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  1. Yeah its awkward on top of the platform. Otherwise it is fine.
  2. Haha that looks like killer potential there my friend. The glue removal is the absolute worst part of the project. Plan on it taking longer than you expect. The rearrangement looks good! You'll be glad you did it.
  3. Thank ya. I like the dark grey too. It's a little different then most and stays cleaner looking then the light stuff in the old boat. It looks a little darker in the pics then in person
  4. I knew the day I decided to replace the old Nautique that this project was coming. We spent all last season dealiwith the old deteriorating, smelly, wet carpet. I ordered 3 long sheets on ebay at the end of summer last year and and had enough to go from driver feet/ observer compartment to the v drive and under the rear bench seat. Did not do anything in the bow, and went a different route under the sun pad. So on to the floor...first few steps were to remove all the items and stuff in the boat. Pull out and store the cushions. All the seat bases in my boat are removable and screwed down in to the floor on top of the carpet. Pull those to store as well. I didn't really take any pics up until this point except this one. When I received the foam last year I pulled the 2 removable floor panels and added the foam. I did so because, in my head, it was the majority of the carpet and would go quick. In my opinion, DO NOT DO THIS. I had to tip-toe around the finished panels while cleaning the glue out. At this point with the interior out I could measure and estimate where my seams would fall. And I used a straight edge and sharpie to mark where the eva lines on those panels needed to fall on the carpet templates once removed. 6-8" forward of the panels is an access door, carry the lines on to that as well. Those sharpie lines became vital while templates the carpet. I very very slowly cut the carpet where I believed the seam should be (turns out I was a stipe off but it was easy to fix with the clean cut) Pull out the carpet. Goo gone gel worked better than 3m general purpose adhesive remover, and much cheaper. Use the old carpet as a template, trace and cut. Clean the floor really well, and stick down pieces. Removing the backing on the big pieces was tough, due to size. Most of my seams and edges are not visible. Hidden in the back of the compartments, or under seat bases. The ones that are in visible areas i carefully lined up the stripes and stuck it down. Where the foam folds down between panels, I added some stainless staples. For ease of service I added a pull handle on the front corner of the removable floor, no prying on the new foam... Re install interior. Clean carpet before they go back in. I added vents to the seatbases as well to hopefully cut down on some moisture. For the vdrive compartments, I did not like the thought of buying more foam to sit, wet, under ballast bags. I park on a bit of a hill and always end up with water sitting in those compartments. I pulled the carpet, cleaned the glue, removed about an inch of the vertical carpet around the bottom of the compartment to hopefully keep it dry. I hit the raw floor and walls with black rattle can paint and placed in these rubber drain through mats. They piece together and give maybe a quarter inch gap under it. We are very happy how it all turned out.
  5. Sorry! Something went wrong! WWW.AMAZON.COM I was actually going to use a cheaper one but I decided I didn't want to deal with a velcro strap or rubber hook to secure it closed. Seems descent for the price, will find out this weekend
  6. I've been eye-balling the surf platform projects for a while now but my wife wasn't on board because she appreciated the rail around the old platform when it came time to get out of the water. Well after seeing the user on here add a ladder to their platform, she was convinced. What better way for project approval then to sell it as a mod for her? So I got started. I came across the dimensions below on the supra/moomba Facebook group and went this route. I began by making two cardboard templates. This ensured i could fit 2 cut outs on a single 4×8 sheet. I used a sanded ply wood. Not marine grade (as I cant locate any nearby), not pressure treated (epoxy doesn't adhere to it as well). Just one with an exterior glue between layers. Next step was to cut out the two 3/4" layers, screw together and sand the edges to fit together. I also added a 3rd layer of rectangle blocks at the mounting bracket location for a bit more height over the water. Add hardware and test fit. I went with a 4 step ladder over 3 steps just for delivery date reasons. 3 is probably plenty. Also standard on my boat is the grill mount on the platform. Not pictured. Also not pictured is the corners were routed and once I was happy with the location of all the hardware, I drilled the holes out a good bit larger for epoxy. Next step, pull everything off and separate your layers. Laminate the two main layers of the platform, reinstall screws with epoxy and do the same for the lift blocks. During the first coat of epoxy I used the excess to start filling the over sized holes for my mounting hardware. I chose to add black dye to the epoxy, that way its permanently black in the event of scratches or the like. I went for 3-4 coats per side then did some sanding hardware location: Then did a layer mixed with filler and sanded smooth. Lacking good pics I did an additional 3-4 coats of epoxy over that as well. I then Re-drilled the pilot holes for my hardware. Kinda ugly. Since the epoxy isn't really uv stable, I did a gloss black rattle can paint job, prime and paint. Basic... I reinstalled all the hardware and did the 3m 4200 (I think, the semi permanent sealant). To finish it out i had the absolute perfect amount of leftover eva foam from my floor project. On the boat: EDIT: at this height, the platform does not touch the wave and appears the ladder only gets a little splashufrom the FAE. Also when anchored the bottom of the ladder bracket sits about even with the water line. Then to combat the sun as well I sewed up a cover for it. Included a small pocket for the drain plug when parked.
  7. After being on the water and behind the boat specifically, Its definitely not louder w/o the muffler. The wave still makes more noise then the exhaust. Inside the boat...I want to say it's a bit quieter without the engine noise in the muffler but I can't be sure. But with the additional space under the motor cover I would do it again
  8. I haven't been on the water with it yet. Honestly I'm expecting no increase in sound for the rider as the noise is still well below the water line upon exit. I've read of decreased noise in the boat as it's no longer in the muffler. I'm hoping this is the case. I have the indmar CAT 340. Honestly I think it's quieter out of the water then my old nautique with the 351 and factory mufflers.
  9. Did you order the hdpe or source it locally? This is on my to do list
  10. I sold it and got a bigger boat. I expect everything on it is holding up just fine. All the pieces were coated with resin and should last many years
  11. Yeah public comments probably help the most people researching but you can message me as well
  12. Done. We spent alot of time out this year. It was a great decision to upgrade.
  13. Ultra basic muffler deletes to go with fresh air exhaust. I bought a pair of 3.5" stainless 60* exhaust elbows on Amazon. Remove factory muffler. Cut off about an inch off each end of the elbows. Probably could have gone up to 2" off each end. Then install elbows in place of muffler. 222485321_VID_20201024_1322580372.mp4
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