. Yeah mine are basically suitable to hold the removable soft coolers, which we’ve used quite a bit, but we tend to boat and camp for 4-5 days at a time and burn through lots of ice for sure. I’ll come up with something. Thanks
  11. @DnHWake so your boat didn’t have a built in cooler at all, right? Just a removable igloo? I’m tearing into mine a bit and was gonna ask if you removed the built in first, but I think I have a different setup. Mine (07 247) has two plastic “ice chests” (tubs) built in, but is paper thin with maybe 1/4-1/2” foam layer behind the shell and walls. Thinking I might just use these tubs as the outside base and build inward... I would really only gain 1/2” at most by starting over. Funny thing too, I never knew my boat had lights inside the ice chest but I found an led strip in there. It doesn’t work so I never noticed the trigger. Don’t know if it was stock or previous owner added.
  12. how do the seams look after? The video is great, but only shows the bottom side, where he does the work. Can you see seam when you flip it back over? Is it undetectable or barely noticeable? Or is it obvious? Thanks.
  13. yes... more 247s to learn from. why aren't you posting more? haha
  14. Cool thanks. It’s one of my favorite projects on here because we camp all the time and constantly shuffle ice in and out. I need to make one. Our 07 247 has two coolers built in but they are paper thin. The soft coolers work better sitting inside the built ins but still not cuttin’ it. Appreciate the feedback
  15. @DnHWake any changes you’d make to your cooler? I’d like to make one either later in summer or off season. Do you feel the seat is insulation enough with the right seal? Thanks
  16. Looks to be the case. ie A 3.5” marine hose will fit over a 3.5” stainless mandrel. The stainless pre bent mandrels are O.D. measured
  17. Wow. Very cool. How did you mount them? And what does the surface look/feel like? Looks great no matter what
  18. yeah.... please do! Would love to read that one! Also you can get a Malibu wedge switch cover, although the right edge of rocker is curved. So would work better as right side book end.
  19. Ok I’ll be running mc1. Look forward to it. Most likely installed down lower since my dash is different (well it’s same as your new one but I want to keep lcd). Thanks for your input
  20. So how do you like the Revs vs Roswells? We love ours. Wish I had the sinister amps too... ours our the older, larger Syn4 and Syn2s.
  21. Nice upgrade. What a clean solution as well.... It really opens up back there. Can't wait to see the exhaust FAE project if you go that route. When I did mine I used Burns Stainless, he had quality stainless, a little pricier, but gave a small discount for wake garage members. There's a good number of stainless mandrel suppliers now. Great project thanks for sharing
  22. Those look cool... where did you find that switch? I may want one for a different purpose. @Jhartt3 or @jonthompson may or may not be able to help you on the switch side. They sure did a phenom job on the Arduino.
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