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  1. I received the package from Glide over the weekend. Very cool. I never win any of these kinds of contests. In fact, I played in a golf outing a couple weeks ago where they hit us up for an extra $50 for mulligans and 10 raffle tickets. Everybody there won some kind of prize with many winning multiple prizes. Me? you guessed it. Nada, Nil, Zippy. Anyway, I was very surprised to win this one. I opened the box and took pictures. I think they put one or more of everything they could find in there. Very kind of them to load me up. Pics show all the decals and the cool hat I'll proudly wear (when I don't have my Wake Garage hat on). Thanks so much to everyone here at Wake Garage and to our partners at Glide Bearings and Seal Systems! Visit them at GlideBearings.com: http://www.glidebearings.com
  2. Thought about running out to buy another boat today so I could get a second entry in. Should have called my cousin. She's got a gorgeous old school MC Stars n Stripes she skis behind every week.
  3. Yea, I need to take lessons on the whole mounting and wire hiding part. The Exile black looks super cool in your boat and I know first hand that it sounds great.
  4. Board Koozie. I like it! Need a matching one for your beverage.
  5. Great idea for a give away. I wonder how long one lasts before it has to be replaced. 2008 Moomba Mobius LSV
  6. Thanks! He's the youngest of 6 and loves riding as much as all the rest put together. Last week we forgot to throw the sukg8 in the boat and had to run listed. I truly forgot how much difference it makes in the surf wave. I won't forget it again.
  7. Outstanding write up. Are there any symptoms or indications of failure other than increased water in the bilge?
  8. Congrats on the NEW boat! Looks incredible. By the way, that could be my garage.
  9. Well, you certainly answered the question about thickness!
  10. Were you worried about the pump sucking the lines closed or were you pretty confident the 2.5 CFM pump would work well with those lines? I wonder if I would need heavier hose in the FL heat that would probably soften them.
  11. "Well thought out" seems to be an understatement. Love the details like drilling the pan to get a decent oil drain line. So many things can just get overlooked and then you have those forehead slapping moments. I hope the hull is worthy of this baby.
  12. Thanks. This is about my favorite mod on the boat. Used left overs to make step pads on gunwales and at the nose in the bow.
  13. I stripped the big tribal Mobius decal off my boat a couple years back and was just running nekked for a while. I had purchased some aftermarket chrome MOOMBA letters and a chrome LSV and a transom decal as well. Well, the chrome MOOMBA ones looked really bad and were kind of pock marked or hammered metal looking so I took them off. The smaller ones looked fine so I left them on. Anyway, plasti-dip started getting really popular. I decided to try to put the big letters back on and plasti-dip them black. I had put a black stripe on years before and thought with my black bimini and black Exile speakers they might look really cool. I am VERY happy with the result. I encourage anyone to try this. Great thing is if you change your mind you can just peel the plasti-dip right back off. And, if you get dock rash you can repaint easily as well. Here's the before and after. What do you think?
  14. So, I decided to make a reversible sukgate. Ordered up another cutting board and a shelf bracket and a suction handle from amazon. It works just as well as the surf gate but the boat is much easier to steer when it is deployed and it is super easy to switch from regular to the goofy side. I attached a line and a buoy to it in case it ever falls off but so far it hasn't.
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