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  1. Number9

    Moomba OEM Woofer Enclosure Install

    Awesome mod. Thanks for sharing
  2. Number9

    DECKadence/Miner's Moss Floor

    @Leebo great work. I like the look... why did you choose this over EVA foam? I go back and forth. And what's the difference between "Jim's PVC loop" vs "Dekadence"? Thanks!
  3. Number9

    Hyrdrodyne Helm Refresh

    That carbon fiber vinyl is so simple yet looks cool. Is it hard to put on without wrinkles or air bubbles?
  4. Number9

    Dark Blue Gelcoat Restoration

    If my math is right, I'd say it looks 1000% better than the oxidized chalky blue you started with. Great boat
  5. Number9

    Air Nautique Wet Sounds Overhaul

    Nice update
  6. Number9

    Water Cooled amplifiers

    I don’t think I’ve seen water cooled amps in a boat. Like it. Love the comment about having to winterize your stereo.
  7. Number9

    Seadek refresh - Carpet replacement

    Damn. Looks great @LIVE2WAKE! New boat
  8. Number9

    Surf Gates

    Beautiful! What did you use for the backing plates? I agree, you can't overengineer
  9. Number9

    2012 23LSV Surfgates

    I dig it!
  10. Number9

    Miner's Moss Flooring

    That's cool... pretty inexpensive for a new floor. Nice. How do you like the miner's moss vs carpet so far?
  11. Number9

    Poor Man's "Deckadence"

    So what, roughly $120 for a new floor in the main area of your boat? Not bad! i would think if you ripped up the carpet the miners moss would not slide around.
  12. Number9

    G3 Tower Knob Protection

    I don't have that tower but that's a nice fix. Thanks for sharing. Straight forward.
  13. Number9

    Axis A20 Floor EVA Foam

    That looks fantastic! Nice job. What brand did you use? Is that the Mellors or something else?
  14. Number9

    FAE Muffler Bypass

    Well done. I get that mandrel bends are better but doubt you’re losing anything there. What cracks me up is how many boats have a pinched exhaust hose going into the transom anyway.
  15. Number9

    Centurion Avalanche Floor Update

    That is awesome. $500 is nuts. Thanks for sharing it