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  1. Thanks all! ryan, I haven't done the logo yet, but I'll probably get it done eventually. I figured I'd try it out on a few outings first. They offered me $35 off the logo for a copy of my floor template so it'd only be $115 for the logo. Thinking about going with the blue (sample in photo below). The only worry I have is that since the logo is inlaid and glued you'll likely feel the hardness of the glue under feet. I'm probably overthinking it a bit though. I pulled out the Vinloop sample this morning and it's actually not too bad. It's similar to Aqua-Deck in that the vinyl l
  2. So I decided I was done with the carpet and I’m going with a 1-piece Deckadence type floor. I plan to template it myself with 6-mil plastic and cut it myself. More on this later, but I plan to patch the floor with bondo and paint it with herculiner. I researched the various suppliers and obtained samples from the following companies. I recommend that everyone order up samples for yourself. I even paid $14 for a Deckadence sample for a good baseline for what I’m looking for. Deckadence https://marineflooring.net/wp-content/uploads/DECKadence_social-2.png https://mar
  3. I see you used Flex Seal Liquid for the irregular floor under the helm, how well did that work? I'm assuming it's pretty much self leveling? I have the same kinda thing going on in my 2001 2100v. I'm doing Deckadence, so Its not as important to get it smooth and level but I want to take the dip out.
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