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  1. Yes, soft white vinyl. I ended up re-using the old trim.
  2. I did initially, but it did not work well at all! So I stripped it and used epoxy, it was more work, but the the right way to level it out.
  3. Thanks. I used 24ga stainless steel trim that I had made and secured it with glue and undercut hardware.
  4. I ending up using Interlux Brightside primer and paint, another option that was recommended to me by GatorStep was AWLGrip.
  5. I was really surprised how many spots of the floor were uneven, the hatch area in particular! The thin trim pieces were the only way to clean up the edges and not create a bump you would feel. The GatorStep was right around $950.
  6. Thanks, I would suggest starting now - my mistake was waiting too long into the spring time to get my templating started which caused me to deal with GatorStep at their peak season this cut into the boating season by the time we completed the back and forth of the approval process.
  7. Got some inspiration partly from this page so it is only fair that I share my project. I would like to preface these photos by say I'm not one to take on DIY projects and I'm not particularly mechanically inclined My motivation for this project was that I absolutely hate the feeling of wet carpet when out on the lake. Oh and I should add that this was going to be a simple flooring project that turned into a lot more time and money spent on thing like a brand new excessive sounds system with and a little bit of upholstery work to get rid of imperfections. Go figure! Most of my time was spent fighting the factory flooring to remove the glue, sanding, and trying different methods to level out low spots. I ended up using epoxy resin and then multiple coats of primer and paint to get the floor as smooth as possible. I did end up having to build a custom hatch being that the factory frame and lid would not work due to the large gaps exposed upon removing the carpet. Enjoy! GH010045.MP4
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