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  1. Thank you for the info. Do a decent amount of upfitting/fab at our shop, especially over winter. Always like ways to clean installs up. That box is slick.
  2. @dh009, super clean install. Just curious...where did you get that box for the relays or did you make it/3d print it??
  3. Looks great....like all the projects you do lol
  4. @Bovhica Just curious....Do you know what actuators got used?? XD 101s?? Or XD102s
  5. Great mod for sure. Out of curiosity, how did you attach the setback piece to the floor??
  6. I cant tell from the pics....what doesn't match?? Only difference I see is the bolt head flushed into the pivot.
  7. Shadetree for the win as always!! Would love to pick you brain over some beers/cocktails one day. Just when I think Im killing it you remind me theres guys that have forgotten more than I know now 🙄🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣😂.
  8. Congrats @Shadetreefab and thanks to @TeamGlide for supporting the DIY crowd with the giveaway and extended discount offer. Love that you include the plumbing kit to T into the raw water supply. Top notch stuff!!
  9. Sinister series amps make such a huge difference. Great install. Definitely stick with any tidbits of advice/help you get from @Wylie_Tunes. Hes on top of his game and has helped me out on multiple occasions.
  10. Awesome Thanks for the response and link formula. Seems pretty straight forward.
  11. Weird question for you guys that have done this mod... How did you do your seams?? I've seen some where they cut both pieces with and angle and overlap and others that cut them flush and butt them up. Curios to hear other experience with the seams.
  12. Just a wild guess but most MBs I've seen from this vintage got the the PSS carbon faced seal from PYI Inc. Have seen a few where people think they are toast and they just need compressed. The set screws slides up the shaft and it starts leaking. If you ever need to service it I've got some tips. I dont need a Glide seal, so good luck to all!!
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