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  1. I haven't been on the water with it yet. Honestly I'm expecting no increase in sound for the rider as the noise is still well below the water line upon exit. I've read of decreased noise in the boat as it's no longer in the muffler. I'm hoping this is the case. I have the indmar CAT 340. Honestly I think it's quieter out of the water then my old nautique with the 351 and factory mufflers.
  2. Did you order the hdpe or source it locally? This is on my to do list
  3. I sold it and got a bigger boat. I expect everything on it is holding up just fine. All the pieces were coated with resin and should last many years
  4. Yeah public comments probably help the most people researching but you can message me as well
  5. Ultra basic muffler deletes to go with fresh air exhaust. I bought a pair of 3.5" stainless 60* exhaust elbows on Amazon. Remove factory muffler. Cut off about an inch off each end of the elbows. Probably could have gone up to 2" off each end. Then install elbows in place of muffler. 222485321_VID_20201024_1322580372.mp4
  6. This is going to be a two parter, this post is part one and will focus on the layout and upholstery and part two will cover the semi-auto/hidden ballast for direct drives. The ultimate goal for this project was to take the old competition skier to something a bit more modern as far as storage and useability goes, more like a modern wake boat. The wake produced by the SN2001 line speaks for itself. The original post made in the in progress project section can be located here Step one on my project came during the tear down for my stringer/floor job a couple springs ago.
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