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  1. NICE! Not even water can take that Bu down now. You have a float witch in the mix on your primary as well??
  2. Thanks for the response. Only ever been to CdA and Pend Oreille. Hayden and Priest are both on the bucket list. Still wanting to tick off Dworschak too.
  3. Shoebox, Fantastic work man. Love everything about this project. Super clean electrical too. Thanks for the write up. Just out of curiosity, the trees and hill look like PNW or maybe even NorCal. Where are you located?? Your lake looks great!!
  4. Looks factory and sounds better? Winning!! Nice work.
  5. That is fantastic. Thanks for the info on your setup. Happy and safe boating this summer!!
  6. Nice work and sweet mod. You got 99 problems but bow rise aint one Just playing obviously. I dont know much about surfing Bu's. Seems like with your sac #s and counting lead bags you are pushing 1300lbs of midship/bow weight. I have only really played with an older 23LSV with a wedge and a homemade gate(with 800s plumbed in the rears over tanks). Is this how much bow weight you need?? Just curious because you also mentioned GSA controller. Are you running GSA currently?? Suc gate?? Always like to learn from others how they like to set up their boats, and as mentioned, have minimal Malibu experience.
  7. Dang it this is a great post. Ive only done clutch pack replacements and seals on the few Ive had apart. Thanks for all this info!! I use Harbor Marine out of Everett WA and they have been great for trans and Vdrive parts.
  8. Looks great. Not to be that guy but I have two questions that totally derail your thread. First, what the story with the Sanger barefooter in the background?? Also is that a 69ish Chevelle/Malibu in the other building?? Sorry, I tend to look around at the rest of the shop(s).
  9. This is how I free a very stubborn coupler. Hopefully it helps someone trying to convert to dripless packing. This is on an older Malibu, but principle is the same on most Vdrive and DDs. Some of your older Centurys use different methods to key/index the shaft, so be sure to uncouple shaft and figure out how the shaft is joined to coupler. In this case you have to remove the nut(1 1/16" socket on 1" shafts)inside the coupler and loosen the set screws, there are two hex key/allen heads in the coupler. Next I use some long 3/8" bolts with no shoulders and a socket to preload the living crap out of the shaft. We have a sweet slide hammer at the shop that was there before I started. I have searched the web for one just like it to no avail, but this is the closest I can find(If anyone wants to machine a better one I have some ideas) https://www.generalpropeller.com/shaft-puller Thread the puller on and slide hammer away. In this case this STILL wouldnt free the coupler. SO, heat to the nibral/brass coupler while your buddy/wife/kiddo slowly turns the shaft and occasionally puts some work into the slide hammer and bingo, shaft pops right out of coupler. Most are a lot easier but if youve got one that fights you I hope this helps.
  10. Looks damn good. Nice work. Love the added heater pads.
  11. Super cool project. So jealous you have the ability to cnc what you want. That would be a game changer for sure!! Whole lot nicer than hole saws, mini air saws, grinder, drill and index, die grinders etc. Always nice to see a mod that looks factory installed.
  12. Great thread and Im late to the party, but just getting some time to look around the forum and this is a great thread. Full disclosure, havent read your VD71 buildup thread YET, but amazed you are able to put this much thru that trans without going thru clutch packs. Great work "marinizing" this build. I didnt quite catch but am assuming this is a closed loop?? If so what did you do for an exchanger?? Along that line, just curious how you worked in the trans cooler as well??
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